ByteDance Starts Selling AI Video to Other Clients

Jakarta: ByteDance, parent company of video-sharing app TikTok, has reportedly started selling TikTok’s AI to other companies. ByteDance has a new division called BytePlus, and according to its website, its client list includes companies including Indonesian app Chilibeli. Quotes The Verge, TikTok’s recommendation algorithm is a big part of the factors that make it so … Read more

Israel Called To Deploy A Swarm Of AI Drones During 11-Day War With Hamas

loading… TEL AVIV – Israel reported using a swarm drone artificial intelligence (AI) to find and strike Hamas targets during the 11-day war in May. If confirmed by the Zionist military, then it will be the first war in the world to rely on weapons with AI technology. Also read: This is the Queen of … Read more

Lidar and artificial intelligence in Volvo’s electric flagship

Nvidia’s advanced self-driving technology as well as a laser LiDAR sensor will be added to the high-end Volvo electric SUV, which will hit the market in 2022. These technologies, along with many other solutions, are installed in every car so that the software needed to operate them can be activated at any time later – … Read more Free Stock Quote

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Tesla announced its 5th supercomputer in the world! Self-driving system for training vehicles-INSIDE

An epidemic that has invaded the world has reshuffled many industrial chains, especially the catering industry has become a “miserable” industry in many markets. Taiwan’s recent sudden increase in the epidemic situation has caused many companies to face crises, but some companies that have deployed ahead of schedule quickly responded to the impact and found … Read more

Corona antidote: Innoplexus wants to use big data against viruses

WORLD: Mr. Bhardwaj, your company Innoplexus has the world’s largest data platform in pharmaceutical research. With artificial intelligence, your computer algorithms search, among other things, for active ingredients to treat many diseases. Did you get the inspiration for your company from a very sad occasion? Gunjan Bhardwaj: Yes that’s right. My greatest inspiration was the … Read more

Amazon releases bracelet to track fat and emotions

Did you talk cordially or cheerfully to your colleague? A new Amazon bracelet can tell you that, in addition to analyzing the quality of your sleep or the distribution of your body fat. The online commerce and technology giant has been marketing a screenless bracelet since Thursday, called Amazon Halo, which continuously measures and evaluates … Read more

Artificial intelligence finds exoplanets in NASA archives – CNN

British scientists discovered 50 exoplanets using artificial intelligence. With a new algorithm that complements old data, astronomers were able to differentiate between new planets and false positives. The new planets, which orbit several stars, are as large as Neptune or smaller than our planet. .

France champion of post-COVID economic rebound, according to study

France is the country that has experienced the strongest post-COVID-19 economic rebound, thanks to household consumption, but this surge in activity is at the mercy of a resumption of the epidemic, reveals a Boston study Consulting Group released Friday. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus • Read also: “Sharp increase” … Read more

AI-Based Software to Help RI Hospital Detect Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia (UI) and Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital (RSCM) make software based Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence to detect someone suspected of being infected corona virus and Covid-19 positive patients. According to Internal Medicine Doctor Eric Daniel Tenda, this software was produced from multidisciplinary research using … Read more