Millionaire losses, this was the worst week in the history of cryptocurrencies

Nightmare week like few are remembered in these young digital assets despite their traditional volatility. Since Thursday, the price of the crypto universe, represented by the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto index, has plummeted 35%. In terms of capitalization, the avalanche of sales has devoured no less than US$700,000 million and fear is rampant. Especially negative was … Read more

Gang steals bags from the elderly in supermarket parking lots with the coin technique, 4 arrests

Before they landed the first theft, they had already attempted five, all of which failed. Then in the space of a few tens of minutes he managed two, only to be arrested in the act of crime by the police. In the sights of the band of elderly and elderly coins, stopped in cars especially … Read more

“We became a unicorn in three years, we are valued at US$1 billion”

Proptech Habi has become the country’s second unicorn, meaning the company is currently valued at more than $1 billion. Sebastián Noguera, co-founder and president of Habi, tells how they achieved this achievement and what their projections are in the industry. How did you achieve this company milestone, and what does it mean? Habi closes its … Read more

Thousands of Banda Aceh PMI Blood Bags Sent Secretly to Tangerang

Banda Aceh – Manager PMI Banda Aceh surprised to learn that there was a secret delivery of 2,050 bags of blood to Tangerang. The delivery was discovered after an inspection was carried out to the Blood Donor Unit (UDD). “This is basically from our suspicions in the management because there are rumors that there was … Read more

Human error in New York caused drastic falls in European stock markets

An employee’s mistake banco Citigroup caused drastic falls on Monday in the indices of several European stock markets, mainly in those of the Nordic countries, in particular that of Stockholm. A Citigroup source acknowledged this Tuesday to the specialized channel CNBC that one of your brokers “made a mistake when posting a transaction”but added that … Read more

Justo&Bueno receives US$628 million from its new owner and is saved from liquidation

After the announcement that the Chinese firm Joining Futures Capital International Limited (JFC) is the new owner of Justo & Bueno, the processes of debts and payments to suppliers were subject to the internal agreements reached by the two companies at the time of the purchase. Given the urgency of the business, many doubts remained … Read more

Bags, April in red. Europe pays the bill for the war, Milan -6.6% since the beginning of the invasion. Nasdaq: the worst month since Lehman

The performance of stocks such as Apple and Amazon weighed on the day, dropping more than 12 points, due to a weak outlook for the current quarter due to problems with supply chains, inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The new rise in inflation does not help. The measure preferred by the Fed to … Read more

The price of the dollar would touch $4,100 before knowing who will be the next President

The dollar has become an indicator with which citizens measure how well the economy is doing, since the exchange rate usually affects their daily purchases, trips and business abroad. 22 years ago the Market Representative Rate (TRM) was $1,873 and since then it has increased $2,057 or 109.8%, making some products and services more expensive … Read more

Tesla and other companies offer sleeping bags to their staff to reopen their production in Shanghai

The government confirms the death of 7 people in Shanghai. The number of new infections rises above 3,300 a day. The population has been confined for several weeks and the situation is going to drag on, which is why many manufacturers they consider drastic measures to ensure your production goes ahead. Among them is the … Read more

As Netflix loses customers, its competition increases memberships and approaches it

In the first quarter results of 2022, Netflix announced that it lost subscribers for the first time in 10 years. The world’s most popular streaming platform lost 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of the year, contrary to its projection of adding 2.5 million new subscribers to the platform. This led Netflix stock to lose … Read more