The entrance, the bar or the grandstand? German concertgoers show where corona strikes

24 augustus 2020 Today at 16:09 For the first time, scientific experiments were conducted with corona scenarios at a concert. The researchers hope to map out how we can safely organize mass events in the future. “For one day you are the saviors of the world,” Tim Bendzko shouted during one of the corona concerts … Read more

The newly formed Bar Association wants the industry to move out of the “gray area” – Branches – Financenet

“We want to put the bar and nightclub industry in order. Many work illegally, so in the long run we need to think about licensing the entrepreneur working in the industry,” said the association’s co-founder. At the same time, Bikšus expressed satisfaction with the government’s decision today to extend the opening hours of the bars … Read more

LED Light Bar Market 2020 Analysis by Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Global Economy, Size, Share, Opportunity, Dynamics and Forecast 2025

The Global LED Light Bar Market research report 2020 provides information on the market size, share, trends, growth, cost structure, capacity, revenue, and forecast 2026. The report offers a detailed overview of the current market status, history and expected future of the global LED Light Bar market. This report is exhaustive quantitative analysis of the … Read more

19-year-old stabbed to death in a dispute in front of “don’t worry be happy bar”

A quarrel between several people at Barfüsserplatz early on Sunday morning escalated. (Keystone) Basel 09.08.2020 11:23 sda In a dispute in front of the “don’t worry be happy bar” on Sunday morning, a 19-year-old was injured with a stabbing weapon. Two people are in custody. The 19-year-old injured man was taken to the emergency room. … Read more

Off Side: [TEST] Viral Challenge: Find the word “BAR” in this alphabet soup the most

Updated on 07/27/2020 at 06:30 Facebook It is known as the place where those who want to test their senses with novel viral challenges come, but one of them has become the most popular of all today since you must have a good view to find the word “BAR” in the middle of a soup … Read more

Refurbished: MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar 2019 from € 1,099

Apple’s refurb has several MacBook Pro 2019 configurations available but you can find an even cheaper notch at FactorRefurb. A French service that we have recently spoken and which gets its supplies from the same sources as the official refurb. The machine received is in the standard packaging of reconditioned Apple equipment, with the same … Read more

In Antwerp, shisha bar managers challenge hookah smoking ban

“No politician has been through here and has seen our investments to ensure that the health measures due to the coronavirus are respected”, underlines Dina El Founti, manager of the Monaco hookah bar, in the Antwerp South district. According to him, the tenants of this type of establishment know only too well that they must … Read more

Another focus. 60 people became infected in the Prague bar

“Coridavir covid-19 was reported to the hygiene station of the capital city of Prague, when the patients had joint contact in a club in Prague 2. Based on the report of one disease, the station looked for another 17 participants and in 15 of them coronavirus covid-19 infection was confirmed,” she said. server List News … Read more

89-year-old gets summer bar ‘Bar Bomma’ in the garden: “Finally … (Malle)

Trunk – A summer bar in your garden, you have to want it. But for the 89-year-old Marie-Jeanne Conings it is a welcome change. It is her grandchildren who came up with the idea, but Marie-Jeanne went along with great enthusiasm. “I’ve seen so few people all year round; I am happy that there is … Read more