Domestic Markets Today (January 24): Stocks, Bonds, Forex Markets – Bloomberg

Click here for past articles on domestic market conditions. Click here for indicators. Japanese stocks rise for 3 days in a row, weaker yen tailwinds economic and earnings expectations – both domestic and foreign stocks are high (The full article isherePlease click to view) The Tokyo stock market rose for three consecutive days. Excessive caution … Read more

Dollar in Peru: how much is the exchange rate today, January 25? | dollar price

Check the price of the dollar today, Wednesday January 25, and how much the exchange rate is quoted in the parallel market and in the main banks in Peru. The price of dollar price Today, Wednesday, January 25, is linked to the daily movements of the Central Reserve Bank (BCR). In addition to this official … Read more

Bloomberg: iPads will get OLED screen and there will be no new HomePod mini – Image and sound – News

I don’t see any other path that iPad Pro and the MacBook Pro will ever flow together that 1 new device. Kind of like Microsoft does with the surface books and W11 but on ARM. That may take a while until the technology is ready because it is true that the battery life of the … Read more

Strong cold wave in China records minus 53 degrees – “no snow” first snow in NY – Bloomberg

Widespread cold spells hit China last week, with temperatures set to record lows on Friday, the country said. Temperatures in Mohe, a city in northern China’s Heilongjiang province, dropped to minus 53 degrees Celsius on the same day. Local weather officials posted on their official social media accounts. The lowest temperature ever recorded in China … Read more

Saving the world is not happening. Fake meat has become just a fad, writes Bloomberg

Foto: Media Relations Ethan Brown founded Beyond Meat in 2009 with the fantastic idea of ​​producing animal-free meat. In 2011, the company Impossible Foods joined it. Their effort was to fundamentally change the global meat industry, which generates annual sales of around one trillion dollars. But it turns out that meatless meat is not … Read more

ECB to Raise Rates by Half a Point in February, March at Least, Says Knot – Bloomberg

Dutch central bank governor Knott, a member of the European Central Bank (ECB) policy committee, said the rate hike should continue by half a percentage point at the next two meetings, suggesting that the pace of rate hikes is far from slowing down. rice field. “We reduced rate hikes from 75 basis points (bp) to … Read more

dollar | Price of the dollar TODAY in Peru: exchange rate for this January 20, according to BCR | Dollars to soles | Dollar today | Price of the dollar today | Buy and sell | ATMP | dollar price

The exchange rate disclosed by Sunat is a reference for tax issues, says Jorge Carrillo Acosta. “It is used so that a person can know what type of change he records in his accounting in the purchase, sale or in his tax return.” For example, a company that has its accounting in soles and buys … Read more

Trump Won’t Negotiate With House Speaker To Raise Debt Ceiling – White House – Bloomberg

While President Biden “looks forward to discussing a range of issues” with House Speaker McCarthy, raising the debt ceiling is not up for negotiation, the White House said Wednesday night. “As the president has repeatedly said, raising the debt ceiling is not subject to negotiation. It is the duty of this country and its leaders … Read more

BOJ loses Kuroda’s authority, easy opponent for bond vigilantes – Bloomberg

Whoever has been nominated as the next governor of the Bank of Japan is less of a market authority than incumbent Haruhiko Kuroda. That could make some investors more aggressive to push yields higher after the governor’s change, said John Bale, chief global market strategist at Nikko Asset Management. “None of them is probably as … Read more

ECB’s Christopher Lagarde Inflate Too High – Bloomberg

European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde said inflation was too high and said the central bank would not slow down its efforts to return to its target level. At a panel discussion in Davos on the 19th, the Governor said, “Inflation is too high on all sides. “We will stick to it until we … Read more