The first day of the Sanssouci festival on the screen, in the meadow, in the dome and in the bar / Article

As informed by the organizers of the festival, the ninth festival “Sansousy” in the center of Aknīste started on Friday afternoon with a prologue – the interdisciplinary performance “Bangas” by Sandija Santa and Anna Maskava, which was created during the welfare residency program of “Sansousy”. For a month, the artists collaborated with residents of the … Read more

Forget the open bar, 3 of them get a drink leaving the money on the counter: A gesture of respect

Anca Nicoleta Scolareanu, owner of a bar in the province of Macerata, has inadvertently left his place open at night. Three young people came in, got two beers and wrote her a message. (Facebook photo) Certain small gestures are capable of warming the heart. Anca Nicoleta Scolareanu she was deeply impressed by the show of … Read more

Market Transfers | Xavi declares Aubameyang non-transferable at Barça

08/04/2022 at 15:45 CEST The coach does not want the striker to leave and his departure will not be negotiated He considers that the team needs a goal and that Auba performed at an exceptional level The Barça will not negotiate the exit of Aubameyang y It is not true that he has put him … Read more

stabbed outside the bar, 40-year-old Giovanni Senatore died

An evening of celebration that turns into a night of blood. It happens in Castelleone, a town in the province of Cremona 20 kilometers from the Brescia border. Giovanni Senatore, 40 years old from house to town, was rescued in a bloodbath: reached in the abdomen by numerous stab wounds, he died in the night … Read more

Apple returns battery percentage to status bar in latest iOS 16 beta

MADRID, 9 Ago. (Portaltic/EP) – The latest beta version of iOS 16 for developers has returned the remaining percentage of battery to the device status bar to the notification bar, a detail that Apple had been withdrawn from the market with the release of iOS 11 and the model iPhone X. The Cupertino company has … Read more

Beating in front of the ice cream parlor, stop at the bar service for the place in the center

OSIMO – Beating in front of the Cremeria del vicolo, the restaurant stops serving food and drinks for twenty days. The measure was adopted by the police headquarters after the punitive expedition which took place on August 3 by three young people against a 25-year-old Macedonian, who was sitting at the table in front of … Read more