After the pandemic, the climate crisis

Over the past two years, the pandemic has risen very high on the government’s agenda, but the climate crisis still exists. • Read also: Argentina: continuous forest fires in the south, one for a month • Read also: Deaths from weather disasters at highest in 10 years in the United States • Read also: Record … Read more

News 24 | Al-Ahly awaits the Argentine Talleres’ response to settle the Valois deal

Serie A 2021/2022 January 17 2022 league season Milan 1 – 2 Spezia Calcio Africa Cup of Nations 2021 Cameroon January 17 2022 group stage Burkina Faso 1 – 1 Cape Verde Islands 1 – 1 Spanish League 2021/2022 January 16 2022 league season German League 2021/2022 January 16 2022 league season Armenia Bielefeld 2 … Read more

Soulé, B list and future. Five months from Juve for the Argentine, then in the summer …

Listen to the audio version of the article Soulé, B list and future. Five months from Juve for the Argentine striker, then a situation in the making next summer Five months from you, those who wait Matias Soulé. The second part of the season will mark a further step in the growth path of the … Read more

danger of the dollar jumping, with an increasingly weakened Guzmán

The rise in inflation in December, which was 3.8 percent monthly, marks a change from November’s low inflation of 2.5%. Therefore, If the BCRA increases the official exchange rate by only 1.8% per month, as happened in December, it may continue to fall short. Of the last 50 months, in 30 retail prices rose 3% … Read more

SN Exclusive – Still no contact with Tagliafico. The Argentine, however, intends to leave Ajax

That the Naples both looking for a left back this is not new. Either for the next few months or for the next season, the Azzurri will need a new lower left side, also because the departure of Faouzi Ghoulam it almost seems obvious. The Algerian full-back’s contract will expire at the end of the … Read more

25 years after the premiere, how much is the check that the “Titanic boy” collects every month

25 years after the premiere, how much is the check that the “Titanic boy” collects every month Reece Thompson shared the screen with stars like Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet and every month he receives a payment for that work For iProfesional 14/01/2022 – 08.11 a.m. Reece Thompson participated in Titanic when he was … Read more

Cars that stop, park and talk in Argentina: prices

More and more systems are at the service of drivers to make the trip safer. Advances from Ford, Peugeot, Citroën, Toyota and more Safety and assistants for semi-autonomous driving became key issues for automakers and, little by little, this type of equipment was leaving the “halo of exclusivity of premium brands”, to become part of … Read more

Asus announces 17-inch computer with folding screen

Comes with a slim wireless keyboard and touchpad that sits over the bottom half of the screen for a more conventional laptop design Asus It came behind Samsung and Lenovo with a new laptop form factor: a notebook that is essentially a giant, foldable OLED panel, but is betting on outperforming its rivals by making … Read more

Why a bank in Uruguay asks Argentine tourists for $ 656 pesos for every dollar

They recommend that Argentine tourists use cards or, in cash, arrive directly with dollars The exchange obstacles and monetary instability in Argentina make it practically useless to leave the country with Argentine pesos in hand. At least, that is the reality for those who visit Uruguay during the summer season, in which it tries to … Read more

How much does it cost to install solar panels in your house to save light

There are different systems. They assure that it allows saving from 40% of the electricity bill and the surplus energy can be “sold”. The government will announce, between January and February, a increase on the ballots of electricity what will be around the 20%, while progressing in the application of tariff segmentation. As it transpired, … Read more