Boyfriend obsessed with his girlfriend’s sexy appearance… The absurd reason for sending 3 million won

KBS Joy © News 1 In ‘Love Interference 3’, a distressed woman confides in her boyfriend who is obsessed with her sexy appearance. In the 136th episode of KBS Joy’s ‘Love Interference 3’, which will be aired at 8:30 pm on the 9th, the story of a 27-year-old distressed woman will be revealed. The distressed … Read more

He disappeared 23 years ago.. Watch the appearance of Nour El Sherif’s son in the series..Hajj Metwally..and the biggest surprise in his current profession

The Egyptian artist Ayman Mohamed is one of the most prominent faces that shone and grabbed the spotlight by participating in artistic works in childhood, After his remarkable appearance in a limited number of artworks, including the series “Hajj Metwally”, as well as the video clip “Ana Lou Habeeb” by artist Mohamed Fouad. Some predicted … Read more

The appearance of the top Xiaomi smartphone with a flexible screen is revealed

The well-known insider Ice Universe shared the first images of the future novelty. About it writes ITHome. Folding smartphone will receive an external display with a diagonal of 6.5 inches and an internal — 8 inches. Under “hood” will install Qualcomm’s most powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip to date. It will be paired with … Read more

Director Mohamed Sami accepts star Mai Omar with a stark appearance from the sea… and the audience is shocked! (see picture)

2022/08/08 It’s 01:10 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite Director Mohamed Sami shared, with his fans and followers, a picture of his wife, artist Mai Omar, as he kissed her on the beach. Through his account on “Instagram”; Muhammad Sami sent a message to his wife, Mai Omar, saying: “My world.” She replied: “You are … Read more

The appearance of the new Pajero Sport makes a commotion, completely overhauled, coming out in 2023?

iNSulteng – Mystery of Presence Pajero Sport 2023 continues to be discussed among the public. Its appearance in Indonesia is awaited by consumers. The appearance of the new model and rumors have been overhauled, much different from the previous appearance. Read Also: Viral Hotman Paris Hutapea, Blind Selling Crackers in Kelapa Gading with Sticks Read … Read more

VIDEO: Lewandowski made his first appearance at Camp Nou! Almost 60,000 Barcelona fans watched his spells with the ball

Source: Bigmatbasket, CC BY-SA 4.0 In addition to the German Bundesliga and the English Premier League, Ligue 1 has also kicked off. The top French competition was kicked off by Lyon’s 2-1 win over Ajaccio on Friday. On Saturday, after Strasbourg lost 1:2 to Monaco in the early evening, the defending champion and the biggest … Read more

The stark appearance of the most beautiful Moroccan wife, who was betrayed by her husband on her bed with her best friend.. She attended the Forgiving Karim program and shocked George Qardahi with what she did (video)

Followers of the Forgiveness Karim program enjoyed an exceptional, daring and fun episode that resonated and received wide interest among the masses. The episode dealt with the story of a Moroccan couple who resorted to the program to solve their problem, which made them separated for a year and a half. The events of the … Read more

In swimwear.. a breathtaking jewel look in her latest appearance – in the photo

The Russian dancer reviewedjewelHer summer look from the swimming pool in a tourist resort, where she posted on her own account on the social networking site, a picture using the short story feature, in which she appeared in a swimsuit. The pioneers of social networking sites interacted with Jawhara’s appearance, as the followers circulated her … Read more

Witness – Menna Fadali wounded the hearts of lovers with an unexpected appearance

The actress participated Menna Fadali, A group of her new photo, through her official account on the social networking site Instagram. and appeared Menna FadaliDuring her summer vacation in the French capital, Paris, in front of the Eiffel Tower, she wore an open white dress from the chest and back area and a short jeans … Read more

Stylish Appearance Attractive Price, 2012 Used Toyota Fortuner Cheaper Than Avanza!

Instagram @khakha_alghazi Toyota Fortuner – Dashing Display Attractive Prices, Toyota Fortuner Used 2012 Cheaper Than Avanza! Toyota Fortuner The former 2012 output seems to be an option for those who want a big SUV, at an affordable price. Although you could say it’s old, the design of the 2012 Toyota Fortuner is still quite … Read more