The Israeli raid on Gaza and the Italian newspapers: “Guilt of the attacked”. But the major international newspapers tell another story

Let’s face it, a press like this wouldn’t even mind a Vladimir Putin. You attack a territory that is a kind of open-air prison, you kill 44 people, including 15 children, and you injure another 350, but what we are talking about is the reaction of the attacked, the right of the aggressor to defend … Read more

Ukraine attacked the Russian army: 47 occupiers were killed, military equipment was destroyed

According to information from the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the current situation in the direction of South Buz was complex and changing on Thursday. However, the defense of the country withstood the resistance of the Russian army. In addition, it is announced that the transport and logistics routes of the Russian army … Read more

Tripadvisor suspends reviews of the restaurant where Beauty Davis was attacked: too many negative comments

Too many bad reviews. A shitstorm by users from all over Italy who have forced Tripadvisor to suspend all other comments on the restaurant Our Sea Beach of Soverato, in the province of Catanzaro. “Due to a recent event that attracted media attention and caused an influx of reviews that do not describe a first-hand … Read more

Attacked 12 Hours, Lost Virginity

loading… South African police have arrested 67 suspects in a gang-rape case against 8 models while filming a music video. Photo/REUTERS/Illustration WEST VILLAGE – Three of the eight models who were raped by gunmen while filming a music video in the West Village, Krugersdorp, South Africa, recounted the horrific attack. They said the sexual assault … Read more

Another wilderness in Argentina. A football player sneakily attacked a woman with a whistle with his fist

Argentine football drew attention to itself for the second time in a single weekend with a not very sporting spectacle. After a bizarre foul by the coach in Saturday’s top-flight match between Sarsfield and Godoy, there was a scandal in the regional league where a referee was punched. The incident took place in a match … Read more

“Your fake sister”: Joy Hallyday attacked on her social networks, she responds

©INSTAGRAM (j0yhallyday) On Friday July 29, 2022, Joy Hallyday, one of Johnny Hallyday’s daughters, posted a photo of herself alongside her sister on her Instagram account. Unfortunately, the post stirred up the hatred of an Internet user who sent him an inappropriate message: “Your fake sister doesn’t even have the same Vietnamese parents as yours, … Read more

Feminists again attacked Love Live! Sunshine!! —Kudasai

On July 28, the multimedia franchise of Love Live! Sunshine!! announced a collaboration with LaLaport Numazu, a shopping complex located in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. This collaboration, which will begin on August 5 within the facilities, It also includes a special illustration of the members of Aqours, which is what we will talk about today. … Read more