Beginning of a 3-day strike at SNCB: only one in four trains is running this morning

Due to strike actions on the rail, train traffic has been disrupted since 10 p.m. yesterday (Monday) until Thursday, December 1st. This Tuesday1 train out of 4 runs. Wednesday and Thursday, one out of two trains should run. However, this last information remains to be confirmed. “For each day, travelers can check all the details … Read more

Reham Abdel Ghafour repudiates her role in this movie: I was at the beginning of my career | news

Actress Reham Abdel Ghafour confirmed that in recent years she did not play any role that she was not convinced of, despite going through financial crises and acting being her only profession. Reham Abdel Ghafour said in statements to the “Yalla Talk” program, which is presented by the media, Joumana Bou Eid, via the Lebanese … Read more

Infographic: Remittances of Egyptians abroad since the beginning of 2022

August 2022 recorded a decrease in conversions Egyptians Residents abroad, as the value of remittances amounted to 2.2 billion dollars, while it had reached 2.4 billion in July, and 2.8 billion in June. Remittances reached their highest level this year last March, with 3.3 billion.

Joao Pedro, who came at the beginning of the season, is leaving, and the world-famous star comes instead! The claim that “Alexis Sanchez will wear ‘Cubuklu’ in January”…

Breaking news: Fenerbahçe, which attracted attention with its performance in Spor Toto Super League this season, entered the World Cup by sitting in the leadership seat. Yellow-dark blue people strengthened their squad by transferring many names at the beginning of the season. There was a hot development about Joao Pedro, who is among these players. … Read more

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia during the beginning of today’s trading.. Sunday, November 27

Gold prices witnessed, at the beginning of trading today, Sunday, November 27, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stability, driven by the weekly holiday on Saturday and Sunday of the global gold exchange. Gold price in Saudi Arabia The price of a gram of 24 carat gold was about 211.59 riyals, and the price of … Read more

The beginning in Saudi Arabia .. “Japanese habit” invades the stadiums of the 2022 World Cup (video)

Updated Thursday 11/24/2022 10:37 PM Abu Dhabi time The 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar will witness a repetition of the “Japanese custom” by fans of several teams, led by the Saudi national team. Japan’s national team was a surprise in the first round of the tournament World Cup 2022by defeating Germany (2-1) in the … Read more

Is it the beginning of the end? The first steps of the drug that will destroy Alzheimer’s disease have been taken

A senior expert has made an important statement that Alzheimer’s treatment could be found as early as next year. But the scientists stated that even though it is a pretty big step for neurodegenerative diseases, there is still a lot of work to be done to get regulatory approval. It was stated that this drug, … Read more

Weather: a first winter offensive from the beginning of December

In less than a week, the meteorological autumn will end. A season marked this year by mildness, after a summer that had already broken a few records. And if this is not necessarily good news for the planet, it has made it possible to lower gas prices on the markets, and to reduce household consumption. … Read more

Since the beginning of the mobilization, Russian women have intensified their protests against the war in Ukraine: “Nobody listens to us”

Every day they waited for five hours, but no one opened the door to make an appointment with the women or accept their written application. “No one listens to us,” said Viktorija Sannikova, who came from Siberia to take part in the protest. – They are not interested in our problems. We knocked on their … Read more

More rise in fuel prices at the beginning of the week

Home More rise in fuel prices at the beginning of the week The price of 95-octane gasoline increased to 400 pounds, 98-octane 500 pounds, diesel fuel 500 pounds, and a bottle of gas 400 pounds, and the prices became as follows: related topics Gasoline 95 octane: 39,700 pounds. Gasoline 98 octane: 40,900 pounds. – Diesel: … Read more