Seoul’s semi-underground apartments are about to be wiped out due to flooding, what is life like there?

August 14, 2022 Film “Parasite“, which in 2019 and 2020 took the box office by surprise, tells the story of a poor family in South Korea who lives in a small semi-underground apartment, and a rich family who lives in a luxurious mansion in Seoul. Although the story in the Oscar-winning film is pure fiction, … Read more

The housing market is going through major changes: real estate experts explained where buyers of new apartments have disappeared and what to expect next

Buyers are more actively looking for apartments in the secondary market In the show “Delphi He” deputy general director of the company “Eika”. Martynas Žibūda says that the number of transactions in July is definitely down. He calculates that if it was usual to sell 400-500 apartments in a month, only about 60 of them … Read more

Business park developer Piche is also focusing on the construction of apartments and terraced houses :: Dienas Bizness

The construction company “Piche”, known as the developer of business parks in Mārupe, has decided to build apartments and terraced houses as well. Currently, the company’s first apartment complex “Dižozoli” is being built in Mārupe, the first house of which is planned to be put into operation by the end of this year, and another … Read more

Beware of bat invasion, experts warn. Hundreds of them fly into apartments through the window

Other cities where “squatter” bats are traditionally found in large numbers are Brno, Liberec, Jablonec, Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice. But more are coming. “Over the past five years, the rescue stations dealt with a total of 161 bat invasions, during which they rescued 4,602 bats from apartments,” Stýblo calculated. Invasive species in the EU: … Read more

Developer Central Group will start demolishing Žižkov’s “mordor”

The iconic Žižkov broadcasting tower of the Central Telecommunications Building will disappear from the Prague skyline at the beginning of next year. The developer Central Group, which owns the technology complex in Olšanská street, will begin the demolition of both the tower and adjacent buildings in January. Instead, he is planning an apartment complex. However, … Read more

Trend change. Second-hand apartments started to become cheaper after two years

The average price of an older apartment in the Czech Republic fell slightly for the first time since the winter of 2019. At the beginning of the summer, an older apartment was sold for 88,756 crowns per square meter, which is two percent cheaper than in the spring. In Brno alone, the price rose by … Read more

Chinese buyers refuse to pay mortgages on unfinished apartments (and the huge problem it can cause)

The housing crisis in China is on the rise, which raises concerns about rising risks in the banking system. Desperate homebuyers in dozens of cities are refusing to pay mortgages on unfinished homes, according to reports by state media and economists at international banks. In China, real estate companies can sell houses before they are … Read more

RD Rýmařov issues additional bonds. They could use better risk treatment

The traditional manufacturer of wooden buildings RD Rýmařov changed hands two years ago, it is owned by the insolvency administrator Lukáš Zrást. It issues additional bonds with the related group Progresus. The new issue is analyzed by Dluhopisář.cz. In July of this year, Progresus RD Rýmařov issued a bond program of up to three billion … Read more

The date for the opening of the reservation door for housing apartments on October 6.. The terms sheet b

07:03 PM Monday 18 July 2022 Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser: The executive body of the joint projects of the Ministry of Housing will start selling the booklet of reservation conditions for Asfour Al-Jana apartments in 6th of October City, on July 24, with reservations starting on July 31. Masrawy publishes the details of the … Read more

Details of offering apartments for rent for low- and middle-income… “Video”

“The Seventh Day TV” broadcast a special coverage prepared by Esraa Abdel Qader and presented by Alaa Sheta, during which he reviewed the full details of offering housing units for rent for low and middle-income people. The special coverage added that citizens are looking for new dates for reservations in the projects of the Ministry … Read more