Angle: Electric power support to Ukraine in winter, Eastern European countries holding the key | Reuters

Vilnius/Warsaw (Reuters) – A giant transformer built in Ukraine in the 1980s and now disused is being dusted and ready to leave here in Lithuania. He will probably head to Romania in the next few weeks and from there return home to Ukraine. On December 21st, a giant transformer, built in Ukraine in 1980 and … Read more

An Estonian bank enters the Czech Republic. She aims for sustainability, the crisis can be an opportunity for her

At a time of rapidly rising electricity and gas prices, the Estonian fintech bank Inbank, which specializes in financing renewable energy sources for end users, is entering the Czech market. The bank announced this in a press release on Tuesday. There are a total of 44 banks operating in the Czech Republic with a license … Read more

Lithuania cut itself off from Russian energies. Because of bad relations, the country fears an invasion — ČT24 — Czech Television

Tankers transport liquefied gas to the Lithuanian port of Klaipeda, which changes to its original state in the terminals. The country already built an LNG terminal in 2014 and it helped it achieve independence from supplies from Russia. However, this move was not without criticism at the time of the decision. “There have been a … Read more

Behind the Russian red line was Ukraine’s accession to NATO, now also cooperation, warns analyst Ludvík – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to various figures, up to one hundred thousand Russian soldiers withdrew near the Ukrainian border. Where does this number come from and how reliable is it? That number is pretty reliable. Today, it is no longer possible to hide such large military movements. News sources that were previously only available to the largest states … Read more

Krsek sold Finnish pinwheels to the American BlackRock

The total transaction will cost BlackRock about 7.1 billion crowns. It will pay 1.5 billion for wind farms and invest another 5.6 billion crowns in construction, which will continue to be in charge of developer Winda Energy. “Our strategy is to focus on the development and construction phase, where the greatest added value is created. … Read more