The tax authorities can no longer impose additional assessments on black savers

Listen to the audio version of this article below 15 15 At the end of last year, the Supreme Court indicated that the way in which the wealth tax in box 3 is applied to savings and investments is unacceptable. This has not only caused a fiscal raffle in the adjustment of the wealth tax … Read more

Dementia is eaten! Authorities in the field of nutrition named this food, don’t eat too much, beware of brain cell damage|cognitive impairment|vascular dementia|Alzheimer’s disease|Health 2.0

“Eating too much meat may lead to dementia!” Colin, who is known as “Einstein in the field of nutrition”. Dr. Campbell mentioned that animal foods lack antioxidants, the brain is vulnerable to free radical damage, and the risk of cognitive impairment and dementia is higher. cognitively impaired 10% higher risk of developing dementiatimes Cornell University … Read more

“We must be prepared for the collapse of Russia.” General Hodges – about Ukraine’s path to victory and advice to the Lithuanian authorities

In Vilnius, B. Hodges participated in a conference organized for the generals of the countries of the region, where the war in Ukraine and the restructuring of NATO in response to the Russian threat were discussed. During the conference, he gave a detailed interview to the portal 15minwhere he presented his assessment of the further … Read more

Nitrous oxide. The laughing gas that alarms health authorities

Laughter, laughter and a feeling of relaxation. These are the consequences of inhaling nitrous oxide, a substance that with this description even seems to be a “great company” for parties. Problem: it is considered a psychoactive substance and has been banned in Portugal since September. They call it “laughing gas” and it is increasingly popular, … Read more

Authorities disagree – it is not a given that the electricity subsidy will be delayed

When the Energy Market Inspection (EI) on Thursday gave the green light, with an important addition regarding a compensation cap for large consumers, to Svenska kraftnät’s and the government’s model for electricity support, Svenska kraftnät came with a warning: The addition made by the inspection may mean that the support is delayed. Previously, the government … Read more

What happened after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. Day 269 – Mir – Kommersant

Russia distributed a letter to the Security Council and the UN General Assembly with data on the ill-treatment of Russian prisoners of war. British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak came to Kyiv on a visit. The Ukrainian authorities announced the start of a “voluntary evacuation” from Kherson. NATO is not looking for a confrontation with Russia, … Read more

Forbidden to talk about “orcs” and war? The Lithuanian authorities turned to Facebook | Business

Lithuanian users who comment under Facebook posts on the topic of Ukraine or who write such messages themselves have been complaining about the policy applied by the social network for some time. Sometimes posts with images of war are simply blocked – they don’t necessarily have to be very cruel, says business consultant Justas Gavėnas. … Read more

State aid self-declaration: the answers of the tax authorities – REPLAY – Fiscal Focus

Available Despite the simplifications introduced and the deadline for sending the substitute declaration approaching, there are still numerous questions that await an answer. For this reason, the Fiscal Focus Study Center formulated some questions that were submitted to the Financial Administration during the meeting dedicated to the topic organized by the National Council of Chartered … Read more

The authorities in Qatar are accused of a PR stunt after these photos – NRK Sport – Sports news, results and broadcasting schedule

– It is because of Messi. We love Messi, Rashad Pilakkal tells the AP news agency. The Indian migrant worker was one of many ardent soccer supporters who jubilantly marched through Doha on Friday. Pilakkal has lived and worked in Qatar for the past nine years. – Argentina is going to win the World Cup. … Read more

The killer of a police officer in Brussels was led by the authorities as an extremist

According to Eric Van Der Sypt, a spokesman for the federal prosecutor’s office, the man was on the list of OCAD, a Belgian organization that assesses terrorist threats. According to Van Der Sypt, investigators are still determining whether the attack happened in a “terrorist context”. Police spokeswoman Sarah Durant said the man came to the … Read more