Prince William grossly violated the royal rules. But his reason impresses

The future successor to the British throne, Prince William, decided to completely ignore the royal rules. He broke the centuries-old code by touching a crying retiree while visiting the Wheatley Group in Glasgow, Scotland. In addition, together with Duchess Kate, they are preparing a radical transformation of other royal traditions. While visiting Glasgow, Prince William … Read more

She killed her husband, now she will take care of her relatives fleeing Ukraine News

Forty years ago, a sporting tragedy took place at the World Fencing Championships, when West German representative Matthias Behr accidentally killed his Soviet rival and friend Vladimir Viktorovich Smirnov. Now, at the request of Smirnov’s widow, he takes in the Ukrainian refugees. On July 19, 1982, at the World Championships in Rome, the interplay of … Read more

Not Only Deported, Two Foreigners Who Take Nude Photos at Bali Tourist Attractions on the Block List

PEOPLE’S MIND – Recently went viral on the social media of foreign nationals (WNA) from Russia who made nude photos or naked in sacred tree at the Kayu Putih Banjar tourism object, Bayan Service, Old Village, Tabanan, Bali. Regarding this, the Head of the Immigration Office Class I TPI Denpasar, Tedy Riyandi said that the … Read more

It was seconds: The little daughter of the football player Kadeřábek got a coin stuck in her throat

The football player Pavel Kadeřábek (30) and his wife Tereza (31) were almost met with tragedy. Over the weekend, their two-year-old daughter Elva was stuck deep in the neck of a coin that the little one swallowed. Thanks to the help of doctors, everything turned out well and the family was able to return home, … Read more

7 Tourist Attractions in Jogja Near Malioboro which were opened during the Idul Fitri Holidays, There’s Gembira Loka Zoo

TRIBUNTRAVEL.COM – Malioboro is a tourist area that is quite iconic for the city Yogyakarta. Many tourists from outside the city deliberately go all the way to Jogja and make the Malioboro area their main holiday destination. However, near Malioboro there are still a number of tourist attractions that you can visit to enjoy the … Read more

Seven Recommended Tourist Attractions in Bandung Today, Perfect for the 2022 Eid Holiday

TRIBUNJABAR.ID, BANDUNG – Here are 7 recommendations tourist attraction in Bandung, you can spend the Eid 2022 holiday. Bandung is never short of beautiful places, the city is rich in its natural beauty. There are recommendations tourist attraction Bandung is a hit, of course, you must visit. On the momentum of Eid 2022, there are … Read more

5 Recommended Tourist Attractions in Semarang that You Can Visit during the 2022 Eid Holidays

PR DEPOK – Semarang Not only is it known for its historical tourist destinations, Lawang Sewu. There’s still a line tourist attraction from Semarang other places that can be used as an exciting vacation spot, either with friends or family. Coinciding with the moment of Eid al-Fitr, check it out recommendation tourist attraction from Semarang … Read more

Tourist attractions that are open during Eid in Jakarta, check out the list here

Jakarta – Tourist attractions that are open during Eid Many people are looking for people who don’t go home. There are a number of tourist attractions in Jakarta that are still operating during the Idul Fitri holidays, although with limited operating hours. So, where are the tourist attractions that are open during Eid? For those … Read more

They only stayed under one roof for a few months. Gábor now spoke of infidelity

MMA fighter Gábor Boráros and his partner Monika broke up. And only a few days after Monika gave birth to a famous slaughterhouse. The boulevard is now dealing with what is behind such an unexpected end and apparently infidelity. Gábor commented exclusively on the whole situation. In March, everything seemed to be filled with love. … Read more

The rare ten-koruna sold for almost 3 million. Other coins were also auctioned

On Saturday, two auctions of rare coins, medals and decorations took place in Prague. And there were some really special items. The most expensive item was the ten-crown coin from the Habsburg rule, which was auctioned for a record amount. In total, over 550 items were sold at auctions for more than 70 million crowns. … Read more