Scientists studying aging have discovered an unexpected factor that can trigger the appearance of wrinkles

Everyone knows that age adds wrinkles. This fact is attributed to the natural phenomena of life, but few people realize or even think about what exactly provokes it. The formation of wrinkles is usually attributed to several factors such as genetics, exposure to sunlight, sleep patterns, etc. It turns out that microbes on the skin … Read more

A blatant female appearance that will not be repeated … for the undisputed most beautiful Saudi wife who stormed the Al-Mosameh Karim program on MBC and made George Qirdahi and the audience in a state of astonishment, as if it were a piece of the moon

Al-Mosameh Karim program, presented by the famous journalist George Qirdahi, is one of the most successful Arab Live programs during the last ten years. For husbands and wives, we re-publish it in full for you to watch now: Al-Mosameh Karim, presented by the famous journalist George Kordahi, is considered one of the most successful Arab … Read more

The Pokémon card game suit designed by Japanese creative unit nendo, just the appearance makes people fall in love at first sight- A Day Magazine

Not long ago, nendo, a well-known Japanese creative unit that just designed the office space for Creatures, the founding company of Pokémon, incorporated the design vocabulary of “Pokémon Cards”, and recently released a set of toy suits specially created for Pokémon Trading Card Game “Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic “. As a collectible card game … Read more

Gaby Ruffo reappears in the media and surprises with her appearance | Newscast Mexico

After the death of Mrs. Guadalupe Moreno Herrera, mother of Victoria Ruffo, who lost her life after suffering from cancer and coronary problems, Gabriela, Vicky’s sister, reappeared before the media. She surprised more than one person because of how different she looked, because although she has always been a very attractive and beautiful woman, the … Read more

Ahn Jung-hwan’s daughter, the older she gets, the more her mother Lee Hye-won’s face and appearance… New York University receptionist ‘Hot Girl’

Ahn Ri-won, the daughter of former soccer player Ahn Jung-hwan, drew admiration for her more mature beauty. On the 17th, Anriwon was seen spending a leisurely daily life in Miami Beach, USA. Ahn Riwon is currently attending New York University. An Ri-won, who went to the beach in her overcast weather, caught her attention in … Read more

WhatsApp retouches the appearance of groups in the beta | app | Beta | Android | Mexico | MX | DEPOR-PLAY

WhatsApp is one of those apps that always stays up to date with new tools. In 2023, we’ve already reported changes to groups, such as the ability for admins to accept or deny a new member from joining. At the moment, this tool is in the development stage; You can learn more about it at … Read more

The latest appearance of the artist, Ahlam, wearing a wig encrusted with diamonds • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The artist, Ahlam, appeared in new circulating photos of her wearing a wig. It was remarkable that the wig was encrusted with diamonds, and the Emirati artist was keen to take pictures from different sides. It seems that “Ahlam” was happy with this last appearance, as the footage showed how much she preferred … Read more

First a Barbie and now a metal singer, she is full of dreams

<!—-> The life of Sabrina, who comes from Argentina, is really bizarre. In the past, she used to have 51 plastic surgeries. This is probably not enough, because the doctors did not recommend any further steps. With regard to complications during previous operations, they are afraid that the plastic surgery will not be his last. … Read more

Kostomarov is better, Muromov complains about a penny pension, Tuktamysheva changed her appearance

Muromov complained about a tiny pension Mikhail Muromov complained about the pennies he receives in the form of a pension from the state. The artist is 72 years old, and he receives 12.7 thousand rubles. For a comfortable old age, he would like to receive 70 thousand. Tuktamysheva’s image is changing Figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva … Read more

The appearance of Paul Phoenix Tekken 8 is getting more dashing

After previously featuring Jin Kazama, now it’s Paul Phoenix’s turn to get the spotlight through the latest Tekken 8 gameplay trailer. The look of one of the most iconic characters in the Tekken game has caught the attention of gamers, because he changed his signature hairstyle. For those of you who don’t know, Tekken is … Read more