Results of the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday Meeting: Parade Ban, Tourist Attractions Restricted

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The government holds a joint meeting to deal with Christmas and New Year’s holidays 2022, Friday, November 26, 2021, at Police Headquarters. Several ministers were present at the meeting. “Briefing the implementation of the handling of the Nataru holiday with the Indonesian National Police,” said the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and … Read more

The oldest woman in the world († 124) died, and before her death she revealed the recipe for longevity

Francisca Susan, who was considered the oldest man in the world, died in the Philippines on Monday. According to the Philippine authorities, the woman was 124 years old, but she did not live to see the official record confirmation. Francisca, nicknamed Lola Iska in the Philippines, died according to authorities at her home in Kabankalan. … Read more

Weddings: Romana and Jarda decided to stay together. How are they doing now?

At first glance, the Thursday part of the Wedding program brought the decision of the first two couples whether to stay together or not. Roman and Jarda were clear and wanted to try it. They revealed what their relationship looks like now. The relationship between Romana and Jarda was from the beginning of Italy, but … Read more

Most people charge their phones poorly. There is a risk of damage to the battery and fire

The battery is one of the essential components of every mobile phone. However, many people have no idea how to charge the device properly. As a result, they may shorten battery life. See which bad habits are better to avoid. Most smartphones have lithium batteries. According to experts, after about 500 cycles of charging and … Read more

Love Island After: Mishala undressed in front of the camera and showed off a tattoo

The Love Island After show starts on the Voyo portal in a few days. This show will inform viewers about how the contestants of the Villa of Love live in everyday life, what they like to do, if they associate with other contestants and they will learn a lot of spiciness. The first episode reveals … Read more

Buried. Tourists on the trails and in the valleys, queues to attractions in the city

Crowds of tourists from all over Poland came to Podhale for the long November weekend In the center of Zakopane, queues form to tourist attractions. From morning to the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch crowds line up Karol Wagner from the Tatra Chamber of Commerce admits that the tourist siege is greater than last year, … Read more

Weddings: Between couples. The relationship crisis is at its peak

Crisis, tears and disappointment. In the ninth part of TV Nova’s romantic social experiment, the relationships of individual couples are already crystallizing. Who can’t handle it together anymore? In the social experiment Wedding at first glance, it slowly gets tough. Couples have already spent some time together in the presence of cameras, and problems are … Read more

Do you suffer from cough or runny nose? The commonly available product will shorten the disease for you, the researchers found out

Autumn is the time when respiratory diseases begin. Many people use zinc for colds or flu, and the results of an analysis of nearly three dozen studies have supported this habit. Research shows that zinc use not only helps to reduce the symptoms of the disease, but also shortens the duration of viral respiratory diseases. … Read more

Weddings: The bride is too hrrr! How does the groom handle it?

Klára and Michal’s wedding was full of emotions! The bride leaned against the first kiss, and the groom could barely keep up. Can he seduce a spirited bride? On Thursday, Nova TV viewers could watch another part of the show Wedding at a glance, where the couple ‘s wedding took place. This time, the spirited … Read more

MND is accepting new household customers. They can easily go to MND online News

MND, Moravské naftové doly is accepting new customers from households. They offer them the opportunity to fix the price of gas or electricity, until the end of 2022. The aim is to provide a convenient alternative to the offers they now receive from suppliers of last resort. Those interested can arrange subscription online from the … Read more