Bank tremors are just the beginning: “Far too few pay attention to these risks” – René wants returns

André Stagge managed mixed funds for a large German fund company for years and witnessed the Lehman bankruptcy live. Based on these experiences and his current observations, Stagge warns of a new financial crisis, this time due to inflation and rising interest rates on the credit side. In his view, the takeover of Crédit Suisse … Read more

The Russian economy is beginning to collapse, writes the Wall Street Journal

The ruble has fallen more than 20 percent against the dollar since last November, he writes daily. The labor force is shrinking as young people go to the front or flee the country for fear of being drafted into the army. Uncertainty also limits business investment. “The Russian economy is entering a long-term decline,” predicts … Read more

Technology companies have laid off 153,000 employees worldwide since the beginning of 2023

Technology companies have laid off 153,000 employees worldwide since the beginning of 2023 Technology companies around the world have laid off more than 153,000 employees since the beginning of 2023, as the technology sector faces increasing pressures on both the cost and revenue sides. According to data from, which tracks layoffs, the number of … Read more

A game so technically ahead of its time that even a console generation just beginning couldn’t move it – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Do you remember Assassin’s Creed: Unity? It was destined to be one of the great games of its generation, and instead became one of the biggest disappointments of recent times. March 26, 2023, 18:00 – Updated March 28, 2023, 11:55 When in 2007 it appeared the first installment of Assassin’s Creedquickly became one of the … Read more

The Story of the Stars 10 Thousand Times the Sun at the Beginning of the Universe

CNN Indonesia Friday, 24 Mar 2023 19:29 WIB Illustration. Stars in the early universe were ultra-giant. (NASA) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The first stars in universe thought to have a mass of more than 10,000 times the mass of the Sun, approximately 1,000 times greater than bintang the biggest one still burning today. Currently, the … Read more

Who do you mean? The beginning of infidelity is to talk every day and then say nothing.

I don’t know what happened when suddenly on a famous entertainment Facebook fan page like ‘Jamoy 108‘ Came out to post a warning message pointing to the beginning of infidelity, talking every day and then saying nothing. But in the end it went together, stating that “Dating, regardless of the status of a girlfriend or … Read more

Ukraine, New York Times: “Beijing has sold drones to Moscow for more than 12 million dollars since the beginning of the invasion”

The shipments, writes the American newspaper, “have often arrived through small intermediaries and exporters”. The result, continues the investigation, “is a constant supply of new drones to Russia” to be sent to the front So far the Chinese has always denied having supplied weapons and military equipment to Russia. But an investigation by New York … Read more

Televisa ABUSED her at the beginning of her career and today she is one of the stars that bills her the most

As Shakira would say, “the actresses of Televisa they don’t cry anymore actresses of Televisa billed”. Or well, the truth is that he did not say that, but that modification of his song fits perfectly with the case of the actress Livia Brito. Livia Brito was born in 1986 in the capital of Cuba, Havana, … Read more

The season is over, but the career is just beginning: what is the future of Ažuolos Tubelis in the NBA?

Oak Tubelis finished its third season at the NCAA Championship. The Lithuanian, who will soon celebrate his 21st birthday, won the NCAA Conference title together with the Arizona Wildcats University team. Phoenix basketball players were regarded as one of the favorites of the entire “March Madness” – among the 68 best universities in the United … Read more