Restrictions on international General Aviation flights lifted

Referential image This Saturday they announced the lifting of the restrictions applied to international General Aviation flights, by the National Institute of Civil Aeronautics (Otherwise). Through his Twitter account, the aeronautical lawyer Rodolfo Ruiz, a member of the international firm Clyde & Co., confirmed the measure, detailing that the decision refers to private, non-commercial flights. … Read more

The Indian Air Force announces the crash of two military planes in the center of the country

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The Air Force said in a statement: "The two aircraft were on a routine training mission, and one of the three pilots sustained fatal injuries, and an investigation was ordered to determine the cause of the accident.". The statement added that the accident occurred near the town of Gwalior in … Read more

The government with a new strategy for aviation – wants electric planes in place quickly – NRK Nordland

– It has been long-awaited to get an aviation strategy in place. We have stated in the Hurdal platform that we will prioritize this work, says Transport Minister Jon-Ivar Nygård. The last time a national aviation strategy was presented was in 2008. – Now we present a comprehensive review of Norwegian aviation. It has been … Read more

The Prime Minister accelerated the development of U-Tapao Airport – Aviation City Construction began in early 2023, generating a return of 305 billion.

“Tipanan” revealed that “Gen. Prayut” accelerated the development project of U-Tapao Airport and Eastern Aviation City. Begin construction at the beginning of this year, 2023, of course, creating a return of 305 billion, hiring an additional 15,600 positions / year in the first 5 years. drive economic growth revitalize the aviation industry Today (January 27), … Read more

Why do airlines avoid Zaventem airport?

Zaventem airport received nearly 19 million passengers last year, double compared to 2021 and 72% of its level before the Covid crisis. “We are not yet at pre-corona levels, but we are on the right track”said Mr. Feist. “Doubling passenger traffic was a real operational challenge, but we succeeded.” However, there is a major bottleneck … Read more

Thailand tourism has returned to normal before the epidemic, Chinese tourists are on the way

Luo Lan, director of the Shanghai Office of the National Tourism Administration of Thailand, told reporters that tourism in Thailand has returned to the normal state before the epidemic, and major public areas such as scenic spots, hotels, restaurants, and shopping malls have been opened normally. also started to increase. “The Thai government has always … Read more

ABL Aviation wins the “Real Assets and Infrastructure” award – Today Morocco

ABL Aviation won first prize in the “Real Assets and Infrastructure” category in the 2022 “Industry Innovation Award” competition. “ABL Aviation distinguished itself during the 12th edition of the Industry Innovation Award competition by winning first prize in the “Real Assets and Infrastructure” category,” the company announced in a press release. Organized by Chief Investment … Read more

At least 67 people have died in a plane crash in Nepal

“Thirty-one (bodies) have been taken to hospitals,” police official AK Chhetri told AFP, adding that another 36 bodies were still in the 300-meter-deep gorge where the plane crashed. This was partially confirmed by the military, whose spokesman said 29 bodies had been recovered, with another 33 in the Pokhara area in central Nepal. “The plane … Read more

D66 wants to close Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Unlike various other left-wing parties, such as GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals, D66 does not want to close the airport as quickly as possible, but wants to gradually phase it out. The doors of the terminal must be locked by 2040 at the latest. By taking a little more time for the closure, … Read more

How far is Boeing’s domestically-made C919 from the road to aviation supremacy? – BBC News Chinese

January 13, 2023 image source,REUTERS/Lindsey Wasson image captiontext, In September 2019, after the Boeing 737Max was grounded by the US Aviation Administration FAA, 737 Max of various airlines were parked on the tarmac of Grant County International Airport in Washington State. (profile picture) U.S. plane maker Boeing has announced a total of 480 deliveries in … Read more