When Big Bang’s Taeyang released it on Instagram, the absurd video that even the crew of SBS’ ‘Oh My God’ was summoned

Instagram ‘__youngbae__’ [인사이트] Reporter Ham Chul-min = Big Bang member Taeyang caught a strange scene while out for a walk in Namsan. The crew of SBS ‘This is the World’, who saw this scene, left a comment. On the 20th, Taeyang posted a video on his Instagram along with the sentence “What? The video released … Read more

Beatrice Egli: Fringed bangs & leather look: This type change is awesome

Put the harp down, here comes the rocker bride! Actually, the blonde curly mane is the trademark of Beatrice Egli (33). But the pop singer has now probably given up on the angelic princess style. The Swiss was a guest with her band on the television station Schlager Deluxe in Munich and surprised all with … Read more

Canada. A distraught orc bangs its head against the walls of the amusement park pool

The video was recorded at MarineLand in Niagara Falls (Canada). It is a marine amusement park that combines the features of an aquarium as well zoo. The protagonist of the recording is an orc named Kiska, who he has been in captivity for just over 40 years. The video shows how the mammal is really … Read more

Clara Luciani abandons her bangs and looks curiously like a famous actress

People and royalty Like two drops of water. Like what, sometimes it’s a detail that makes all the difference. Present at the Cannes Film Festival, Clara Luciani unveiled herself during a prestigious evening without her famous bangs and straight hair. The singer, dressed in a very classy dark green ensemble, caused a sensation on the … Read more

Man (78) makes a mistake with the pedal and bangs into the facade of an 80-year-old neighbor across the street in Beselare: “Terrified by noise while ironing” | Zonnebeke

BeselareIn Beselare (Zonnebeke), a 78-year-old man drove his car into the facade of his neighbor across the street on Sunday morning. That happened when he accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. Two parked cars were also damaged. Around 9.15 am Gilbert N. (78) wanted to drive his white Kia Sportage out of … Read more

Big Bang’s Seungri sentenced to 5 years in prison

Seungri (real name Lee Seung-hyeon, 31), a former member of Big Bang, was charged with arranging prostitution for foreign investors and gambling overseas for 2 billion won in order to attract investment. The military prosecution sentenced him to 5 years in prison for one day and a fine of 20 million won. was stipulated At … Read more

Nancy Dupláa was encouraged to change her look: she wore her bob cut and super dense bangs.

Nancy Dupláa She is one of the most talented and beloved actresses in Argentina. Besides having starred in novels that live in our memories and hearts, he won the affection of the public thanks to his authentic style. Nancy was very happy with how her latest makeover turned out. The actress asked her stylist and … Read more