Due to the failure of Battlefield 2042, the fate of the shooter series and the entire development studio is very vague

© Clouds continue to gather around the Battlefield shooter series. Not so long ago, the last game in the series lost all its audience in a few months, now Battlefield 2042 is online fell below Battlefield 1. Now the insider informedthat the failure of the game greatly affected the future plans of the studio DICE … Read more

After being free, the number of “PUBG” ditto has doubled to over 600,000, and the Steam comment area has become a new battlefield | 4Gamers

The military battle royale shooting “PUBG” has been officially opened for free operation on Steam since the first (12) days. As expected, it attracted a large number of players. The peak number of players exceeded 660,000, and 600,000 players were also online the next day. according to SteamdDB Records, the number of “PUBG” at its … Read more

A cheat seller suspends the sale of cheats for Battlefield 2042 because not even the cheaters want to play it

It’s no secret that Battlefield 2042 is a total flop: According to SteamDB, it has less than half the players than Battlefield V, and only 33% of its ratings on Steam are positive. Communities like Reddit are full of complaints about the state of the game and how few players there are, and apparently not … Read more

Battlefield 2042 y Star Renegades

Every weekend Microsoft presents the program of Free Play Days o Free Play Days, which is available to subscribers to Xbox Live Gold o Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and allows you to download and play a selection of video games for free for a weekend. This weekend’s games are Battlefield 2042 y Star Renegades, available … Read more

Battlefield 2042 is free to play on PC and Xbox this weekend

Owners of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions can get started with Battlefield 2042 for free this weekend. The game is also available to purchase at a discount. This promotion falls under the ‘Free Play Days’.The game can be played for free on PC through the Microsoft Store. On Xbox consoles, you do … Read more

EA says they will fix Battlefield 2042 soon and the community charges against the developers

The Reddit forum could be closed due to the avalanche of criticism towards DICE and its employees. Battlefield 2042 It has not been the war dream we expected. Much of its content was cropped before its launch, which has left out spectacular situations such as volcanoes, earthquakes or tsunamis. Since November, DICE has been working … Read more

“Touken Ranbu Warriors” announced the third wave of promotional video showing the deep bond between the sword men’s battlefield and daily life “Touken Ranbu Warriors”-Bahamut

DMM Games and KOEI TECMO Games are co-developed. Nintendo Hong Kong is scheduled to simultaneously launch a traditional Chinese version of a web game adapted from an action game in Taiwan and Hong Kong on February 17th.Touken Ranbu Wushuang“(Nintendo Switch), today (1/7) announced the third wave of promotional videos.   《Touken Ranbu Wushuang“Combined with sword training … Read more

Clownfield 2042 – Battlefield 2042 spoof takes over Steam

Home page // Games // PC-Games // Clownfield 2042 – Battlefield 2042 spoof takes over Steam Clownfield 2042, a Battlefield 2042 spoof, is now available on Steam. – Screenshot via Steampowered Riverside Sports, a small developer, has a new year Battlefield 2042 spoof game on Steam called Clownfield 2042 released. The multiplayer game normally costs … Read more

Battlefield 2042 parodied by a game with very positive evaluations!

Game news Battlefield 2042 parodied by a game with very positive evaluations! Published on 1/3/2022 9:59 AM You may know this, but the launch of Battlefield 2042 was complicated for Electronic Arts. Season 1 postponed, technical issues and bugs affect the title to the point that some players are returning to Battlefield V. Recently, some … Read more