Seeing Beijing as an investor, Kiev is reluctant to anger China – Daily News – Zhongshi News

Chinese President Xi Jinping (left) visited Russia on the 20th and met with President Vladimir Putin (right). (Excerpt from the official website of the Russian Presidential Palace) After the Russia-Ukraine war started, any country that gets closer to Russia will draw gunfire from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, especially Germany and Hungary. However, after the International … Read more

Kaïs Saied arouses the anger of the Libyans by demanding the sharing of the production of the oil field of Al Boury

After his “hateful and racist” remarks towards sub-Saharans, Tunisian President Kaïs Saied is once again at the origin of a new controversy. This time, these remarks aroused the anger of his Libyan neighbor. Traveling to the headquarters of the Tunisian Petroleum Activities Company (Etap), the Tunisian president simply asked that the production of the Libyan … Read more

Pension reform in France | The government facing two motions of censure, anger still strong

(Paris) The demonstrations of anger and blockages continue Monday in France, shortly before the vote in the Assembly on two motions of censure targeting the government, vilified for its passage in force on the highly contested pension reform. Updated yesterday at 6:24 Lucie PEYTERMANN and the AFP offices in Paris and in the provinces France … Read more

“You can’t stop school violence with anger and private revenge”… Homework left by Jung Soon-shin and ‘The Glory’

The Netflix drama ‘The Glory’ Part 2, which deals with private revenge for brutal school violence, is driving box office hits as soon as it was released on the 10th. Interest is so strong that it ranks first in the TV viewer ratings not only in Korea but also in the world within three days … Read more

Wife and nephew eloped and reported in anger, “all 3 people were arrested” | International | CTWANT

A man in China who reported his wife and cousin’s drug use ended up hurting himself, too. (Picture / flip from Weibo) It’s even worse than the eight o’clock file! There is a 49-year-old man surnamed Dai in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. A few days ago, he rushed to the police station to call … Read more

NBA/Davis missed a key free throw and Kleiber made a three-pointer and left the Lakers in anger | NBA | Sports

In the fourth quarter, the Lakers, who came from behind and were sure to win, fouled at the last countdown by Anthony Davis, leading by 4 points, allowing Maxi Kleber to make 3 free throws to narrow the gap to 1 point. ; Then he made one of two free throws and gave the Lone … Read more

“Operating without respect, slanted fairness”… A truck containing the anger of LCK fans appears in Rollpark

Mr. A and the truck, who acted as the arms of this truck protest (Photo = Reporter Seonwoo Yunho) “The LCK says it doesn’t know that there is no precedent for compensation for damages caused by unfair competition” In February, in the League of Legends competition between LCK Brion eSports and kt Rolster, a faction … Read more

Vaccines for traveling abroad: things you should know

To prepare the trip to some countries it is not enough to pack your suitcase and little else. Certain tourist destinations require (or are recommended) to get a vaccination (or several). And this usually requires some organization or planning, sometimes even months in advance. Going to the internet is very useful to get advice and … Read more

In pictures, Junior, Omar Sharif’s grandson, appears in women’s clothing and anger from the Egyptian public

Junior, the grandson of the late artist Omar Sharif, shared a picture of his followers, while he was on the red carpet at the Oscars, through his personal account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site. Junior, Omar Sharif’s grandson, appeared and was dressed in women’s clothing, which made the Egyptian audience angry and … Read more

US-South Korea Start Biggest War Games, Ignore North Korea’s Anger

The United States and South Korea begin their largest joint war games yet, ignoring North Korea’s anger. Photo/via NDTV SEOUL – United States of America (US) and South Korea (South Korea) started their largest joint war games on Monday (13/3/2023). They ignore anger North Korea (North Korea) previously considered such joint maneuvers a declaration of … Read more