Russian astronomers take clear photographs of a double black hole

The first photographs of the emissions of the black hole OJ287 taken by the Russian “Radio Astron” laboratory confirmed the dual nature of this cosmic space object. Russian scientists have clarified an important role played by magnetic fields in shaping the streams of matter emitted by black holes. This was announced by a spokesman for … Read more

The appearance of a double black hole in space

Russia’s Radio Astron laboratory has taken preliminary photographs of the emissions of Black hole OJ287 in space. Read also Astronomers discover a “supermassive” black hole The Russian scientists explained that there is an important role played by magnetic fields in forming the currents of matter that they emit black holes. This was announced by a … Read more

The universe contains 40 billion billion black holes

In the observable universe there are around 4 times 1019 – or to put it another way: 40 trillion – black holes. This emerges from an estimate for which a group of astronomers simulated star formation and galaxy formation in the universe. From the frequency of certain star types and their life cycle, it can … Read more

The Origin of the Mysterious Sound of the Universe Begins to Be Revealed

Jakarta – It’s been a long time mysterious voice in the universe is an interesting question for scientists. Now, scientists are starting to see a bright spot. It was likely that the voice came from a major event that had occurred. Launch Science Alert, Saturday (15/1/2022) the event could mean events related to black holes … Read more

The Story of a 13-Year-Old Teen Finds an Asteroid Thanks to NASA’s Support – Miguel Rojas likes to read books about physics and black hole. At only 13 years old, he is happy study the solar system, galaxies, and the universe. His passion for studying astronomy enabled Miguel to analyze spatial images until he discovered new asteroids, which no one else had seen before. At a very … Read more

Expert in Detecting the Massive Energy of the 87 Messier Galaxy

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A group of experts have reportedly detected the presence of great energy in the Galaxy Messier 87 which is a radio galaxy. Radio galaxies (RDG) generate large amounts of radio waves from their galactic cores. The core of the radio galaxy is believed to be a massive black hole. The black … Read more

Amazed! Astronomers Capture Black Hole Erupting

Jakarta – group astronomer capture amazing photos of black hole or black hole supermassive erupting. The photo obtained is of radio emission caused by the active feeding of the black hole. According to astronomers, the image includes 16 side-by-side full moons. The photo shows a black hole located in Centaurus A, a giant elliptical galaxy … Read more

Supermassive Black Hole in Galactic Center Revealed

SAN FRANCISCO, – New study reveals the most precise information about the masses black hole large in the center of the Galaxy. Like most galaxies, the Milky Way has supermassive black hole at its heart and new research shows more about the mass of the monster called Sagittarius A* or Sgr A*. The researchers … Read more

Excited Scientists Detect Black Holes That Are Still ‘Babies’

Jakarta – Black holes are still one of the most mysterious objects in the universe, although there is a lot of knowledge about them. Recently, astronomers may have detected a birth Black hole. As quoted detikINET from Futurism, In 2018, astronomers tracked a mysterious signal about 200 light-years away. At first, they thought it came … Read more

Super Bright Star Explosion Possibly Gives Birth To Baby Black Hole

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan Illustration of a powerful cosmic explosion dubbed AT2018cow, or ‘the Cow’ much faster and brighter than any stellar explosion astronomers have ever seen.—In June 2018, telescopes around the world caught a brilliant blue flash of the spiral arm of galaxy CGCG 137-068 200 million light-years away. This powerful explosion … Read more