At the wheel of a Lamborghini, Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son causes a tiny accident

Sunday, at only 10 years old, the son of Ben Affleck caused a (very small) accident. • Read also: Jennifer Lopez denies recreating a scene from an old music video with Ben Affleck on purpose • Read also: Bam Margera is again missing Accompanied by his father and stepmother J.Lo, Samuel was at 777 Exotics, … Read more

Ben Stiller at Selenski: “It’s a great honor for me, you are my hero”

published21. June 2022, 01:37 Hollywood star Ben Stiller traveled to Kyiv and met Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. 1 / 4 A warm welcome: Ben Stiller (left) with Volodimir Selenski. (June 20, 2022) AFP “I feel that what is happening here is difficult to understand if you were not there”: Ben Stiller in Kyiv. REUTERS The … Read more

Diamond League: Ben Broeders winner of the pole vault competition in Paris

Ben Broeders offered himself a prestigious victory on Saturday evening in Paris. The Louvaniste won the pole vault competition in the 7th of 13 rounds of the Diamond League. He crossed 5m80, 5 centimeters from his new national record set last week. Broeders, who is already guaranteed to participate in the Worlds in Eugene and … Read more

A humanitarian gesture from the Algerian national team players in honor of the spirit of their colleague Bilal Ben Hamouda (video) – Watan

Watan – generosity of players Algeria national teambefore the start of the friendly match against their counterpart Iran, to the soul of their colleague Bilal bin Hamouda who died several days ago in a terrible traffic accident, accompanied by his friend while they were returning home. And raise the player Far Riad After scoring the … Read more

Ben Cristovao can do it with women, the divine Bagárová succumbed to him…

Handsome, likeable and original chocolate singer Ben Cristovao is celebrating his 35th birthday again alone, without a wife. Not only has she been single for a long time, but she also wants a family, just to come across the right one. What beauties has it not worked with so far? Singer Ben Cristovao has no … Read more

Kaïsse Ben Yahia, the poet of eruptive emotions

The collection of poetry “Patch-Words, l’amour émoi” which he has just published is “a load of emotion” which surges and spreads over the world, in its most prosaic expressions, including the poem “Au- beyond ballot boxes and polls” can testify. Stopping at the details of everyday, political, social, family life… Kaïsse Ben Yahia surfs the … Read more

Ezugi’s Ben Zairi: The UK high-end gaming market fits our growth strategy.

I’m ZairiGame Content Provider Product Manager Ezugispoke to CasinoBeats this week, sharing his thoughts on the company’s entry into the UK market and expanding on its plans to introduce a mix of traditional and local casino offerings. CasinoBeats : What prompted Ezugi to enter the UK market? As part of the Evolution group, what does … Read more

What the stars predict for the future of Jay Lo and Ben Affleck

According to a number of overseas publications that closely follow the lives of celebrities, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are preparing a spectacular wedding, which should take place at the end of this summer. However, what excites their fans even more than the ceremony itself is whether this time the Hollywood actors will have a … Read more