Romelu Lukaku discusses reasons for leaving Chelsea: ‘I have anger in me’

Lukaku first said that Lautaro Martinez, with whom the striker has a special relationship, was the first to know about his return to Italy: “He is the first to whom I told that I was going to return to Inter, then Dimarco, Bastoni and the others”he explains. “If we want to achieve the team’s objectives, … Read more

The anger of Donatella Hodo’s boyfriend commits suicide in prison: “They left her alone.” The lawyer: “Everyone is committed, even the judge”

Anger from the boyfriend of Donatella Hodo, 27-year-old committing suicide in prison after inhaling gas from the cell stove. “It wasn’t the suicide in prison of a drug addict. Donatella, my Dona, had been clean for a year. Now that it’s gone, I read and hear poison comments. Too many are making judgments without knowing … Read more

“The traitor killed his father” Kim Jun-ho’s anger and shocking family story that made him cry

Photo = online community capture Comedian Kim Jun-ho has become a hot topic by disclosing the fact that he is dating fellow comedian Kim Ji-min, whom he has worked with for a long time, through a comedian concert in April. Kim Ji-min has expressed her gratitude to Kim Jun-ho several times on TV since long … Read more

“The lack of waifus” in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet generates anger in Japan

There are only a few months left for the global launch of the video game Pokémon Scarlet and Violeta delivery that is generating great excitement among the gaming community in the West, but it seems that in Japan they are not happy with this nuevo franchise title. Mencia from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Dawn of … Read more

A beautiful Algerian presenter.. She forgot that she was on the live broadcast, and what she did without an iota of shame sparked the anger of all Algerians.! ! (video)

An old video was spread on the famous YouTube video site about an Algerian broadcaster and what she did during the live broadcast. The presenter appeared on the live broadcast in front of thousands of audience, confused and uneasy. In the details, Algerian websites reported that the announcer was confused after he gave her an … Read more

Slow monkey pox vaccination campaign sparks anger among gay men: ‘I lied about having sex with infected person to get the shot’

Monkeypox is not a they problem but a us problem: why isn’t the vaccine available to everyone who wants it?© Photo Marcel Molle Daan Keijzer Friday, August 5, 2022 at 10:21 am Zaandam Too slow and too stigmatizing. For example, the vaccination campaign against the monkeypox virus is experienced by two gay men, who are … Read more

Marta, the young woman’s anger at the attacker in freedom: “A blow to the women who report”

“What did I think when I learned that he is free? To all the women who had already reported their aggressor, perhaps even obtaining a sentence following a long and painful judicial process, without this preventing the person responsible from committing subsequently other acts of violence or even of guilty of their murder ». Frustration, … Read more

He stabbed her, now he’s free by mistake. The anger of Marta: “We victims never protected”

MOGLIANO VENETO – Knowing that his attacker is already free, due to a judicial error, was like receiving another stab. The twenty-fourth, after that teenager had surprised her from behind in the campaign in March of last year Mogliano Veneto while he stood jogging, and had reduced her to death. A robbery ended in blood, … Read more

The Germans did not expect such a sad scenario: the approaching autumn causes horror and anger

Didn’t care before energy resources the shortage now forces the Germans to take action. For example, an apartment building in Cologne will turn off its heating boilers at night to reduce bills and consumption. It’s a sign that more inevitable change is ahead, and the unknown is unsettling. Germany an elderly woman who is 83 … Read more