New Technique Allows Researchers to Assess Supermassive Black Hole Life Cycle

BOY ZONE – Black holes are said to be present at the center of almost all large galaxies where they feed on galactic dust, gas and stars. They are some of the most mysterious celestial phenomena that have fascinated space enthusiasts and scientists alike. To get a better insight about black hole Today, researchers from … Read more

Scientists discover for the first time ever a very quiet black hole

Black holes do not emit much X-rays and do not interact. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — A new study based on observations from the Very Large Telescope of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has found black hole which is difficult to understand. These black holes barely interact with their surroundings. Massive stars that die and produce black … Read more

Invisible Black Hole Hanging Out in Neighboring Galaxy, Threatening Earth?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A black hole the invisible, which is the result of the collapse of a star, is quietly hanging out in the neighboring galaxy. Potentially a threat to Earth? The challenge of finding black holes of this type is much greater because these celestial objects do not actively feed on matter such … Read more

The Mysteries of Black Holes You Need to Know

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The universe contains many mysteries. Although humans have developed a lot of knowledge and technology to understand the sky, yet humans know little about it. One that still holds the mystery of knowledge in it is black hole or black hole. Quoted from the official page NASA, a black hole is a … Read more

Newly Discovered Star Surrounds Milky Way’s Central Black Hole in Four Years

PRIANGAN ZONE – A star who new found it only takes four years to travel around black hole at the center of our galaxy. Around black hole At the center of our galaxy is a dense cluster of stars. This cluster, called the S cluster, is home to more than a hundred stars that differ … Read more

Hopefully Not the Beginning of the World’s Destruction, These are 4 Stephen Hawking’s Strange Theories about the Universe that are Often Proved True! One of them is the Black Hole Theory

Sonora.ID – Stephen William Hawking or better known as Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and Research Director of the Center for Theoretical Cosmology at the University of Cambridge. He is also referred to as the first person to display theory cosmology explained by combining the theory of general relativity and quantum mechanics. … Read more

Using this technology, NASA studies monster black holes in the Milky Way

The Sagittarius A* is a tricky object to study because of the spots along its event horizon. Lubang Hitam. (NASA/Event Horizon Telescope collaboration et al.) – NASA planning to study black hole moster that is at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. For that, the American space agency Serikan has prepared a way. … Read more

Giant Black Hole Devouring Planet Every Second, Earth Threatened?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Black hole super-large was found at space. The black hole is constantly eating up an earth-sized celestial body every second. Is the earth also in danger? Astronomers found the black hole was growing so fast and shining 7000 times brighter than all the inhabitants of the Milky Way. They also call … Read more

The Smallest Black Hole Wanders In The Milky Way, Has 4 Times The Mass Of The Sun

BALTIMORE – A black hole the smallest ever found, according to one estimate of its mass, wandering the paths of galactic space Milky Way . This black hole 5,000 light years away was discovered thanks to its gravitational force acting as a gravitational lens. The discovery was made by astronomers led by Kailash Sahu of … Read more

Astronomers Discover First Isolated Star Mass Black Hole

The black hole is 5,000 light years away. This black hole was discovered thanks to its gravitational force acting as a gravitational lens, magnifying the light of a screen star 19,000 light-years away. The black hole was initially spotted by two ground-based surveys, the Polish-led Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) using mostly the Las Campanas … Read more