The Argentine football team proves its superiority in the game against Australia and reaches the quarter-finals. Best Episodes / Article

December 3, 8:49 p.m Added on December 3, 22:57 The game started quite cautiously. And only in the 36th minute, Argentina managed to open the score. Lionel Messi, for whom this is the 1000th official game, puts his team in the lead! Lionel Messi puts Argentina in the lead Football World Cup. Argentina – Australia … Read more

How much to invest in a Café Martínez or Atalaya franchise

Franchises, in their different versions, experienced growth this year that was higher than expected in the sector. It is that it is a business model in which more and more people invest and that is reflected in the opening of new shops. An item that grows within this universe is that of café, punctually, that … Read more

How to earn dollars with crypto games and collect in Mercado Pago

These games allow you to earn cryptocurrency by performing certain physical activities and other tasks in the “real” world. the keys of money The Argentines launched into a new category of video games: play to earn (play to win), which allow you to add cryptocurrencies instead of accumulating points. Thus, several families began to play … Read more

The unexpected song of the Argentine fans that caused confusion in France-Poland

Argentine fans are specialists in making themselves noticed anywhere they go. This time, they did it in an unexpected context: they sang hard during the World Cup Qatar 2022 round of 16 match between France and Polandand caused an infuriated response from French fans. Also read: Australian fans provoked Lionel Messi and the Argentine captain’s … Read more

which is the best in Argentina

In simple terms, and mutual fund it’s a investment instrument in which experts manage, either actively or passively, a set of assets acquired with the capital that investors or shareholders enter. Currently there is a large number of mutual funds, So the question arises as to which is the best. What is the best investment … Read more

The postcards of the celebrations in Rosario after the Argentine victory

The game ended, Argentina advanced to the quarterfinals and Rosario unleashed a heated celebration in the streets of Rosario as part of the soccer ritual and religion they command. The Monument to the Flag was the epicenter of the albiceleste merriment as soon as the game ended, with suffering included. Now, Argentina will play against … Read more

Will there be a run against the weight when I’m done?

The MEP dollar and the cash with settlement (CCL) are cheap in historical terms and adjusted for inflation. This, explain analysts, can be “unhealthy” and lead to a possible run against the peso from January, when the soybean dollar runs outespecially if external conditions weaken. “Cash with liqui is cheap because the Central Bank has … Read more

The car with an Argentine seal that cannot circulate on the streets

The P900 is the latest creation of the brand founded by the Argentine De Tomaso, in its new stage with Chinese DNA. There are cars that are so extreme and bestial that cannot circulate on public roads: their use is limited exclusively to competition circuits, or to any other private use that has nothing to … Read more

Investor Svein Harald Øygard hides Arctic Securities project: – Risk profile worse than an Argentine mutual fund

Business leader Svein Harald Øygard invested when the company behind Storebrand’s head office needed money. At the same time, he rages against the facilitator Arctic Securities: – Projects in Brazil and Africa have a lower risk than what Arctic can achieve in a property project at Lysaker. 4 min Published: 01.12.22 — 04.06 Updated: a … Read more

They liquidated an Argentine who was left out of the World Cup with Ecuador: “Don’t come back”

Ecuador said goodbye to Qatar World Cup 2022 in the group stage and one of its footballers, who works in the argentinian soccerwas harshly criticized on social networks after the defeat against Senegal. The cast led by Gustavo Alfaro had many chances to get into the round of 16, for which he needed a tie … Read more