Multiboxing was banned, now the first big bans have arrived

Blizzard takes hold in World of Warcraft. The first multiboxers were blocked and their accounts closed. Few things in World of Warcraft are as annoying as bots or multiboxers. Blizzard recognized this after many years and severely restricted multiboxing a few weeks ago and subjected it to new rules. Anyone who does not follow the … Read more

Hoist Finance, and its 500,000 clients who did not choose it, arrived at Work Lab City

Created in 2012 around ten people, Hoist Finance now has 150 employees. The company has set up its headquarters in one of the buildings of the Work Lab City program which has just emerged from the former Gifi wasteland. The loan management company that is no longer reimbursed is in full development. .

EL PAÍS VALLENATO – The Colombian National Team arrived in Ecuador

The Colombia National Team arrived in Ecuador Nov 16, 2020 Administrator sports 0 This Sunday night the delegation of the Colombia selection al Mariscal Sucre International Airport from Quito, where next Tuesday he will be facing Ecuador by the fourth date of Playoffs. The national team reached Ecuadorian soil with 23 of its 24 available … Read more

Xbox Series X and PS5 have arrived, what will Nintendo’s response be?

While Nintendo was characterized in the past by reaching the limits in the graphic and technical section of its video games, those times are behind us and it is that when the Wii, Wii U and Switch arrived on the market, they were a little behind in the power of their hardware compared to rivals … Read more

You have already arrived in Colombia! The Rolls Royce of the cell phone world costs a lot of ticket |

If you are passionate about Apple technology and was waiting for the start of the sale of its new iPhone 12 Pro Max, You can already buy it for a price between $ 3,799.00 and $ 5,899,000, which would be the Rolls Royce. . . You are one click away from starting to enjoy the … Read more

Visage has arrived on Xbox One with the intention of reinventing the genre of psychological horror

Developed by the small studio SadSquare Studio, Visage is an experience you won’t be able to forget. In recent years, the video game industry has seen a fair amount of first person psychological horror games in which we were transported to a terrifying and unforgettable scene to spend the worst hours of our lives. We … Read more

Pablo Zabaleta and his retirement decision: “It was time to say until here I arrived”

Pablo ZabaletaAt 35, he decided to retire from football. The former right-back of the Argentine National Team played the 2014 World Cup in which he reached the final. Regarding his future, he clarified that he imagines himself linked to football. “The decision to retire was maturing during my last year in England. They were many … Read more

The new times have arrived, and they are for everyone

International football Mourinho shows how his players celebrate the victory against Burnley glued to their mobiles Hard and new times run in today’s football. Long journeys, techniques of spying on rivals, the intimacy of the locker room… precisely the latter, with the standardization of smartphones and social networks has been forgotten. Now, After each victory … Read more