EA DICE, Battlefield 2042 can’t afford to develop other games? Mention

The content of an interview conducted by Rebecka Coutaz, the general manager of EA DICE studio, with the overseas media, Game Industry Biz, is being delivered. Among the various questions asked in the interview, it seems that the answer to the question of whether other games such as Mirror’s Edge are being developed at EA … Read more

[오늘의 스팀] Battlefield 2042, Season 1 result is ‘below expectations’

▲ Top 10 best selling products worldwide on Steam as of 10 am on June 15 (Source: Steam) (This is the ranking of access by US IP to display games that are not exposed in Korea.) Battlefield 2042 didn’t make a face after being ranked in the top 10 best selling products worldwide on Steam. … Read more

Steam’s “Battlefield 2042″‘s popularity has rebounded, and the “chariot becomes a jumping egg” bug is still funny | 4Gamers

After nearly 8 months of negative criticism since its launch, Battlefield 2042 finally entered its first season last week“Zero Hour”After the revision, the popularity has finally picked up significantly, at least there are no longer only a hundred players left. according to Steamcharts Records, “Battlefield 2042” since the June 10 season update, got rid of … Read more

The first season of “Battlefield 2042” debuted on 6/10, EA solemnly refuted the “abandoned ship” revelations | 4Gamers

EA announced that the long-delayed first season of “Battlefield 2042” (Zero Hour) will be officially revamped on June 10, and the game will add a new map “Exposure” , a new Specialist, and a variety of new weapons and vehicles. The new season map “Exposure” is a combat map in a mountain environment with extreme … Read more

Battlefield 2042, can it be resurrected? Season 1: Zero Hour Gameplay Trailer Coming To Stream

The first season update of EA DICE’s Battlefield 2042, which has been declining since its release, is expected to be released. As an example, it was known that the first season update of Battlefield 2042 would be received within 3 months of its release, but due to many problems, the update will only proceed after … Read more

The next Battlefield will not arrive until 2024, according to an insider

Battlefield 2042the most recent installment in the popular Electronic Arts and DICE saga, received a big update to fix as many bugs reported by the community as possible. Although the title came to receive more than 400 upgrades with this update, the truth is that even he has a long way to go as recently … Read more

Battlefield 2042 4.0 Update Adds Voice Communication, End-of-Round Scoreboard, and Bug Fixes Battlefield 2042 – Bahamut

The DICE team has now released theBattlefield 2042» Update 4.0, which will bring voice communication to squads and an updated end-of-round scoreboard. This update also includes hundreds of tweaks and bug fixes – the official emphasis is that this is the team’s continuous practice of commitment, listening to players’ feedback, and then completely improving the … Read more

Less than 1000 players gamble on Steam at the same time

Battlefield 2042 did not start well last November. Since then, little has happened that affects the number of players. «Battlefield 2042» was released on November 19th. – Electronic Arts Ad the essentials in brief At times less than 1000 people are playing Battlefield 2042 on Steam at the same time. A planned patch may provide … Read more

Next Battlefield Will Revert Changes From Battlefield 2042, According To Rumor

It is no surprise to anyone that Battlefield 2042the latest installment of the saga from first person shooter from Electronic Arts and DICE, has not been well received between the players. The responsible consider that the coronavirus pandemic and comparisons with other games have been partly to blame for this poor reception, but the truth … Read more