The Callisto Protocol updates should fix stuttering and bad…

Last week’s The Callisto Protocol launch probably didn’t go quite as Striking Distance had hoped, with much criticism directed at the PC version’s performance in particular. As PC Gamer writes, user reviews on Steam were very negative, but in recent days the developer has caught up. Via Twitter, Striking Distance announces several updates that are … Read more

a second wave of food price hikes expected next year

Companies in the sector have not been spared the consequences of the war in Ukraine in recent months. Soaring energy prices, logistical problems and rising raw material prices have pushed up production costs and therefore, ultimately, prices for consumers. In November, food prices were 15% higher than a year earlier. And Fevia does not see … Read more

Bad weather, December 6 weather warning for thunderstorms: regions at risk

For Tuesday 6 December, the Civil Protection has issued a yellow weather alert on three regions of Central Italy. A break from bad weather of at least 36 hours, until Wednesday 7 December. This is what the meteorological forecasts predict in the North, in the South and in the two major islands, where the sun … Read more

Why the war in Ukraine is actually bad news for the arms industry

The world’s 100 largest arms manufacturers continued to increase sales in 2021, but supply chain problems have slowed growth in the sector. This is according to the latest study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SMIIM), Deutsche Welle reports. Shortages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are noted to have played a role in limiting … Read more

BMW suspension recharges battery when there is bad ground

BMW is creating something new! It is true that the electric vehicle segment has been innovating, but there will certainly still be many things to discover and perfect. In the field of vehicle autonomy, investigations remain focused on batteries, but there may be mechanisms to recharge the battery while vehicles are in motion. BMW is … Read more

Why is it bad to charge the cell phone in the car? These are the consequences

Each piece of equipment, when it is manufactured, has certain specifications that the same manufacturer recommends implementing to increase the life of the machine and, likewise, to be able to enjoy more time with it. However, people tend to take certain alternative uses that could affect the battery of the devices; loading them in the … Read more

Bad weather, after the blackest day we start again: roads reopened in Barcelona, ​​there is light in Milazzo

In these hours, the balance of the damages of the water bomb that hit yesterday in the Messina area, in particular in the Municipalities of Milazzo and Barcelona, ​​is being carried out. In the first, relief and interventions until 3.30 last night to start again at 6 in the morning: “We have restored the light … Read more