Bitcoin BANNED in Russia? | Attention! Things are different …

As unfortunately often happens, the ALL takes possession of the scene cripto, with not always exact news reported by the press, in Italy and beyond. Last ALL in order of appearance was the supposed Russian ban for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, a ban that would have been proposed by the Central Bank and that, according to … Read more

Juric takes away the pressure: “We’ll see where we get, but pay attention to the judgments”

The coach on the objectives of this Torino: “The team is growing, but I would like it to grow normally” The recent results of the Torino they brought the grenade team close to the Europe area, but there is still a gap of a few points to be bridged with the Roma-Lazio-Fiorentina group to get … Read more

Hiroyuki Miyasako’s yakiniku restaurant attracts some attention … Hiroyuki, Takafumi Horie and others mention it one after another to create a “delicious development” that has been played 2.65 million times | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

From the left, Mr. Hiroyuki, Mr. Hiroyuki Miyasako, Mr. Takafumi Horie  Hiroyuki Miyasako“Burning” does not stop. However, on the other hand, it seems that “delicious development” is also coming. The beginning is a YouTube video released on the 15th. In the collaboration project “winwinwiiin” with Oriental Radio Atsuhiko Nakata and Gokuraku Tombo Keiichi Yamamoto, he … Read more

Those who earn minimum wage pay attention to this news! Very important lien decision

According to the TKBB statement, TKBB, which serves its sustainability focus and continues to offer solutions to its stakeholders with innovative and alternative financing resources, shared its new professional arrangement decision in line with its growth strategy that positions environmental, social and economic sustainability beyond financial figures. “Professional Arrangement Decision Regarding Not Seizing Some Customer … Read more

He drew attention to the danger! “Very risky situation”

He drew attention to the danger! “Very risky situation” Turkish scientist Prof. Dr., who continues his studies in the field of immunology and cancer treatment at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Experimental Medicines and Cancer Medicine department and also has vaccine studies on HIV. Dr. Bülent Özpolat came to Istanbul for a … Read more

Minecraft regains the attention of UK gamers, and FIFA 22 continues to reiterate its success

Mojang’s game has increased its sales by 112% over the past week. With Christmas and the New Year celebrations behind us, the world returns to its usual rhythm. Something similar happens with the sale of video games, since we players tend to allow ourselves some whim during the holidays. But The lists from the United … Read more

Pay attention to the first 72 hours in the treatment of swine flu! – Health News

Pay attention to the first 72 hours in the treatment of swine flu! The increase in the number of swine flu (A H1N1) cases has also caused a density in hospitals. Making statements about swine flu, which has similar symptoms with the coronavirus, Kastamonu Training and Research Hospital Child Health and Diseases Polyclinic Specialist. Dr. … Read more

Be careful if you went shopping at Carrefour: warning this Monday

Posted on Monday, January 17, 2022 at 9:14 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga Be careful if you go shopping at Carrefour. FASFC warning. Carrefour decided on Monday, in consultation with the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (Afsca), to recall products such as ice cream, vanilla-red fruit and vanilla-exotic fruit logs as … Read more

Heidi Klum appears in a bright bikini… and her excitement draws attention!

International fashion modelHeidi Klum​Shiny swimsuit, and she appeared in a video clip on her personal account on the social networking site, dancing and making exciting moves that caught the attention of the followers.Heidi seemed to be dancing and singing, and the audience expressed his admiration for her high vitality.Heidi returned to the world of music … Read more

Three Cryptocurrencies Capturing Market Attention By

© Reuters – Terra, Polkadot failed to sustain their recent winning streak. ADA/USD is down -2.32% to $1.2635, while LUNA/USD is down -4.13% to $78.76, down -0.92% to $26 and $61. Cardano: The importance and demand is constantly increasing Charles Hoskinson, founder of Cardano, stated that the importance and demand for it has increased … Read more