I don’t remember such actions to destroy the “Russian world” as this war since ancient times / GORDON

“Actions to destroy that very “Russian world” that you asked me about three years ago: “What is it?” – and I answered: “Let’s ask the one who invented it.” I don’t remember such actions from ancient times. Because even during the terrible Second World War, everything was somehow simpler … Now there is a stupid … Read more

NASA rover contradicts expectations for ancient lake on Mars

One of the main reasons Jezero Crater was chosen as the landing and research area for the Perseverance rover on Mars is that the NASA team responsible for the equipment believes the site once housed a lake. And the presence of liquid water would make the place potentially a carrier of Martian life. The landing, … Read more

Here was sitting King Farouk .. 86 years since the establishment of the ancient tea kiosk in Alexandria

Inside the Montazah Gardens, east of Alexandria Governorate, there is the ancient tea kiosk, one of the most important places where King Farouk used to sit with world leaders to drink tea, which has been called by this name since 1936. The history of the tea island kiosk in the Montazah Gardens, east of Alexandria … Read more

Random Climbing and Dancing at the Top of the Ancient Mayan Pyramid Temple, These Tourists Are Beaten by Mobs Page all

MEXICO CITY, KOMPAS.com – The angry mob threw water at a female tourist and cursed at her after she climbed the stairs and danced after reaching the top ancient Mayan pyramid temple. The woman angered other visitors who were in the vicinity of the Kukulcan Temple. The historic tourist attraction is the world famous archaeological … Read more

Ancient Meteorites Possibly Answer the Origin of Water on Earth

Wednesday, 23 November 2022 – 13:03 WIB LIVE Techno – A meteorite an ancient crash in an English driveway might solve the mystery of where it came from air Earth originated. This 4.6 billion year old space rock landed in front of a family home in the English town of Winchcombe in February 2021. It … Read more

Volcanoes may have been responsible for climate change on ancient Venus

Rising levels of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere could exacerbate efforts to rid our increasingly messy atmosphere of orbiting space junk. According to two new studies, greenhouse gases have contributed significantly to the shrinking of the upper atmosphere. This contraction has been hypothesized for decades. Now, for the first time, this is really being noticed. … Read more

The sentence of 8,658 years in prison for Harun Yahya is longer than ancient Egyptian civilization

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Critic of Darwin’s theory of evolution and lecturer Turki, Harun Yahyabecame the spotlight after the Istanbul Court handed down a sentence of 8,658 prisons on Wednesday (16/11). The term of detention for the most controversial figure in Turkey can certainly be considered unusual because it is up to thousands of years, … Read more

New climate change discovery: Scientists find evidence of unprecedented modern sea level rise in ancient caves |

The 20th century was a modern moment for people around the globe, with giant breakthroughs in steel, electricity, and the automobile. Yet industrial development has also led to climate change. According to a study by an international team of experts at the University of South Florida (USF), sea levels have risen by 18 centimeters since … Read more

Discovery of the Ancient Solar System in the Milky Way, Full of Planetary Graves!

Amazing discoveries of the ancient solar system. This ancient solar system was discovered by British scientists. What then existed in this ancient solar system? Outer space has always kept many mysteries. When these mysteries begin to unfold, it will greatly surprise humans. The revelation of a new mystery awakens people to how magnificent the universe … Read more

The discovery of a tunnel under an ancient Egyptian temple… Is Cleopatra’s lost tomb at the end?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — About 20 years ago, Kathleen Martinez, an archaeologist at the University of San Domingo, is searching for the lost tomb of Queen Cleopatra, and now she thinks she’s made a pivotal breakthrough. Martinez and her team unveiled a rocky tunnel with a length of about 1,305 meters, located about … Read more