Amazon is running out of stockists. The first fully autonomous robot will help

You can also listen to and view the information along with the footage in the video report attached to this article. It has been ten years since the largest online retailer in the world invested significantly in the robotization of its logistics centers for the first time. Amazon bought the robotics company Kiva for $775 … Read more

Microsoft is cutting features from AI in the name of justice

Microsoft asks you to apply to use face recognition, which together with a number of restrictions on functionality will make the Azure Face API more ethical to use. Microsoft is writing a blog post that the changes are to ensure responsible and inclusive use. ZDNet writes that the changes took effect on June 21. New … Read more

Microsoft is completing a project to learn a person’s feelings using artificial intelligence

Company terminated Microsoft American, exactly, is an important project that it has been working on for a while that helps to know the feelings of any person, whether love, hate, or any other emotional feelings, through artificial intelligence. According to the engadget website, which specializes in technology developments, the giant American company has taken into … Read more

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, will be able to speak with the voice of the deceased Business

According to Amazon, by imitating the voice of anyone heard, Alexa will be able to “make memories eternal.” The company is developing a technology that will allow its digital assistant, Alexa, to mimic the voice of anyone from an audio recording of less than a minute, chief scientist Rohitas Prasad said on Wednesday. He added … Read more

Next-Generation Artificial Skin Sensing Surface Microbes | Sensors | Hydrogel Polymers | Artificial Intelligence

[The Epoch Times, June 13, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Zhang Ni compiled and reported) After six years of research, Italian scientists have invented aartificial skinmore sensitive than human skin, evenmicroorganismSmall objects can be felt. Anna Maria Coclite of Graz Technical University in Austria presented a “three-in-one” function developed by her research group.artificial skincan sense temperature, … Read more

5 Majors That Will Be Targeted by Companies, Salary Per Year Can Be 3 Digits

Jakarta – There are a number major Colleges that are predicted to have brilliant career prospects in the next 3-5 years. It said in the report The Future Jobs Report 2020 issued by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the professions that will be sought after are those from data science to artificial intelligence. The WEF … Read more

An AI-powered tool that can turn text messages into works of art

Experts have developed an artificial intelligence tool that can transform famous paintings into different artistic styles, or create new works of art from text messagesindicating that this tool uses a “secret language”. artificial intelligence lab According to the British newspaper, the Daily Mail, the text-to-image conversion application was launched by a laboratory Artificial intelligence Open … Read more

Best paid jobs in Argentina that are studied in months

Training in a few months and going out working is becoming more and more accessible. What are companies looking for and what benefits do they offer to retain talent The digital transformation has also changed the world of work. Now, companies of all sectors need technological profiles to speed up and streamline processes, develop their … Read more

We have to stop looking to the past |

If something has been characteristic of Venezuelan society, it is looking to the past to define the present. Many continue to live from how important the “Heroic Venezuela” was, others from how fundamental the 1960s were and the more in which we have lost the direction we were on 20 years ago. The question we … Read more

Index – Tech-Science – Mercedes was and will be

Mercedes’ second dedicated electric car, the EQE tutorialwe went. If you liked EQS, you will get a smaller version. But also… We doubled from a Mercedes container, in fact, a Vision AMG Concept through it, we actually tripled as well, as we were able to gain insight into the brand medium-term strategy. Road tabloidIt also … Read more