iOS 16: know the new apps that you can delete from your iPhone | smartphone | applications | Apple | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

There are many functions that users have to use after installing the official version of iOS 16. Among them is being able to create different fully personalized wallpapers, add widgets, see the battery percentage, among others. Also, a fairly new feature that this latest update brought is that the public will be able to delete … Read more

WhatsApp | How to know if your partner or friend has changed their profile picture without seeing the cell phone | Smartphones | Applications | trick | 2022 | Cell phones | whatsapp plus blue | nnda | nnni | DATA

WhatsApp is one of the applications that many people like to use to be able to chat with all their friends. Through it you can not only share all kinds of photos, but also videos, GIFs, share the funniest stickers and soon you will be able to publish statuses with your own voice. But there … Read more

Engage in Ojol Food in 5 Applications, 22-Year-Old Woman Earns IDR 17 Million a Week

loading… Atlanta Martin is a food ojol driver on 5 apps in the UK. Foto/ LONDON – The profession as a food delivery person or food vendor turns out to be promising a lucrative income. The proof, this 22-year-old woman is able to generate income of up to IDR 17 million per week with this … Read more

FacebookMessenger | How to disable the preview of your messages | Applications | Smartphones | Cell phones | Android | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

Facebook It is not only a social network to publish photos, videos, and even share a variety of links, but it has also become one of the apps to be able to chat with anyone and even send documents using Facebook Messenger. Have you ever received a message that you don’t want anyone to read? … Read more

WhatsApp Plus Red | Link | Link | Download latest version | APKs | Download | media fire | WhatsApp Plus Blue | Gold | Free | United States | USA | USA | Spain | EN | Mexico | MX | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

It’s time for you to try it without advertising and without ads. WhatsApp is adding more features at present. For example, now it is possible to hide the famous and stressful “online”, but also in the next few days you will be able to leave a group conversation without leaving a trace. However, even though … Read more

Between broken promises and lack of supervision, the “wild west” of health applications

Tracking your blood sugar, heart rate or even your sleep in a few minutes and from your smartphone: this is the attractive promise, but often not or badly kept, of a growing number of applications. In recent years, the market for health applications has exploded worldwide to reach several hundred thousand medical applications. Behind these … Read more

“Features for the visually impaired” .. Google reveals the details of the arrival of new updates to a number of its applications

The American company “Google” launched new superior specifications for a number of its famous applications, such as “Gboard”, “Near Share”, “Mate” and “Ware OS”, while the specialized technology website “GSM Arena” indicated that the most famous This specification is the “ImojiFi” technology, which can send the caption symbols in a super secret image while writing … Read more

The 10 most popular free office applications

9. September 2022 – Highly efficient freeware and open source applications exist for most office tasks. We present the 10 Office programs that have been downloaded the most from our freeware library in the last few weeks. For the last 30 days, the download charts in the office applications category have been topped by Foxit … Read more