Authorities arrest members of Sparks release group and take 60 servers offline – IT Pro – News

The US Department of Justice and Europol have conducted a global operation against the Sparks release group. Two members have been arrested and raids have taken place in nineteen countries. Sixty servers have been taken offline, including in the Netherlands. The arrests and the downing of the servers follow one after another official charge of … Read more

US Health Authorities Now Call People Without Covid-19 Symptoms Don’t Need Tests, How come? All pages

WASHINGTON DC, – Having previously recommended people without symptoms (asymptomatic) for Covid-19 to be tested if they think they have been near someone who is infected, Health Authority United States of America ( AS) suddenly reverse the ‘information’ without sitting down a clear case. US Health Authority, as reported AFP, Thursday (27/8/2020) said that … Read more

“Court lost jurisdiction in the Uribe case”: Attorney General

The Special Investigation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice must forward the file that is advancing against the former president and former senator Álvaro Uribe for alleged bribery in criminal proceedings and procedural fraud, for which his arrest was ordered on August 3. This was reported by the Attorney General’s Office, explaining that with … Read more

Russian authorities will prohibit adding honeysuckle and barberry bark to tea

Today, 25 August Loading… According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, the rules for the sale of dietary supplements (dietary supplements) and herbal teas are changing in Russia. In particular, changes are planned to the technical regulations of the Customs Union. “For dietary supplements, cardinal changes are envisaged. For them, in particular, the boundaries of an adequate level … Read more

authorities release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes

In 2021, the Florida authorities will release 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes for two years in an archipelago, in order to reduce the population of Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes which carry diseases such as Zika, yellow fever or dengue for example. Florida Keys Mosquito Control District officials gave the green light on Tuesday August 18 to … Read more

More than a hundred thousand people took to the streets of Minsk. Authorities threaten violence

Independent media reporters estimate that more than 100,000 people will attend. Heavy-clad police officers and military units are concentrated in the area. The opposition continues to reject Alexander Lukashenko’s victory in the recent presidential election as rigged, demanding his resignation and a new vote. The authorities call on the assassins to break up and warn … Read more

Second wave of the pandemic increases fear in the world

Closing of beaches and nightclubs, mandatory masks, prohibition of mass gatherings: Restrictions tighten in several countries as fears grow of a second wave of the pandemic of Covid-19 and cases increase in Europe and Asia to levels of the first outbreak. The figures do not stop growing. Since it appeared in China in December, the … Read more

Florida authorities release 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes

Rather than insecticides, local authorities in the Keys, an archipelago in southern Florida, on Tuesday approved the release over two years of 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes. The latter’s mission is to fight against the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, carrier of diseases such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya or yellow fever, reports the BBC. Mosquitoes to fight … Read more

the transmission in the air worries more and more the authorities

The authorities are in turmoil. Faced with the rebound in the number of coronavirus cases, the risk of transmission in the air particularly worries the authorities. >>> To read also: This couple lives in a hut of mud and branches because they are allergic to the modern world Is the coronavirus transmissible in the air? … Read more

Omsk residents should be ready for a new wave of coronavirus and flu | Latest News of Omsk and Omsk Region

Rospotrebnadzor warned about this. The chief sanitary doctor of the Omsk region, Alexander Kriga, issued a decree on measures to prevent influenza, SARS and COVID-19 in the epidemiological season of 2020–2021. Recommendations were sent to all authorities. The resolution says that the mayor of Omsk Oksana Fadina and the heads of municipal districts must resolve … Read more