10 Vegetables That Can Lower Bad Cholesterol, Powerful Benefits

loading… Vegetables that can lower bad cholesterol have proven to be effective. Vegetables can be consumed for those of you who are struggling to lower cholesterol levels. Photo/Eat This JAKARTA – Vegetables which can lower bad cholesterol proven to be effective. These vegetables can be consumed for those of you who are struggling to lower … Read more

Stars: Definition, Forms, Benefits, and Types All

By: Ani Rachman,S.Pd Teacher of SDN No.111/IX Muhajirin. Muaro Jambi, Jambi Province KOMPAS.com In the solar system there are various celestial bodies such as planets, comets, satellites, to stars. Stars are one of the earliest celestial bodies known to us. Since ancient times, fishermen have often used stars as a guide. The definition of a … Read more

10 health benefits of kombucha

There isn’t a lot of rigorous research on kombucha, but fans of the drink tout its benefits, like better gut health and improved mood. What is the truth ? Chances are you’ve already heard of at least one of kombucha’s supposed benefits. But if you don’t know much about this drink, you’re probably still wondering: … Read more

Don’t Worry! These are 6 habits in the morning that can get rid of a distended stomach, number 3 has many benefits

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Amazing benefits that your body gets after eating apples.. Get to know them

Follow-up – Nour Njeim: Eatthis website has listed some of the benefits that the body can get from eating apples, which are: 1.Improve heart health, lower cholesterol level, and expand blood vessels. 2. Reducing blood pressure due to its richness in flavanols, which helps in this. 3. Improve beneficial gut bacteria. 4. Help protect the … Read more

Consume a handful every day! What are the benefits of raisins?

Many fruits have dried varieties. Raisins are the dried form of the grape fruit, which is consumed lovingly. There are yellow and black varieties according to the type of raisins and the way they are dried. There are plenty of vitamins and minerals in raisins. Thanks to its rich content, the benefits of raisins, which … Read more

Benefits of Salmon for Heart Health

KOMPAS.com – The heart is one of the important organs that must always be kept healthy because there are so many types of heart disease that will attack us. Eating healthy foods alone is not enough to help maintain a healthy heart because the heart needs certain nutrients to work optimally. Salmon is said to … Read more

these are the benefits of EMDR therapy

In celeb land, people nowadays swear by EMDR therapy. This form of therapy is especially effective for people who suffer from PTSD. If experts are to be believed, we will be hearing more and more about it in the coming years. Discovered by accident The letters EMDR stand for ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing’. Several … Read more

What are the benefits of ginger tea? Does ginger tea make you lose weight? Weight loss by drinking ginger tea

In order to lose weight, you must find the most suitable nutrition program for your body. Along with your diet list, you should also exercise regularly every day. However, in addition to diet and exercise, consuming ginger tea also helps you lose weight. Ginger tea burns fat and facilitates digestion thanks to its metabolism-accelerating feature. … Read more