Twin Strangers: IA permite hallar a ´doble’ en Internet

Twin Strangers It is based on the idea that all people have a “double” somewhere on the planet to develop their system. This website states that you can find people who are so similar to each other that they can pass off as twins or “clones” by using artificial intelligence. Although the existence of a … Read more

With the help of MI, we already know who will win the World Cup in Qatar

The researchers went back as far as 1872 to get the most accurate results. Nowadays, artificial intelligences are capable of much more than what the average person thinks about technology. Different algorithms perform calculations that previously seemed intractable, generate images or even videos based on text, and AIs created for entertainment purposes, for example, predict … Read more

‘Leonardo’, the supercomputer at the service of research – Physics & Mathematics

The curtain has risen on ‘Leonardo’, the 240 million euro supercomputer, fourth in the world for speed and computing power. Able to perform over a trillion operations per second, the supercomputer is at the service of research, from physics and astronomy to earth sciences and meteorology, and will allow new applications in cutting-edge sectors, such … Read more

As a Ukrainian startup, he was able to revive the voice of Julo Satinsky

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker,… and Julo Satinsky. How is it possible for them to speak words today that they never recorded? It is called “Speech to speech” voice processing method. This requires artificial intelligence AI, which can create a synthetic sound copy of the input data – in this case Jul’s original voice. The Ukrainian … Read more

Ragnarök, with an impressive result – FayerWayer

God of War: Ragnarök promises as one of the video games of the year. Its launch is expected for next November 9, for the PlayStation 4 y 5, with development by Santa Monica Studio and marketing by Sony Interactive Entertainment. And the hype that he has generated is so great that new images of him … Read more

This is how Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman would be if they were real – FayerWayer

The technology exceeds any type of limit and the programs of artificial intelligence (AI) They have collaborated in accelerating many advances and discoveries. They have also given a new tool to the entertainment industry, like showing what superheroes would look like in real life. It’s the turn of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the DC … Read more

Thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, a podcast manages to “revive” Steve Jobs

A digital and virtual version of Steve Jobs, made with artificial intelligence, was interviewed this week in a podcast published on the Internet by the platform In the program, the “bot” of the creator of Apple answered questions and chatted live on different topics. The firm presented the interview with Jobs as its first … Read more

“Amika” embodies the next generation of “robots”

Dubai (Etihad) By doubling the power of artificial intelligence, the anthropomorphic Amika at the &e suite at GITEX 2022 has embodied the next generation of ‘robots’ that are programmed to resemble human performance. Amica is the most advanced robot, and it can be used to develop and display the best machine learning interaction experiences, and … Read more

Artificial intelligence did it too! A simple eye test will reveal your risk of death NEWS Creation Date: October 06, 2022 12:49 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont The contribution of scientific developments to the field of medicine is indisputable. Advances in artificial intelligence, in particular, continue to provide doctors with great advantages in both diagnosis and treatment. The latest study in England will break new ground in its field. class=”medianet-inline-adv”> Researchers have … Read more

artificial intelligence is taking over

Ms. Tang Yu, CEO of China’s NetDragon Websoft and its 6,000 employees, is the first robot to be appointed head of a company. Available H24, she does not receive any salary. NetDragon Websoft ANALYSIS – The digital man is in the process of supplanting the “homo oeconomicus”. Mme Tang Yu was appointed CEO of NetDragon … Read more