These are five companies that are already accepting Bitcoin

It is no longer just individuals who are investing in Bitcoin, with its expansion there are already companies that use them to invest in their businesses With the rapid growth of digital currenciesespecially Bitcoin, numerous companies have begun to use them to invest in their businesses. MasterCard MasterCard had adopted the patent related to 30 … Read more

The incredible story of the Microsoft engineer who will go to prison for stealing $ 10 million from the company: Tesla, bitcoins and a house in front of a lake

He is a Ukrainian citizen living in Renton, Washington, who worked first as a contractor at Microsoft and then as an employee from August 2016 until he was laid off in June 2018. REUTERS / Thomas PeterA former Microsoft software engineer was sentenced to nine years in prison for stealing more than $ 10 million … Read more

Former Microsoft Employee Sentenced To Prison After Stealing More Than $ 10 Million From The Company

An employee of Microsoft He will go to prison for nine years after stealing more than $ 10 million in store credit from the company, which he traded for bitcoin and allowed him to buy a Tesla and a house overlooking a lake. Volodymyr Kvashuk is a Ukrainian citizen residing in Washington who tested the … Read more

Bitcoin’s price rally to $ 12,000 will be meaningless until the bulls successfully convert this level to support.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin bulls (BTC) gathered enough strength to push the price of BTC slightly above the $ 12,000 mark, a level not seen since September 1. Snapshot of the daily performance of the cryptocurrency market. Source: Coin360 The move came after Monday’s (October 19) large volume surge to $ 11,822 was followed by continued … Read more

Hackers who stole bitcoins from Robinhood donate them to charity

Hackers who recently stole fiat, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from some 2,000 users of the investment platform Robinhood, now, as if emulating the character that gives the service its name, they are donating the loot to charities. The same group of hackers, identifying themselves as Darkside, was the one who claimed responsibility for the attack … Read more

In Argentina, kidnappers freed an individual after collecting ransom in bitcoins

A person who had been kidnapped last Tuesday in the city of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, was released in the town of Quilmes, after the kidnappers collected the ransom in bitcoins. So reported it Infobae on October 20. In addition, they indicated that a suspect related to the gang of captors was arrested, while one … Read more

Merchant kidnapped and released after collecting ransom in bitcoins

The merchant, owner of a supermarket located in Quilmes, was captured last Tuesday the 13th, after being intercepted by a gang of kidnappers when he left his home in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Police and judicial sources said that shortly after the start of the kidnapping extortive, the captors began to make calls … Read more

New modality: they kidnapped a merchant for 5 days and asked for bitcoins to free him

A merchant who had been kidnaped Last Tuesday in the city of Buenos Aires he was released in the last hours in the Buenos Aires town of Quilmes after spending five days in captivity in the hands of a gang that collected a new ransom through the digital currency bitcoin, judicial and police sources reported … Read more

Tecnosecuestro: they negotiated the rescue from Colombia and Venezuela and demanded payment in bitcoins

In an unusual case, a gang of kidnappers demanded part of a virtual currency ransom Crédito: Shutterstock Was a extortion kidnapping atypical, dangerously novel. For the first time, according to judicial sources, a criminal organization demanded from the captive’s family that part of the ransom be paid in bitcoins, the best known cryptocurrency. But the … Read more