General blackout throughout Europe, for Giorgetti the risk of running out of electricity and gas for weeks

In Austria and Spain, local civil protection authorities advised citizens to obtain electric torches and to stock up on gas cylinders, camping stoves and batteries. The energy crisis that we are going through could have unprecedented implications for all European citizens, and in these days more than ever we are talking about the possibility of … Read more

The general blackout cannot be ruled out. Giorgetti: «Europe define a plan to avoid it» – The video

“A blackout it cannot be excluded with respect to the current structure of energy supply ». These are the words of the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, during the assembly of Confartigianato. For days, indeed for months, Europe has been shaking at the thought of a blackout general that could spread like wildfire in … Read more

Third win in a row at home, blackout in the final: the Top and Flop of Torino-Udinese

Toro, pushed by the public, fights and takes a double advantage, but Udinese wakes up in the final, undermining the grenade victory The Balkan Bull returns to make sparks in a simpler match than expected only on paper. In fact, Udinese fought tooth and nail against the grenades, but they were able to hurt first. … Read more

Austria prepares for blackout. Portugal no cause for alarm

For political and economic reasons, countries like Venezuela and Lebanon have suffered frequent interruptions in electricity supply. Due to the most varied causes, any country can be left in the dark. In Portugal, an anonymous and electrocuted stork was famous for causing, in 2000, one of the biggest blackouts in history. The bird’s collision with … Read more

The hero is a hit! An electrician soccer player saved the match

Hats off! British midfielder Dunston of the amateur league Phil Turnbull saved the continuation of the match with Marine, during which the headlights went out. Having a living as an electrician, he was not lazy and went to the fuse box to find out where the problem was. After a while, he managed to turn … Read more

Blackout sale at Hofer – electricity generators sold out – multimedia

Exciting gadgets, great technology, terrible flops in the digital telegram. Deliveries every day of the week “Today” three current news in brief. Of09. November 2021 Safer Internet Day 2022 – Austria participates On February 8, 2022, the international Safer Internet Day will take place for the 19th time. Under the motto “Together for a better … Read more

Red alert at the Laguna Verde nuclear power plant due to a blackout

An electrical tower near the Laguna Verde nuclear plant in Veracruz.STRINGER Mexico (REUTERS) The Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant (CNLV), the only one operating in Mexico, suffered serious malfunctions on October 30 that led to its temporary stoppage, according to documents obtained by EL PAÍS. This time, Unit 2, one of the station’s two reactors, … Read more

Ginette Reno: what are the causes of her “blackout” in her heart?

Different types of heart failure could be at the origin of the “blackout” mentioned by singer Ginette Reno in the message on her state of health that she published on Saturday. • Read also: Ginette Reno gives her news: “I almost died” • Read also: An important test this Friday for Ginette Reno • Read … Read more

Probes sent by China to Mars suspend explorations due to solar blackout

Xinhua 2021:10:06.09:24 BEIJING, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) – The rover and orbiter sent by China to Mars have suspended exploration from mid-September to await a period of solar blackout, the China National Space Administration reported Tuesday. A solar blackout is a phenomenon in which Mars and Earth move to either side of the Sun and the … Read more