Bari is the most expensive city in Italy for a haircut at the hairdresser: the Codacons survey

While waiting for the increases in bills to hit the accounts of Italian families in full, the ‘map’ of increases, from services to foodstuffs up to the Tari, appears to be extremely differentiated in the Peninsula. Thus – according to a survey carried out by Codacons – if Milan is confirmed as the Italian city … Read more

the consequences, how much we will pay – Libero Quotidiano

Attilio Barbieri January 22, 2022 Other than European opening on gas and nuclear power. The experts of the European Commission have drawn up a confidential document that rejects both the atom and methane as “transitional energy sources” and calls on the Euro-government to exclude them from the list of “sustainable” sources. The councilors will hand … Read more

this is why the Sostegni decree does not help families

The Italians anxiously waited to know what the government would decide with Sostegni ter decree to deal with the expensive bills. Now that the measure has been approved, some will be a little disappointed, especially families and small businesses. Let’s see why. Bonus bills and new refreshments for those damaged by Covid: the government approves … Read more

Wittenberg: agreement has been reached on immediate compensatory mechanisms for energy bills for citizens and businesses – Economics, finance

photo; The coalition partners today conceptually agreed to support a set of additional measures to immediately reduce the rise in energy prices at the expense of citizens and businesses. In addition to the support mechanisms already in place, the coalition partners agreed to introduce new measures that will significantly reduce the population’s bills, as … Read more

Bills, the first measures ready: this is what will be in the decree against price increases

Listen to the audio version of the article Yet another technical meeting at Palazzo Chigi to find the square on the bills node, with the increases in electricity and gas that bite the recovery. For now, the only certainty, on the eve of the CDM that will launch the new measures, is that to finance … Read more

Cingolani announces, “almost 10 billion against expensive bills”

Three billion euros from the securitization of system charges on bills, 1.5 billion from Ets auctions, 1.5 billion from the reduction of photovoltaic incentives, from 1 to 2 billion from the cut in hydroelectric incentives, 1.5 from negotiation long-term renewables. These are the possible resources to mitigate the high bills that the government is considering … Read more

Expensive bills and rising prices, what risks to our pockets

The appointment with the Sunday economic soup is back in the company of Leopoldo Gasbarro, curator of Economics and Finance. This evening’s guest is Gabriele Cimmino, CEO of Yamamay and Carpisa, with whom we talk about inflation, rising costs of energy and raw materials and expensive bills. How to deal with all this? dear billsenergyinflation … Read more

Government at work to calm the costs of bills. Game of at least 2 billion

Listen to the audio version of the article Squeezing liquidity from the “extra profits” that producers of electricity from renewable sources can obtain by selling at the marginal price of the energy produced with gas is not an easy exercise. The government is working on this and yesterday the Democratic Party also called for the … Read more

pact on extra-profits. Palazzo Chigi ready to launch

Agreement with companies to reduce the bills energy sources of households and the productive world. The government accelerates and tries to bring to the Council of Ministers next week – probably Thursday – the new measure against the dear-energy. A text still to be defined in its various aspects but which should in any case … Read more