‘Angry’ Donald Trump kicks off presidential campaign | Abroad

Trump informed his audience that he was angrier than during previous campaigns, but also more determined. He reiterated his earlier claims that the 2020 election results had been tampered with when he lost to Joe Biden, telling his audience that the 2024 election is “our only chance to save this country.” This time, the former … Read more

Residents in Moscow are both angry and panicked after seeing the images

“Some people are panicking, others are worried and irritated. For example, my neighbors see this as a military escalation,” says a local resident of the nearby Moose Island National Park in the northeastern part of Moscow, where the air defense battery was deployed. “People are annoyed and angry because no one is releasing any official … Read more

Why do I get angry when I’m hungry?

Your stomach growls and everything gets on your nerves. Your boss is an idiot and your wife is annoying. But then you get something to eat and the world is beautiful again. An empty stomach makes many people angry and irritable, a phenomenon known as ‘hangry’. In a study 64 Europeans tracked their hunger and … Read more

Annalena Baerbock: Africa Union is angry at the Federal Foreign Office after the Leopard joke politics

These safari jokes didn’t go down well with everyone. With a tweet, the Federal Foreign Office under Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (42, Greens) caused diplomatic upsets in Africa. On the occasion of the visit of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (72) in Africa, the English-language account of Baerbock’s Foreign Ministry tweeted on Tuesday: “Russian … Read more

Foreigners angry at Oscar for ignoring ‘decision to break up’, calling it a “criminal”[광화문에서/김정은]

Kim Jong-un Deputy Minister of Culture “One of the biggest surprises this year was that Park Chan-wook’s acclaimed ‘Decision to Break Up’ was excluded from the final nominations for the International Film Festival at the Academy Awards.” (Associated Press) Director Park Chan-wook’s film ‘Decision to Break Up’ was not listed as a finalist in the … Read more

““Only 4 toilets in 3 hours of flight, let’s get some sleep” An angry passenger next to him” – The Herald Economy

Photos are not related to the content of the article. [123RF] [헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]A passenger complaining of symptoms of dehydration was reported to have gone to the bathroom too often on the plane, causing inconvenience to a passenger next to him who suffered from insomnia. According to a recent report by The Mirror, a British media … Read more

Ebling approaches angry fools

Photo: Felix Kästle/dpa/Symbolbild MAINZ. After the cancellation of several carnival parades due to higher security costs, the Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister Michael Ebling approached the fools. The social democrat, a self-confessed carnival fanatic, invites carnival associations to a meeting in his ministry in Mainz. The meeting, among others, with representatives of the German Carnival Association and … Read more

The Leopard Affair. German media: US angry at Scholz

“The White House intervened in an extremely harsh form at the Chancellor’s Office (in Berlin). Washington is apparently particularly annoyed that the German government has publicly set conditions transfer of Leopard tanks to Ukraine– writes the head of the foreign editorial office of “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” Stefan Kornelius. According to the author, Germany’s allies reacted with … Read more

Offered Shoulders Instead of Leaping, Woman Cheating with Future Father-in-law to Have Children when Angry with Boyfriend – All Pages

Freepik Illustration of boyfriend cheating with future father-in-law GridPop.ID – One person women reckless having an affair with future father-in-law when he’s angry with his girlfriend. Affair in a relationship it is possible. But, what happens if the couple has an affair with the future father-in-law? Launching the Daily Star via Angka.id, this story was … Read more