“Don’t keep lying”: Daniel Fuenzalida attacked the director of TV+ programming

I don’t know saved anything. Daniel Fuenzalida responded to the recent statements by Gonzalo Cordero, TV+ programming director, about Me Late Prime. The channel executive who abruptly removed the announcer’s program from the screens spoke with Page 7 a few days ago, analyzing the symptoms of the programs that replaced the show business hosted by … Read more

Suppressed Fluff, the dog that was left chained in the yard and was attacked by another dog

When the operators of the US animal welfare organization Peta arrived from Fluff, called by its owners, they soon realized that there was nothing they could do. Unfortunately the best option was to suppress it. The old dog had been kept tied to a chain in the back yard of a house in Bertie County, … Read more

More than six years in prison for Capitol stormer who attacked dead agent

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 01:41 An American who attacked a police officer with pepper spray during the storming of the Capitol two years ago has been sentenced to more than six years in prison. The victim died of a stroke the day after the attack. The perpetrator, a 32-year-old man, was one of thousands of former … Read more

Teenager savagely attacked with a hammer: three other young people are arrested

Three other young men were arrested Thursday for their alleged involvement in the assault with a hammer on a 16-year-old teenager earlier this week on the grounds of a Montreal North high school. • Read also: Assault with hammer: charges brought against a teenager • Read also: Savage aggression in Montreal North: the SPVM deploys … Read more

Pavel’s website was attacked by pro-Russian hackers. It was not the only destination in the Czech Republic

According to Check Point, Russian hackers led by the hacktivist group NoName057(16) are behind the attacks during the presidential election. At the same time, it specializes in destinations in Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. This group has a history of successful DDoS attacks on the websites of countries supporting Ukraine. “We have already seen similar cyberattacks … Read more

Classified as the most violent scene on Earth.. The scenes prohibited from the show starring the virtuous prostitute Ghada Abdel Razek with a famous artist when he attacked her like a monster

Egyptian artist topped Ghada Abdel Razek Search engines, after circulating a video of her from a famous movie with the artist Amr Abdel Galil because of what he did to her got married Ghada Abdel Razek 11 or 12 times of it The Saudi businessman, Adel Al-Qazzaz: who was several years older than her, as … Read more

Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles! Tall buildings hit in Kiev, many dead

NATO countries’ support to Ukraine in its war against Russia has reached a huge scale. Finally, after the decision of US President Biden to send tanks, Russia launched a heavy attack on Ukraine. Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valeriy Zaluzhny noted that Russia launched 55 missiles, of which 47 were destroyed, 20 of which were in … Read more

Kim Sang-hyeok, who was attacked by romance phishing, rotten inside… passed over to warm consolation [종합]

[마이데일리 = 오윤주 기자] Kim Sang-hyeok, from the group Click-B, revealed that he lost money through a phishing scam. On the afternoon of the 24th, Channel S’s ‘Attack Sisters’, Kim Sang-hyeok, who is living a new life from an idol to a businessman, appeared. On this day, Kim Sang-hyeok told about his busy life, from … Read more