Circle K: Lithuania will “electrify” in the automotive sector at the earliest in 10 years

Fuel market specialists are running into a paradox: although there is a possibility to charge even very powerful super-class cars in Lithuania, only a few thousand electric cars are in operation and their charging network is still “holey”. It is predicted that the country’s car fleet will change in a decade, when electricity will start … Read more

The curious turn that the automotive market shows before the rise of the blue

The automotive market experienced an atypical week. When the price of Dolar blue” has a significant jump, the reflexes of consumers react quickly and try to take advantage of the exchange rate movement. Buyers with US bills in hand try to make their savings count against goods that, for the most part, are sold in … Read more

Circle K: Lithuania will “electrify” in the automotive sector at the earliest in 10 years

Ignas Klimaitis, director of the sales department of Circle K gas station network, which is installing its own electric car charging network EV Charging Station, says that Lithuania is still among outsiders in terms of the level of infrastructure adapted to electric cars, which does not help increase the popularity of electric vehicles themselves. “We … Read more

Delta showcases its latest DC and AC electric vehicle charging solutions. V2X charging innovations will be showcased at Automotive Summit 2022.

Bangkok, Thailand, June 23, 2022- Delta Electronics (Thailand) PCL. showcased its latest products and solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging systems. and talks about the vehicle-to-home (V2H) charging system for Thailand at the Automotive Summit 2022 held from June 22-23, 2022. At Delta’s booth, BITEC Exhibition Center It showcases a range of electric vehicle chargers … Read more

The driver fatally hit a pedestrian and drove away. The police are looking for witnesses

The fatal accident occurred on the Białystok-Zabłudów route. Fot: Podlasie Police Photo illustrative On Wednesday (22/06), a man whose identity was not established was fatally hit. The incident took place on the national road No. 19 near the village of Protasy (Zabłudów commune) As reported by Nadinsp. Tomasz Krupa, spokesman of the Podlasie police, the … Read more

Where you can circulate and where “NO”

The titus electric car is one of the latest developments in the automotive world, a vehicle made in st louis by the technology company Coradir, which arrived at dealerships a few months ago and its sales exceeded expectations: they went from planning a production of 300 units per year to 500. The most important difference … Read more

AUTOMOTIVE Consultation: Characteristics of the Fan Belt Is it Time to Replace?

F Yosi/Doc. AUTOMOTIVE Illustration of a fan belt on a car engine – Greetings, Mr. Andhika. I just want to ask this! What are the characteristics when of belt it’s time to replace the machine? It’s because I recently bought a used car, and I don’t know the service history of the car. That’s … Read more

Companies have found a recipe for expensive gas. They want to bring it themselves and cheaper

Czech industrial companies have fallen into the trap of expensive energy and their products are already losing competitiveness on the world market. “The Americans told me straight away that I could not get a business like this. That they have gas for $ 11, so what do we do when it’s around $ 140, “describes … Read more

Toyota Yaris Cross reaches the Colombian market in a hybrid version for $96 million

Automotive Toyota Colombia presents in Colombia the new Toyota Yaris Cross, a model that combines the experience and knowledge of the brand in terms of design and engineering in sedan and SUV vehicles, in addition to offering all the benefits of a hybrid Toyota. The company presents its entry-level hybrid SUV in Colombia, which is … Read more

Jeremy Grantham warns of a “superbubble” in the US and foresees a crash in the Stock Market

The financial historian and co-founder of the investment firm GMO, Jeremy Grantham, referred to the movements of the market and assures that the S&P500 index will be corrected by 50% as the risky behavior of many investors begins to fade. The british financier The 83-year-old is one of the most reputable gurus in the United … Read more