Women drugged by injection at parties: the phenomenon increasingly worries our authorities

The first cases were identified in France. But since the beginning of the month, several young women have also testified with us. Several testimonials and several complaints. The phenomenon of syringe attacks worries our authorities more and more. It started in France, but cases are also reported here. At Dampicourt, we told you about it … Read more

a possible link with dogs under study by UK authorities

The UK has been particularly affected by the rise in cases of occult infantile hepatitis and has launched several studies to understand the origins of the disease. The British Health Agency has published a new issue on cases of acute hepatitis, which mainly affects children aged 10 and under. British authorities are trying to unravel … Read more

Hungarian households pay the least for gas in Europe, authorities say

The Office found that in comparison with the 24 metropolises of the member states of the European Union and Belgrade, gas prices for households are the lowest in Budapest and amount to 2.79 eurocents per kilowatt hour. The average price in the compared metropolises is four times higher and reaches 12.69 eurocents. Comparing electricity prices … Read more

Tax authorities received more returns than expected | NOW

9.5 million people filed tax returns for last year between March and May, the tax authorities reported Monday. That is slightly more than the 9.4 million that the tax authorities had counted on. The Tax and Customs Administration has already sent out the first final assessments, which is earlier than in other years. This year, … Read more

Authorities will review the purchase of Bungie by Sony with a magnifying glass

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord /Telegram It was to be expected that the US trade authorities would react to the wave of acquisitions that have taken place in the video game industry. After all, so many billions of dollars were not going to go unnoticed by … Read more

China has ordered authorities and state-owned companies to get rid of foreign computers

According to sources familiar with the plan, employees were asked to exchange foreign computers for home devices using operating software developed in China, writes Bloomberg. According to sources, the plan is likely to lead to the replacement of at least 50 million personal computers at the central government level alone. The regulation is part of … Read more

US health authorities restrict the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to the risk of rare cases of thrombosis

Titular06 May. 2022 In the United States, where, according to recent estimates, deaths from COVID-19 have exceeded one million, infections have increased by 50% among workers of the Transportation Security Administration in the two weeks that have elapsed since a federal judge appointed by Trump revoked the mandatory use of a mask at the federal … Read more

Ukraine. Authorities: fatalities follow Tuesday’s rocket attacks

The authorities of several Ukrainian oblasts have reported fatalities and injuries in connection with Russian missile attacks. Transcarpathia, inhabited by the Hungarian minority, was attacked for the first time, the Kirovohrad region was also attacked, and two rockets were knocked down over the Vinnytsia region. One person was killed and four were injured in the … Read more

Ukrainian authorities: 21 killed in Donetsk

The figure includes ten people who were killed in an attack on a coke factory in Avdijivka, the region’s governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said. Five civilians were killed in attacks in Lyman, four in Vuhledar, one in Velyka Novosilka, and one in Sjandryholovo, according to the governor. In addition, 27 civilians were injured in Russian attacks … Read more