High housing prices have exhausted current demand. Houses are on the rise, according to the analyst

The prices of flats and houses will continue to rise slightly. According to OVB Allfinanz Slovensko analyst Marián Búlik, experts estimate that the growth rate of apartment and house prices will slow down and could range from five to 10 percent. Houses should continue to grow stronger, from family houses to cottages to cottages. However, … Read more

Floating city. People will live on the ship permanently

According to the initiators of the idea, an apartment on the Narrative is an ideal option for those who dream of living on a boat and exploring the world, but do not have the resources to buy their own private yacht. “On the currently emerging ship, there will be a choice of fully furnished apartments … Read more

Mandatory installation of electric vehicle chargers in apartments with 100 or more households: Kukje Daily

The standard for apartments where electric vehicle chargers are mandatory will be expanded from the current 500 households to 100 households. Newly constructed facilities must install electric vehicle chargers at 5% or more of the total number of parking spaces (number of areas). When purchasing or renting a new car, affiliates of large corporations must … Read more

Real estate group sells almost 15,000 apartments to investor KKR

The real estate group Adler Group has sold 14,400 residential and commercial units to the American financial investor KKR. Investors were pleased. The highly indebted real estate group Adler Group has sold another real estate package after selling a residential portfolio to its competitor LEG. The buyer is the US financial investor KKR, as the … Read more

real estate finance| Apartments for rent and own.. How to get a unit from ” .”

09:00 am Wednesday January 12 2022 Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser: The Ministry of Housing is preparing to launch a number of projects during 2022, as a large number of citizens are waiting for the Ministry of Housing’s proposals in various projects, to book them and obtain a housing unit. The beginning of the offerings … Read more

Empty barracks in Saive quickly converted into apartments for victims of flooding

In the long term there should be 48 lodgings. The first twelve housing units – ten studios and two apartments – are finished and ready to receive the first residents from next week. The mayor of Blegny, Marc Bolland (PS), speaks of a record pace in which the project has been completed. The other housing … Read more

Central Group will convert the paper mills near Stromovka into luxury apartments

The largest builder of new flats, Central Group, bought additional land in Prague for new construction. The company of billionaire Dušan Kunovský acquired a large housing project in Prague-Bubeneč. The developer also doubled the area in Jarov, the first half of which it acquired in June. In total, Central Group has already poured more than … Read more

Demand for renting in Greater Santiago grows: 3 communes concentrate stock of apartments | Economy

Due to banking conditions, many people are putting off buying a home and opting to lease. The average value of apartment rentals grew 22.6%. Demand for leases in the Greater Santiago it has been on the rise in recent times; and three communes are those with the largest available stock of apartments, while others accumulate … Read more