Apple’s virtual reality glasses are theoretically about to launch. Doubts ravage them

March 30, 2023, 19:01 – Updated March 31, 2023, 10:25 Dear xatakeros, next June 5 we have an appointment. That day is the inaugural talk of WWDC 2023, the conference for developers in which we expect new versions of macOS, iOS or iPadOS, but in which above all we expect an important hardware announcement: that … Read more

iPhone 15 Pro Max will use a periscope telephoto lens, Apple’s most perfect flagship mobile phone is coming | T Kebang

Recently, the new mobile phone market can be described as quite lively, and the new phones are one after another, so fruit fans are also looking forward to the early arrival of the iPhone 15 series. The latest news, according to Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be equipped with a … Read more

Apple’s AirTag charm used to find an illegal drug factory in the US

The US Drug Enforcement Administration has used Apple’s AirTag charm to uncover an illegal drug factory thanks to a package sent from China. In May of last year, the border control managed to intercept two packages that came from China and contained a tablet press and tablet dye. This equipment has been known to be … Read more

Here’s how the DEA is using Apple’s AirTags. – – Gamereactor

according to Forbes Apple’s AirTags are primarily designed to help find lost items, but government agencies also have their uses, according to a new report from , which shows how the Drug Enforcement Administration is trying to spot illegal activity. Essentially, the DEA uses AirTags to track packages they believe will be used for illicit … Read more

Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus sales aren’t stellar, but they’re better than the iPhone 13 mini

Some time ago, we reported that Apple’s iPhone 13 model and iPhone in general are among the best-selling smartphones of 2022. The only one that has a small stepchild role is the new iPhone 14 Plus model, but it is doing better than the iPhone 13 mini. Apple’s iPhone 14 Plus model was announced in … Read more

Expecting Apple’s new product in 2023-Is “iPhone 15” compatible with USB-C? MR headset in June[CNET Japan March 22, 2023]

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iPhone users complain Apple’s autocorrect is ‘ruining their lives’

What’s going on with the duck? iPhone users are furious about Apple’s latest iOS update, accusing it of “ruining their lives”. Dissatisfied iPhone users took to Twitter to voice their complaints about the update, saying that the new update incorrectly replaces words in texts and correctly replaces spoken words for no apparent reason. iOS 16.3.1 … Read more

Is Apple’s new generation of Apple Watch 9 worth looking forward to?Foreign media take stock of 3 major upgrade points

(Photo/Reuters) Apple is expected to release a new generation of iPhone 15 series in the fall, and the smart watch Apple Watch Series 9 is also expected to debut on the same stage. Since the Apple Watch Series 8 launched last year has only been slightly upgraded, it has added body temperature measurement and car … Read more

India becomes Apple’s own sales region for the first time, and its importance is growing

Beijing time on March 9th news, people familiar with the matter said that Apple is restructuring the management of its international business to focus more on the Indian market, which shows that India is growing in importance. The shift will mark the first time that India has become Apple’s own sales territory, taking on an … Read more