Dream Artist. The first season is a hit on 2M

Viewers were able to discover the lucky winner of the competition which lasted nearly two months. This is the talented photographer Mourad Fedouache. Seller in a market in Sidi Yahya El Gharb, the self-taught 22-year-old is overflowing with talent and ingenuity. His photographs amaze, encourage reflection and tell stories, such as those dealing with the … Read more

“I had to monopolize the family.” A bold statement from the artist Phaedra about her marriage to two brothers

In a bold statement, the artist, Phaedra, revealed the secret of her marriage to the two brothers, Sameh and Hadi Al-Bagoury, saying: “I almost had to make a monopoly for this family.” She explained, during her meeting with an Egyptian satellite channel, that she first married director Sameh Al-Bagoury when she was 18 years old, … Read more

Do you remember the artist Wafaa Salem? .. You will not believe how her shape has changed after plastic surgery

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Serious complications suffered by actress Wafaa Salem, the heroine of the movie “The Black Panther”, after a failed plastic surgery. A few weeks ago, the artist of Syrian origin underwent a new surgery with one of the doctors, who performed x-rays before performing the operation in order to find out what was happening … Read more

The soloist of the group “Little Big” who emigrated to America: No Russian artist has as much as Pugacheva

The couple has settled in America, is working on new musical material and is slowly starting to give concerts again, not hiding that there are only two members in the group, the other members have left the musical association, because not all of them have gone to Los Angeles. “Alla Pugacheva is a mega person. … Read more

‘Pip-Rawit Therduang’ art never dies because it is in people’s lives

Pip-Rawit Therdwong Actor with many works Both movies and plays Extremely famous from the role of Director Janepop In the drama Rang Ngao (2015), he is also a teacher at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts. Dhurakij Pundit University graduated with a bachelor’s degree Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts Chulalongkorn University and Certificate … Read more

A “legal expert” reveals a shocking punishment awaiting the artist, “Mena Shalaby”, in the event that her involvement in drug smuggling is proven.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian legal expert Ashraf Farahat revealed the expected punishment against the artist, Menna Shalaby, if the report of the chemical laboratory proves that the seizures that were seized in her possession at Cairo Airport are drugs. He said that the prosecution released the artist on bail of 50 thousand pounds, and therefore she … Read more

The length of a famous Turkish artist next to Halima Boland puts her in an embarrassing position in front of her followers • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Kuwaiti journalist Halima Boland shared a picture with her followers via “Snapchat” with the Turkish artist Burak Ozcivit, who was attending the book fair held in Kuwait. The height difference between the duo appeared very clear in favor of “Burak”, and “Boland” commented on the photo, saying: “As usual, the height difference between … Read more

This is the truth about the legal position of the artist, Menna Shalaby

From the moment of capture Actress Menna Shalaby In the case of drug possession, and legal opinions still differ about the expected punishment for the artist if it is proven that the seizures were indeed drugs or not. Legal expert Ashraf Farahat told Al-Arabiya.net that what happened with the artist is completely legal, and the … Read more

A famous artist appears in bright yellow shoes during a lunch with King Charles

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Renowned British artist David Hockney is known for his bold and expressive use of color in his paintings. Therefore, it was only right that he made a bold statement when he was invited to the Order of Merit luncheon at Buckingham Palace in Britain. While some guests donned their … Read more

Bottega Veneta Partners with Italian Artist Gaetano Pesce for Limited Book Release

The Bottega Veneta 2023 Summer Collection show space design is artistically created by Italian architect, artist and designer Gaetano Pesce. The final show space was presented with a sculptural resin floor and 400 chairs titled “Come Stai?” And this week, an exhibition featuring the “Come Stai?” chair will also land in Design Miami. In addition, … Read more