$1 million credit card purchases will cost you $250,000 in interest

The usury rate continues unabated, and this time, with the increase it had, February will be the month in which credit card purchases will be the most expensive, at least since 2007. According to the Superfinanciera, for the second month of 2023 the usury rate had a rise of 201 basic points compared to the … Read more

Khalid Qalam: “In the field of the automotive industry, Morocco is not starting from scratch”

The industrialization of a vehicle designed exclusively by a Moroccan car manufacturer is following its course. What are the strengths of this project and what are the pitfalls to avoid in order to ensure its sustainability? Khalid Qalam, Independent Expert and Senior Consultant in the Automobile and Mobility sector, sheds light on the feasibility and … Read more

The most valuable of Colombian soccer after reinforcement season

The soccer industry is one of the most lucrative and one that moves the most resources with the transfers of players between clubs. Just to exemplify, the most expensive transfer in history was that of Neymar Jr. from Barcelona to PSG in France, for a value of 222 million euros (US$241.3 million), which is equivalent … Read more

The best fuel efficient cars since 1975

An old Colombian slang saying says that whoever has the whiskey has the ice. And although for many people it is not important how much fuel your vehicle consumesthere is a segment that is demanding in terms of the performance that each car makes per gallon. Many well-known brands such as Honda o Chevrolet have … Read more

The new SUV car with which Honda wants to repeat the success of the HR-V

In July 2015, Honda launched the new HR-V on the market. It was about a auto SUV for the small segment, but which, by design and equipment, aspired to position itself one step above its rivals that dominated the market, such as Ford Ecosport and Chevrolet Tracker. The HR-V was manufactured in Argentina, at the … Read more

Cologne-based Toyota stops production in February

Missing parts stop production at car factories again. This time, Toyota’s production plant in the Czech Republic – Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic – got into trouble. According to information, Seznam Zpráv stops working on new cars at the end of January. Toyota informed its suppliers about this in a letter. “I can confirm the … Read more

Next week, cars with plates ending in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 will not circulate for four days

With the change in the peak and license plate in Bogotá, next week cars with license plates ending in 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 will not be able to circulate for four days. The above, taking into account that there is a change of month, with which there are three odd days in the … Read more

It depends on the make and color of the car. The survey revealed which drivers are the smartest. OVERVIEW

A survey from Great Britain came up with interesting results. The experts focused on the connection between the driver’s intelligence and his car. They discovered that Škoda owners are the smartest. Experts from Great Britain questioned whether the driver’s car is somehow related to his intelligence. That’s why the portal Scrap Car Comparison conducted a … Read more

A man drove an electric Volvo over 560 km to find out the true cost. The numbers don’t add up, he says

Is a car with an internal combustion engine or an electric car better? The Brit decided to exchange his diesel BMW for an electric Volvo for one trip. He carefully monitored his journey and the result is impressive. A man from Great Britain decided to compare how diesel engines compare to electric motors in terms … Read more

Why does it have to be the New Mitsubishi Xpander Cross? Here are 7 advantages

Reporter: Aziz | Editor: Heru Pramana Putra| Monday 16-01-2023, 20:19 WIB Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. Photo: doc rb–rakyatbengkulu.com BENGKULU, RAKYATBENGKULU.COM – Why should I choose Mitsubishi New Xpander Cross? There are at least 7 superior product advantages Mitsubishi which has been launched on the market since early November 2022. New Mitsubishi Xpander Cross presented to the … Read more