Donald Trump – Reveals new details about “bad notes”

Back in 2019, Donald Trump’s (74) press chief, Stephanie Grisham (44), claimed that the Obama administration left bad notes for Trump’s political team. – Waiting for divorce Among other things, one of them is said to have been found taped to the inside of a cupboard door. The notes were found after Obama moved out … Read more

Bad Astronomy | The Muon experiment demonstrated new physics

The muon does not rotate as predicted by the best physical models. Why not? This could be due to completely unknown subatomic particles popping in and out of the quantum foam’s existence. This is not some kind of science fiction technology. This is from the results of a real experimentAnd the universe may tell us … Read more

Bad news for Bayern: R. Lewandowski will miss his second match with PSG

2021-04-08 09:48 © Reuters photo Bayern Munich had to admit the advantage of Saint-Germain in Paris 2: 3 in the first match of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final at home on Wednesday. In this match, the German champions played without injury Robert Lewandowski. Although it was expected that the striker could return to the pitch … Read more

Stop whining, criticizes Vettel after a bad start to the season

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel on the track in Bahrain. Jebreili Kamran, ČTK “I think this whining should be over. Nobody cares,” former Ralf Schumacher told Vettel, who only stood once on the podium last year and experienced one of the worst seasons after finishing 13th, was also considering the end of his career. … Read more

Really bad! This woman disguises herself as a nurse to sell fake vaccines

Jakarta – A woman posing as a nurse in Brazil could face jail a dozen years after allegedly giving it away the COVID-19 vaccine fake to the company and made a profit of up to Rp. 80 million. Quoted from the page The Sun, the nurse named Claudia Monica Pinheiro Torres is accused of posing … Read more

Bad news falls on Demba Guissé. The artist loses everything!

Demba Guissé would never have imagined that he was going to lose all his data (clips, password…). On Youtube, the artist can no longer access his channel or his email. The artist made the announcement on his Whatsapp status. “My account was hacked. I no longer have Youtube or Gmail. I will never forgive this … Read more

Bugatti “vandalized” Bad Bunny in wrestling fight

The urban music star and now a constant competitor of the WWE, Bad Bunny, was beaten today by his Wrestlemania rival, The Miz, and his pliers John Morrison. Not without first vandalizing his famous Bugatti with red paint. In one of the Monday Night Raw segments, Bad Bunny arrives at his car, the famous Bugatti, … Read more

Bad Bunny Finds His $ 3.2 Million Bugatti ‘Vandalized’ | On Board Cars and Celebrities

Bad Bunny is one of the lucky few who could get hold of one of these units after spending the equivalent of $ 3,260,000. But that’s not all, because it is estimated that insuring this supercar has a cost of $ 50,000 a year, that is, more than $ 4,000 a month. Credit: Bugatti

He feels bad and collapses to the ground, the dog stops the traffic to save his mistress

The mistress feels bad so the cane stopped a car on the street to try to save her life. The scene, shot by some security cameras, and then spread by the media, went around the world showing the great devotion of a little dog for its mistress. Read also> Capitol Hill, new assault: policeman and … Read more