The owners of these buildings have to pay several times more for their heating bills

Essential criteria by which housing is evaluated The building’s energy efficiency class is assigned according to a set of criteria that defines a certain level, says Dr. Karolis Janusevičius. If a building does not meet at least one of the criteria required to achieve a specific class, it is assigned a class whose conditions are … Read more

The Pope pays bills and packages of food to poor families. On Sunday, a garrison in San Pietro for medical treatment, examinations and screening

Bills paid for families in difficulty, food packages for 5 thousand families, medical care and screening for HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis in the health center set up in St. Peter’s Square. These are the main initiatives implemented by Pope Francis for the VI World Day of the Poor, which is celebrated on Sunday November 13, … Read more

TV bonuses, mobile bills, excise duties: all aid and bonuses expiring on 31 December 2022

Bonus expiring The first economic policy decree of the Meloni government will continue with respect to what was carried out by his predecessor Mario Draghi. For aid there are resources available equal to 9.1 billion euros from the tax surplus of these months: half (4.5) will be allocated to the extension until the end of … Read more

Melons: “Hard time”. Today the bills in the Council of Ministers – Economy

“In two weeks we have released 30 billion to calm down and cover the cost of bills. We have secured our production fabric and tomorrow (today, ed) the decree that allocates the first 9 billion will be brought to the Council of Ministers. speculation is fundamental and we are also waging this battle “. The … Read more

Dear gas bills, the changes to the contracts in the free market arrive

Is called ‘Proposal for renewal of economic conditions’. In fact, however, it is not a proposal but the communication of new gas tariffs applied under the free market regime. Take or leave. Because the only alternative for not accepting them is “to withdraw from the supply contract at any time by choosing a new supplier”. … Read more

Smart Fusebox technology for business can reduce electricity bills by up to 30%

Rising energy prices in Lithuania and throughout Europe pose a serious threat to the competitiveness of industry and many other business branches, and even to the survival of some. While governments consider compensation mechanisms and talk about the need to reform the European energy system, businesses urgently need an answer to the question of how … Read more

The protest over energy bills in Sicily: “Thieves, we do not accept your speculations”

«Thieves“. This is the word that stands out on many of the Sicilian offices ofEnel. The offices have been covered with posters protesting against the price increases and calling for a moratorium on bills and that i detachments of light for those who have not paid them. “We won’t wear it around our necks for … Read more