“The atmosphere was very good-natured, we do not deplore any major incident”

** **** ** ***** ** ** **** ** ****** ** *********** ******* ******* * **** ** ***** ** ******** ** ***** ** ***** ** ** ******** *********** ** ****** *** ************ ** *** ************* ** ** ************ ************ ************ ** ** ********* ** **** ** ********* ** ***** * *** ** ************ ******* ************ ****** … Read more

Carnival of Tournai: a human tide and a fiery atmosphere at the masquerade (video)

The Tournai carnival had not chased away winter in the streets of the city center since its 2019 edition. Like a snub to the health crisis, this great event of popular jubilation took its revenge, once again activating the cogs of the Mechanics of Time (Editor’s note: in reference to the theme of the 2020 … Read more

Kim Yong-jun, actor visual Ahn Geun-young and pink atmosphere “Hmong Hmong ♥” (Groom Class) : Sports Donga

Kim Yong-joon, actor visual Ahn Geun-young and pink atmosphere “Hmong Hmong ♥” (Groom Class) Spring has come to singer Kim Yong-jun. On Channel A’s ‘Men’s Life These Days – Groom Class’, which aired on the 15th, a new meeting between Kim Yong-joon was drawn. On this day, Kim Yong-joon visited the ice rink to meet … Read more

A Planet Outside The Solar System Is Suspected To Be Turning Into A Water Planet

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The astronomer is analyzing a planet mysterious extrasolar system labeled as HD-207496b. This planet is 138 light years from Earth and is thought to be in the process of transformation. Compared to Earth, this planet has a mass and radius of 6.1 and 2.25 times greater. This exo planet is thought to … Read more

Spirits lit in the tunnel: atmosphere warmed up at half-time – Benfica

Officials of the two teams exchanged arguments, under the watchful eye of League delegates It did not go unnoticed that the referee Fábio Veríssimo and his assistants waited a few minutes on the pitch, before going back to their cabins at half-time. And at the end came the confirmation: officials from the two teams exchanged … Read more

An atmosphere of enthusiasm at the launch of the “Baloot” competition in Riyadh

Its prizes amount to 600 thousand riyals Al Arabiya.net – Nadia Al-Fawwaz Published in: March 11, 2023: 01:03 PM GST Last updated: March 11, 2023: 02:07 PM GST The first day of the “Baloot Tournament” implemented by the General Entertainment Authority at Riyadh City Boulevard witnessed a remarkable competition and turnout in an enthusiastic atmosphere, … Read more

Clear criticism from Prince Philip – Is there a bad atmosphere between the Serbian royals?

March 9th, 2023: Clear criticism from Prince Philip – Is there a bad atmosphere between the Serbian royals? Even with the Serbian royals, all that glitters is not always gold! Prince Philip (41) spoke openly in an interview with the magazine “Gloria” about his Relationship with his father Crown Prince Alexander (77): I am in … Read more

First detection of heavy oxygen in Earth’s upper atmosphere

MADRID, 8 Mar. (EUROPA PRESS) – He already retired Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) managed to make the first measurement of heavy atomic oxygen in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. Heavy oxygen is so named because it has 10 neutrons., instead of the normal eight for “main” oxygen, the form we breathe. Heavy … Read more

Bluger praises the atmosphere in the Golden Knights locker room and praises his teammates

Teodors Bļugers | Foto: Ethan Miller/GETTY IMAGES/AFP/Scanpix In a conversation with AT&T Sports, Teodors Blügers, a player of the National Hockey League (NHL) club Vegas “Golden Knights”, commented on his first point scored in the ranks of the new team and his introduction to the organization. It will be announced that Latvian forward Bļugers scored … Read more