Towards a coronapass similar to that of France in Belgium? “We do not need such measures”, assures De Croo

At a long interview given to our colleagues from the DH, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo (Open VLD) spoke on the management of the health crisis as well as on the months to come. While France has decided to extend the coronapass to access the restaurant and other places in August, it seems that Belgium … Read more

A coronapass to go to a restaurant in Belgium? “We do not need such measures”, assures De Croo

She has been the face of the pandemic from the start. President of Gees and Gems, the expert groups responsible for advising the government, Erika Vlieghe sometimes had to fight to (try to) get everyone to agree. As soon as the opportunity arises, she escapes into nature to recharge her batteries, near her home or … Read more

Coronavirus in Belgium: around 30 hospital admissions per day on average

Between July 24 and July 30, there were an average of 32.9 hospital admissions per day due to coronavirus, an increase of 22% compared to the previous reference period, according to the epidemiological report. from the Sciensano Public Health Institute updated Saturday at dawn. In total, 317 people are still hospitalized due to Covid-19 (+ … Read more

Princess Elisabeth of Belgium (19) passed military training | Royals

Elisabeth and the other student officers had been at summer camp for the past few weeks, the final stage of their training. There they received theoretical and practical training to hone their military skills and techniques. “Princess Elisabeth has defended herself well in every field, in the military, academic, sporting and character fields,” Van Avermaet … Read more

Coronavirus in Belgium – Daily report: seven out of 10 Belgian adults are now vaccinated

Between July 20 and July 26, 1,469 new Sars-CoV-2 infections were detected on average per day, up 4% from the previous week. The incidence, which indicates the number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants, reached 175.3 over 14 days. REPRODUCTIVE RATE (Rt) The virus’s reproduction rate, based on the number of hospitalizations, is 1.18. When … Read more

Did opening locks too late lead to ‘accidental homicide’ in floods in Belgium? | Abroad

Or, to make it concrete, have people died unnecessarily because the locks at the Eupen reservoir and the Gileppe dam were opened too late and too abruptly? Because many residents of the hard-hit municipalities of Verviers, Pepinster, Trooz, Ensival, Vaux-sous-Chèvremont and Chaudfontaine still do not want the water to rise so quickly only because of … Read more

The French are increasingly tempted by trips to Belgium because of the health pass: “There are more freedoms and possibilities to enjoy”

The health pass comes into force on August 9 in France. Despite the dissatisfaction of the French with this measure, they will therefore be obliged to present this pass at the entrance of certain places of everyday life, leisure and culture. Our journalist Céline Praile held out her microphone towards Erquelinnes, a stone’s throw from … Read more

Another flood in Belgium and Germany – this time it is an “unimaginable” flood of garbage

The flood created a mixture of rubbish that cannot be segregated in principle and most of the waste either ends up in landfills or incinerators There was so much rubbish in Liège, Belgium that the authorities had to dump it on an unused motorway and in an old industrial estate In Belgium, it is estimated … Read more

Coronavirus in Belgium: seven in 10 adults are now vaccinated, increase in hospitalizations

Among Belgians over 18 years of age, 70.1% are fully vaccinated and 83.3% have received at least one dose of a vaccine against Covid-19 (i.e. nearly 8 million people). In Wallonia, Brussels and the German-speaking community, the percentages of fully vaccinated adults are 69%, 53% and 68%, compared to 73% in Flanders. Between July 23 … Read more