NBA: James Harden, another who gives us talking with his weight: the incredible mutation of ‘The Beard’

NBA The photo of the guard during his first game with the Rockets set the networks on fire James Harden last May and the guard before playing his first game of the preseason Lback to work from NBA stars and his form is giving a lot to talk about this preseason. If these days I … Read more

Global Beard Oil and Men’s Care Products Market 2020-2025 (impact of Covid-19)

The Research Report on Global Beard Oil & Men’s Care Products Market offers an in-depth analysis of the latest market developments, market size, status, upcoming technologies, industry drivers, challenges, regulatory policies, as well as major company profiles and player strategies . The research report includes new players in the global Beard Oil and Grooming Products … Read more

King for the first time with beard immortalized on coin | Inland

The king stands on one side with the waving flag of Friesland behind him. On the other side, the Woudagemaal is depicted from a bird’s-eye view. Visual artist Berend Strik designed the coin. The Woudagemaal Vijfje has a value of 5 euros and is legal tender in the Netherlands. There are also special editions in … Read more

PHOTO: NBA basketball player with the longest beard ‘presents’ an unusual face mask and unleashes jokes on the net

James Harden already meets the Houston Rockets at the Disney World Sports Complex in Orlando, where the NBA season will restart. Houston Rockets star James ‘the Beard’ Harden has caught the attention of social media users because of the unusual face mask he uses to adhere to NBA-mandated regulation to prevent the spread of covid-19. … Read more

Julián Elfenbein changes his look in quarantine and throws clues about the return of “Pasapalabra” | TV and Show

Not a few have taken advantage of this quarantine to opt for an unexpected look change, often motivated by the shortcomings and obstacles that isolation entails. One of them is Julian Ivory. The driver, who had to suspend the recordings of Pass word As a result of the covid-19 health crisis, he was seen with … Read more