The James Webb has already fully deployed its mirror as it approaches the L2 point

The James Space Telescope Webb has completed the complex deployment of its mirrors this week, and that’s it close to completion your journey to the point Lagrange L2, where it will begin to orbit the Sun at about 1,500,000 km from Earth. The James Webb is approaching ya al second Lagrange point, a position in … Read more

A new asteroid of 43 meters approaches the Earth without risk

A newly discovered asteroid, the size of half a football field, is approaching Earth without risk of collision, with a closest approach expected on February 4. The asteroid was first seen on January 1 by the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center confirmed the discovery … Read more

Central – As he approaches his 37th year, Ronaldo sets the date for his retirement

The star Cristiano Ronaldo announced his retirement from football after many years of brilliant football with his country Portugal, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus. Ronaldo said in a statement to the Brazilian network “ESPN” that he is able to play at the highest levels until he reaches his 40th year, saying: “I am happy, … Read more

An asteroid approaches Earth on January 18, how should I prepare?

asteroid 2.5 times the size of the Empire State Building, the closest to the world How do amateur astronomers prepare? What do you need to know? Check it out. before National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA or “NASA” released data on the asteroid 7482 or “1994 PC1”, which is scheduled to come closest to Earth … Read more

Morocco approaches its record of covid infections, despite border closures | Society

Flights to Morocco have been canceled indefinitely from Monday, November 29, just one week after will be detected in South Africa the omicron variant of the coronavirus. However, despite the closure of borders, omicron is already the cause of 70% of the infections of the pandemic in the country. Contagions exceeded 7,000 a day on … Read more

Chinese rover Yutu 2 approaches the “mysterious house” detected on the Moon | Science

The China National Space Administration has released the closest images so far of the cubic formation detected on the Moon by rover Yutu 2 in December and dubbed a “mystery house” by its outreach program Our Space. Yutu 2 took the first images of the object last month as part of a new expedition to … Read more

An Asteroid the Size of Mount Kelud Approaches Earth in Mid-January, Is it Dangerous?

MADIUN CIRCLE – A asteroid is reported to be approaching Earth in January 2022. This is a celestial phenomenon in the form of a trajectory asteroid first in January. reported, asteroid that will pass near the Earth. estimated, asteroid will cross Earth in mid-January tomorrow. Also Read: Natural high blood pressure medicine without chemicals, guaranteed … Read more

Asteroid over 1,000 kilometers in diameter approaches Earth

A huge asteroid will approach the planet on January 18, reports NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies. According to scientists, 7482 (1994 PC1) has a diameter of more than 1,000 kilometers and will pass a minimum distance from our planet of 0.13 astronomical units, which is equivalent to millions of kilometers. From the center they … Read more

Rudiger approaches Real Madrid

2021-12-27 11:55 © PA Images Contributor/Press Association Images Antonio Rudiger is likely to play for his final season for London’s Chelsea. The Telegraph journalist Matt Law reports that the German is approaching the Real Madrid club. According to the reporter, Real Madrid players expect Antonio Rudiger to join the team next season. The center’s defender … Read more

Europe rocked by protests as it approaches a new lockdown

First modification: 20/12/2021 – 01:20 The rebound in Covid-19 cases due to the Omicron variant has caused the Netherlands to prohibit non-essential citizen meetings, while the United Kingdom does not rule out emulating the measure before the holidays and Spain announces that it will intensify restrictions in the face of the imminence of a new … Read more