The Argentine writer Angeles Salvador died at the age of 50

The Argentine writer Savior Angelsauthor of the novels The last party (Lumen, 2021) y The important role of oxygen (Reservoir Books, 2017), died this morning at the age of 50. The news was confirmed by his editorial to THE NATION. Also from social networks, colleagues and journalists echoed what happened. “A few minutes ago he … Read more

Luis Suarez is one step away from becoming Lionel Messi’s junior replacement at the Argentine giant club

TWITTER.COM/LALIGAEN Atletico Madrid striker, Luis Suarez, is one step away from being a junior substitute for Lionel Messi at River Plate. BOLASPORT.COM – Former striker Atletico Madrid, Luis Suarezreportedly one step away from being a junior substitute Lionel Messi at the Argentine giant club, River Plate. Luis Suarez definitely not going to wear a costume … Read more

Di Maria Juve, Allegri has a clear request on the Argentine. Background

Di Maria Juve, Massimiliano Allegri has a clear request on the negotiation regarding the Argentine offensive winger. The background As reported by Sky Sport, Massimiliano Allegri made a clear request to the management: to have the full squad as soon as possible in view of a season that kicks off on August 13th. Also for … Read more

This is the new version of the Argentine pick-up inspired by the Dakar Rally

Hilux GR-Sport III is the new bet inspired by the success of Toyota Gazoo Racing in Dakar (Credit: Toyota Press) Toyota Hilux is one of the legends of the Dakar Rally and one of the models that achieved victory in the toughest race in the world. The success achieved by Toyota Gazoo Racing in the … Read more

What are the best mutual funds of the year

Mutual investment funds are the ideal instrument to add to fixed terms or investment in dollar bills. In this note all the details By Christian A. Buteler 21/06/2022 – 10,04hs Since this column we have already mentioned the importance of Mutual funds when it comes to broadening the horizons of the investor, they are the … Read more

Foreign media: Argentine court will try 8 members of Maradona’s medical team for homicide

[Global Web Report]According to a Reuters report on the 23rd, a legal document released on the 22nd local time showed that after the legendary star Maradona died of a sudden myocardial infarction in November 2020 after an investigation, eight carers for Maradona Dona’s paramedics and psychologist will stand trial in an Argentine court for homicide … Read more

Where you can circulate and where “NO”

The titus electric car is one of the latest developments in the automotive world, a vehicle made in st louis by the technology company Coradir, which arrived at dealerships a few months ago and its sales exceeded expectations: they went from planning a production of 300 units per year to 500. The most important difference … Read more

an app arrives to move easier around the city

What are these concepts about, what applications do they have in people’s daily lives and how will they change urban dynamics in the short term By Marysol Anton 20/06/2022 – 07,48hs The mobility is changing, new services are emerging every day that give rise to innovative concepts. Today, two modalities already installed in Europe are … Read more

BCRA fails to buy dollars, will it comply with the IMF?

Within the framework of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF)the Central Bank (BCRA) have a a goal of US$4.1 billion accumulation of reserves for this first half of the year, but pessimism regarding this possibility is very strong in the market, because Many estimate that the BCRA I should buy Dollars at a … Read more

Connie Losada: the Argentine who brought the COVID-19 vaccine to Mexico

Interview Constanza Losada CEO of Pfizer in Mexico In March 2020, the global catastrophe that we had seen growing since the eve of that year with a strange case of the flu in China was declared official: the global high alert for the COVID-19 pandemic. A virus that has claimed some six million lives… and … Read more