It’s outside. Why J Lo and Ben Affleck broke up has been revealed

They were the most watched couple in show business. They were called Bennifer, which was the first time ever that the media used the combination of their names to refer to a couple in love. It seemed that the love of the Latin American star Jennifer Lopez and the American actor and director Ben Affleck … Read more

“Aerin Yuktatat” celebrates her sweet wedding “Hi So Ben” by the sea in Phuket

Look at the atmosphere of the sweet wedding ceremony “Aerin Yuktatat” and “Hi-So Ben Benjarongkul” by the sea in Phuket after “Aerin Yuktatat” get married with “Hi-So Ben Benjarongkul” Went on December 2, 2022 at the Four Seasons Hotel, Bangkok with a marriage registration. And previously held a Chinese tea ceremony already as well Latest … Read more

The REASONS why Marc Anthony NEVER wanted Jennifer Lopez to get back with Ben Affleck

since their separation Jennifer Lopez y Marc Anthony they have maintained a good relationship, making it clear that the exes can be friends; however, recently a series of reasons in which, according to an international media outlet, the salsa singer Never wanted than JLo come back to relate to Ben Affleck. However, “La Diva del … Read more

World AIDS Day | Souhaila Ben Said, president of the Tunisian Association for Positive Prevention ATP+, to La Presse: “It doesn’t just happen to others…”

Interview by SBO It is a subject that has long been considered taboo. HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus is resurfacing according to the latest statistics which show that the number of contaminations has recently increased, especially among young people, given their laxity with regard to protection in sexual relations. As part of the international … Read more

Jennifer López vents and confesses how she felt when she separated from Ben Affleck 20 years ago

Almost 20 years after the breakup of one of the most media couples was announced in the early 2000s, the singer Jennifer López decided to talk about what she felt at that moment when she ended up with the actor Ben Affleck. Through an interview with DJ Zane Lowe for “Apple Music 1”, the artist … Read more

Jennifer López CONFESSES that she was on the verge of DEATH after her separation from Ben Affleck

Although the marriage between Ben Affleck y Jennifer Lopez It looks very consolidated and full of love, not everything was hunky-dory, well, the Bronx Diva confessed in an interview that he was al should from death after the first separation with the Justice League actor, a situation that drew a lot of attention. Jennifer Lopez … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on the verge of divorce

According to the National Enquirer, the couple is reportedly considering a divorce. It is also indicated that the cause of the disagreement is possibly related to Jennifer and Ben’s mothers not getting along with each other. “J.Lo and Ben are going through a lot of issues right now. Their friends are really worried that their … Read more

The video that sparked speculation that Ben Affleck is not happy with Jennifer Lopez

EFE Wide Videos Not even the storms dampened the parties of Brazilian fans by classification Rio de Janeiro, Nov 28 (EFE).- Not even the strong storms that hit cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo just at the time of the game this Monday in which Brazil beat Switzerland 1-0 spoiled the Brazilians’ festivities … Read more

It confirms what many suspected of Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer López are under the eye of the hurricane due to the elimination of all the photos that the Bronx diva showed on her instagram with her husband, but there is something else that confirmed what many suspected about the movie star. we tell you… November 27, 2022 00:48 a.m. Ben Affleck … Read more

Definitive proof that Ben Affleck is NOT happy with Jennifer Lopez

After months of their official marriage, which have been involved in numerous separation rumors, several close sources have revealed a test that would show that the actor, producer and screenwriter Ben Affleck He is not being happy next to his wife, the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. It seems that the things of the marriage … Read more