How Elon Musk tested Bitcoin’s liquidity and what it might say about the future of cryptocurrency

At least you have the image for the image, you have nothing for the bitcoin.And how do you pay for it? Simply. Today, a bunch of institutions have an exhibition in some crypt. All you have to do is hold a mutual fund with a mixed Tesla, which, if XXX billion disappears from BTC, the … Read more

detect a new virus that steals bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies

The deception is carried out through a fake website that offers DirectX 12 downloads in Windows 10. By doing so, the user installs a malware that steals holdings on his PC. cryptocurrencies. DirectX 12 is a package of features that is currently widely downloaded to develop and run multimedia content, especially video games. Thus, the … Read more

Tesla earns more from bitcoins than from cars :: Dienas Bizness

The world’s largest publicly listed companies have been reporting on their performance for the previous quarter for some time. This week, it was the turn of the electric car manufacturer to provide such information Tesla, which has become one of the most popular companies for Western small investors for its investments (also in the case … Read more

Tesla has sold 10 percent of its bitcoins, thanks to which it is making a profit

The American carmaker Tesla got rid of about ten percent of the total volume of its bitcoins, which it bought for $ 1.5 billion in February this year. The $ 272 million portion sold generated $ 101 million in profits. This resulted from the company’s financial results for the first quarter. Despite these sales, Tesla … Read more

Tesla sold 10% of the Bitcoins it bought in February

Carmaker Tesla, which bought Bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion in February, sold part of the coins worth 272 million USD. In Tesla’s cryptocurrency, BTC officially remains at $ 1.33 billion. The market value of cryptocurrencies held will probably be higher due to market movements from the moment of purchase, but according to The Block the … Read more

New era of altcoins? Dogecoin liquidations briefly outperform Bitcoin’s

At one point this April 24, Dogecoin (DOGE) saw more liquidations than Bitcoin (BTC). This shows that there is a Significantly high demand for meme cryptocurrency trading, even when Bitcoin and Ether (ETH) struggle to recover. Various trends and metrics, such as social volume, trading volume, and settlements in the futures market indicate that DOGE … Read more

Bitcoin’s on-chain activity indicates it is heading for $ 166,000

The Bitcoin price doesn’t look the best today. Selling pressure following the listing of Coinbas shares on NASDAQ suppressed its price below $ 60,000, which activated a stoplossy of repackaged long positions and the subsequent cascade reaction pushed its price down to $ 51,500. Up, down, or sideways? Deciding on the basis of a single … Read more

CNBC host Jim Kramer sold half of his bitcoins to pay off mortgage

Former hedge fund manager and host of CNBC’s Mad Money, Jim Kramer called himself a “renegade” and announced the sale of half of his assets in the first cryptocurrency. [email protected] discloses that he bought a lot of bitcoin when it was around $12K. He says he sold half of it to pay off his mortgage … Read more

Cryptocurrency expert says bitcoin’s growth capacity is “amazing”

Published: 15 abr 2021 06:28 GMT The founder and CEO of Galaxy Digital believes that in the next two or three years cryptocurrencies could represent 3% of the world’s wealth. Mike Novogratz, founder and CEO of cryptocurrency-focused financial services company Galaxy Digital, believes that the future of bitcoin is so promising that it could represent … Read more

VIDEO | What can you buy now with bitcoins?

Bitcoin continues to rise and has already touched its all-time highs at 50,000 euros. If we attend to those who experts say, the cryptocurrency it will even touch 200,000 euros in the next few years. Some days ago, Elon Musk (owner of Tesla) announced that already you could buy their cars with bitcoin. Has now … Read more