New Battlefield 6 Details Leaked

In recent weeks, rumors about the new installment in the Battlefield franchise have only grown. First, with the possibility that the game would be set in modern times, which would mean seeing a game like Battlefield 3 again; and then with the possibility of all cities being fully destructible in Battlefield 6. Following the confirmation … Read more

Battlefield 6 to be unveiled in spring and out on Christmas 2021

Battlefield 6 (unofficial name) will be revealed at the spring 2021 and will be published at Christmas, although it has not been specified on which platforms. The title will use “of all the power of the new generation platforms “, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S. Electronic Arts executives have said in the presentation … Read more

The new Battlefield will be released in Christmas 2021 on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S: first details confirmed

EA confirms that the new Battlefield will be released on Christmas 2021, and will make the most of the next generation consoles. It will be announced next spring. This Christmas we will have a new portion of Battlefield. During a meeting with investors, EA has confirmed that the next Battlefield will be ready by the … Read more

They declared a “battlefield” in the event of war between Russia and the United States

Strengthening the US presence in Norway will have negative consequences for Oslo itself, writes the Norwegian edition NRK. According to the lecturer from the Norwegian Academy of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant Colonel Turmud Heyer, it is the Scandinavian country that can become a point of conflict between the two countries in the event of military … Read more

An officer from Europe named the battlefield for the alleged war between the RF and the US

Norway may become a point of military confrontation between Russia and the United States in the event of a conflict. This point of view was expressed by a teacher at the Norwegian Armed Forces Academy, Lieutenant Colonel Turmud Heyer. He believes that Oslo is actively involved in the rivalry of the superpowers. Norway, in his … Read more

Battlefield 4 on next-gen consoles bridges the gap in the PC gaming master race

Attention, glorious PC master race: if you’ve played to the bottom Battlefield 4 on your gaming rig, laughing at the obvious inferiority to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, you might want to sit back and stop clucking maniacally for a minute. In just two short weeks, the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the … Read more

The multiplayer of Halo Infinite would be similar to that of Battlefield and would not have Battle Royale

The excitement and desire we have to put ourselves in the shoes of the Master Chief in the new installment of Halo are incredible, but for this to happen, the development of this great title will have to be optimal to provide us with an incredible experience on the best consoles the market, the Xbox … Read more

They discover a lot of Battlefield V content that has not yet been published

Although the Battlefield franchise is one of the main sagas within multiplayer shooters, Battlefield V did not achieve the result that could be expected. His direct confrontation with Call of Duty and the emergence of many other highly successful multiplayer alternatives have left him out of the game. Even so, DICE has been publishing a … Read more

Electronic Arts en PS5 y Xbox Series X|S: Battlefield, Dragon Age, Mass Effect…

The start of generation for Electronic Arts has been especially short. Contrary to what was seen with PS4 and Xbox One, this 2020 we have not had that great delivery that will show the technical leap in hardware. 7 years ago, titles like Battlefield 4 were a glimpse of what was to come in the … Read more