Nuclear weapons will remain a threat, Russia will not attack NATO, analyst Petras assures

IN TODAY’S WORK, YOU WILL FIND OUT, among other things: What concessions will be needed to make peace in Ukraine (3:40) The future of annexed territories (9:49) EU Western Vs. east to Ukraine (14:03) Will Russia dare to join NATO? (16:15) Would NATO come to the aid of its members in the East? (20:15) Real … Read more

Statistical Analyst: Quebec Job Offers

The Association for Environmental Health of Quebec (ASEQ-EHAQ) is looking for a Statistical Analyst, for a full-time contract position, starting July 4, 2022, or before, until December 31 2022. About ASEQ ASEQ-EHAQ is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to improve the well-being of people with environmental sensitivities/multiple chemical sensitivities. We create projects that aim … Read more

Amazed Natuna Defense Conjured by NKRI, Analyst: I’ve Never Seen Being militarized as fast as Indonesia In 2022, the intelligence company AS mention if Indonesia forbid it Natuna dominated by foreigners China because I don’t want this country’s nightmare to come true. Quoted from an article published by RANE April 1, 2022, Indonesia desperately trying to Natuna do not fall into the hands China. Also Read: Give up, China … Read more

Russian analyst: Three countries have prepared a plan for the capitulation of Ukraine

“The situation on the Ukrainian fronts is difficult, but not unresolved, if the West continues to live up to its lidlysis commitments. What worries me more is not so much the large-scale Russian attack on Donbas as the incredible Russian secret service operation around the world under the slogan ‘Don’t humiliate Russia’. The honor of … Read more

Engine, Electric Car | Analyst: Car manufacturers are taking advantage of the crisis to make more money

It is no secret that there are major challenges in the automotive industry at the moment. They are affected by delivery challenges in a number of areas. The shortage of computer chips and parts from Ukraine in particular have created major problems. Also read: – The perfect storm has become even stronger This comes on … Read more

Analyst: Russia’s imperial ambitions have pushed her into complete isolation

According to him, in more than three months of fierce fighting, Russia has failed to occupy neither the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, nor the country’s second city, Kharkiv. The occupation of the port of Mariupol cost the city alignment with the land. There is growing evidence of atrocities by Russian troops against the Ukrainian civilian … Read more

Military analyst Mikhail Khodaryonok criticized Russia’s strategy

It attracted a lot of attention when the Russian journalist and military analyst Mikhail Khodaryonok earlier this week provided a pessimistic analysis of the situation of Russian forces in Ukraine. He was invited to the talk show “60 Minutes”, which is broadcast twice daily on state television in Russia. Khodaryonok asked Russia to prepare for … Read more

Nintendo would launch a new console in 2024 according to an analyst | Switch | Consoles | SPORT-PLAY

The Japanese company Nintendo has several plans for the future. The console Nintendo Switch It is already 5 years old, despite this, they have shown that this portable device can be reinvented again and again. The Lite version is now on sale, which does not have removable joycons, since they are integrated into the screen. … Read more