Less than 15 million current credit cards were registered in the market

Paola Andrea Vargas Rubio – [email protected] The increase in covid-19 cases in the country and the measures to contain its spread continue to impact the behavior of credit cards. These plastics recorded a drop of 8.6% in 10 months, as the banking system went from having 16 million valid cards in January 2020 to 14.6 … Read more

Johnson Faces Leadership Threat Without UK Blockade Exit Plan

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces a threat to his leadership from conservative lawmakers demanding a clear plan to emerge from an economically damaging third pandemic lockdown. Steve Baker, a senior member of Parliament, said in a letter to his Conservative colleagues that a lockdown that lasted until the spring could be “a disaster.” He … Read more

Differences between revolving loans and credit cards and who is better for each

Lina Vargas Vega – [email protected] Regardless of the situation, people always want to travel. For those who do not have all the money, experts recommend two options: credit cards or revolving loans, both products are a quota of a financial institution to be used when and for what the client wants. However, they do have … Read more

Automotive Information and Entertainment System Industrial Research Study: Covid-19 Effect, Innovation in Production, Latest Trends with Future Reach | Forecast period (2021-2030)

He Automotive Information and Entertainment System Industry research is provided with diligent efforts by Marketresesearch.biz to analyze correct and useful details. The data presented in this report considers all current major players, developing regions, and emerging competitors. The market strategies of the best players, although taking into account the effect of COVID-19 on business and … Read more

Apple, from queen of telephony to queen of the automotive industry?

In the past, Apple has already given ample evidence of its great adaptability, moving from the personal computer market to turning its mobile phone, the iPhone, into practically synonymous with the smartphone, a device that is already part of popular culture, as well that if now they also launch to revolutionize the automotive market, few … Read more

Automotive Information and Entertainment System Market Research Study (2021-30): Economic Survey, Current Market Trends, Covid-19 Outbreak, and Industry Challenges | Marketresearch.biz

Marketeteseesearch.biz recently published a report titled, “Worldwide Automotive Information and Entertainment System Market Report 2021-2030 ″ with an immense study and research on the respective market. Our report is for people in the industry and entrepreneurs who want to establish their presence. This in-depth study helps assess land competitiveness, market segregation, land and regional expansion, … Read more

Ferrovial opens its 5G highway platform, AIVIA, to the automotive industry | Companies

The challenge of hosting autonomous vehicle traffic alongside conventional vehicles, on the same road, has prompted the Ferrovial group to create the initiative AIVIA Orchestrated Connected Corridors, in alliance with Microsoft, 3M y Kapsch. A workbench that has been opened to the automotive industry, essentially to car equipment manufacturers. The four founders pursue the design … Read more

Minsalud reports 114,720 active cases of covid-19, today there were 15,537 new positives

Margarita Coneo Rincón – [email protected] The Ministry of Health reported 15,537 new cases of covid-19 in the country according to its latest report for a total of 1,786,900; there were 330 deaths and 55,727 tests processed in the last day, of which 42,276 were PCR type and 13,451 antigen type. Currently the country has 114,720 … Read more

Global Automotive Audio and Infotainment Market Size Industry Share in 2021, Business Strategies, Growth Analysis, Regional Demand, Revenue, Key Manufacturers, and 2026 Forecast Research Report

The Global Automotive Audio and Infotainment Market Research Report 2020-2026 is a historical overview and in-depth study on the current and future market of the Automotive Audio and Infotainment industry. The report represents a basic overview of the Automotive Audio & Infotainment market share, the competitor segment with a basic introduction of key vendors, top … Read more

Ministry of Health reports 15,795 new cases of covid-19 for a total of 1.7 million

Margarita Coneo Rincón – [email protected] The health ministry has already published its latest report of covid-19 in the country, in which 15,795 new confirmed cases were evidenced in the country for a total of 1,771,363 confirmed positive cases; although the assets are 111,004. The registered deaths were 335 of which 318 corresponded to previous days … Read more