The Haunted Feather: Director Zdeněk Troška had to deal with bad weather and for the fifth time he shot in the open-air museum in Přerov nad Labem

Zdeněk Troška’s ninth fairy tale had its television premiere. The audience loves director Zdeněk Trošek, and not only because of his comedies from the village environment (series Sun, Hay…, Babovřesky), but also thanks to fairy tales. The very first one premiered in 1987. The story of Princess Jasněnka and the flying shoemaker, however, is known … Read more

To Korean media, Shin Tae-yong reveals the bad results of the national team

To Korean Media, Shin Tae-yong reveals the bad results of the Indonesian national team. INDOSPORT.COM – Indonesian national team head coach, Shin Tae-yong, still cannot accept the poor results of his team in the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. As known, Indonesian National team had to swallow the bitter pill for being the butt of in … Read more

Bad weather, yellow alert for severe thunderstorms in Valle d’Aosta – Valle d’Aosta

Also due to hydrogeological criticality, falling temperatures The Regional Functional Center has issued a ‘yellow’ alert bulletin for ordinary hydrogeological criticalities and for strong and widespread thunderstorms throughout the Valle d’Aosta, valid from 2 pm on Saturday 19 June. “Showers or local thunderstorms possible” are expected on Saturday afternoon, “thunderstorms at times intense” Sunday “especially … Read more

Bad weather: Sunday with strong thunderstorms, yellow alert – Piedmont

The field of high African pressure is weakening (ANSA) – TURIN, 19 JUN – Yellow alert for thunderstorms, even strong ones, expected on Sunday over Piedmont, particularly in the northern part but also in the plains and hills. A change of scenery after the domination of high pressure, in further consolidation today and extended – … Read more

Karim Benzema and Bad Boy Insaf

Paris – Jose Mourinho have an interesting story about Karim Benzema at Real Madrid. Mourinho said, Benzema used to be bad boy who is now a fully grown man. Jose Mourinho has worked with Karim Benzema at Real Madrid. Mourinho was the coach in 2010 (until 2013). Alias, one year after Benzema was signed Real … Read more

Song Joong-ki “I feel bad for both reading and not reading… I’m going to catch them”

History DNC YouTube channel capture © News 1 Actor Song Joong-ki revealed his likes and dislikes through a balance game. Song Joong-ki appeared in a video on the YouTube channel of his agency History D&C, which was released on the 18th. This video, titled ‘Balance Game Song Joong-ki, Yang Kyung-won’, shows the same actor Yang … Read more

Not Only Eyes, Too Often Playing Cell Phones Can Also Damage The Skin, Here Are The Bad Effects!

Laporan Wartawan Grid.ID, Mine Of Life Grid.ID– Mobile It has become an important part of people’s daily lives. Even so, we shouldn’t keep using cell phone in a long time. The reason, scientists found that the radiation emitted cell phone can pose a potential hazard to the body’s organ systems including: skin. The radiation emitted … Read more

EURO 2021 | Zero Kane, bad movement, lucky point. Experts beat to England

After two matches with four points, the English are second behind the leading Czechs, after a close 1-0 victory over the Croats in the derby in Wembley, they certainly did not get excited. “It was a frustrating night. We must praise the Scots. If you can no longer win such a match, it is important … Read more

These 3 symptoms at age 50 reveal that bad cholesterol is high

Often we prefer to think that some ailments depend on advancing age and that they are inevitable when we exceed 40 years. In fact, there are specific disorders that send clear signals that are easy to interpret for those who know the symptoms of the most common pathologies. The vast majority of subjects find themselves … Read more