Football speaks Arabic, Morocco’s breakthrough was born in the academy – Football

DOHA – Today the world is more Arab. Because football always manages to expand the surroundings, to change geographies, to make it clear that there are new names on the map. Sabiriwhat marked the first penalty against Spainhas found the words to say it: “For all of Africa, for the Arab countries, for all the … Read more

Tourism boom in the holidays: Planes, restaurants and hotels are “enabled”

Source: central news agency WriterBy: Talal Eid The Vice President of the Syndicate of Restaurants, Cafés, Nightclubs and Patisseries Khaled Nazha expected a tourist boom during the Christmas and New Year holidays, through the numbers that will come, whether they are Lebanese working in the Gulf and Europe, or tourists, especially Jordanians, Egyptians and Iraqis, … Read more

New Alzheimer’s drug proves effective in slowing cognitive decline

A number of scientists expressed, on Wednesday, November 30 (November), their satisfaction with the detailed results of a clinical study on a new drug that confirmed its effectiveness in slowing down… cognitive decline for patients with diseaseAlzheimer’s neurodegenerative, but they also talked about the potential for negative effects. The full results of this advanced (Phase … Read more

Lebanon is under the influence of an air depression, and the Meteorological Authority warns of the formation of torrential rains

Sourceagencies The Estimates Department of the Meteorological Authority in Lebanon expected in the evening weather bulletin that the eastern basin of the Mediterranean would be gradually affected by a rainy depression, starting from Sunday night – Monday, and continuing for the coming days. And it warned of the formation of torrents due to the heavy … Read more

The dispute between Major General Imad Othman and the prosecution judges is under containment

Source: The Middle East Writer: Youssef Diab Wrote Youssef Diab in The Middle East: The dispute between the Director General of the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, Major General Imad Othman, and the judges of the Public Prosecution offices entered the stage of containment, through a meeting that included Othman and the Public Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan … Read more

Is the dream of the Japanese “Blue Lock” in the World Cup realistic?

Perhaps Karen Payne, a professor at the University of Fairfordshire in Britain, was right when she said that “the mind is what you wear,” a sentence that came as the title of her book, which talks about the direct impact between what a person wears and his self-confidence. After several scientific studies, Karen reported that … Read more

What do you report to the army chief of the party?

Source: Republic Writer: Imad Murmal If someone placed the visit of the official of the Liaison and Coordination Unit in the party, Wafik Safa, to the Army Commander, General Joseph Aoun, within the context of the presidential election, those in the know assert that it has nothing to do with this election. They reveal that … Read more

Video – Richarlison’s goal is one of the great and beautiful goals in Brazil’s rich history

Brazil beat Serbia this evening through the brilliant player Richarlison, who led a fearsome four-way attack, scoring in the 62nd minute after Serbian goalkeeper Vanja Milinkovic-Savic saved a deflected shot from Vinicius Junior after a great performance from Neymar.Richarlison’s second goal equaled some of the great and beautiful goals in Brazil’s rich history. After a … Read more

Netherlands defender Nathan Ake to CNN in Arabic: This is what we thought about against Senegal

Doha, Qatar (CNN) – Defender of the Dutch national team and Manchester City club, Nathan Ake, confirmed that facing the Senegalese attackers was difficult, and indicated that his colleagues relied on coming out with clean sheets and were confident that the opportunity would come to score the goal, he said in statements to CNN in … Read more