Bloomberg Editorial: Brexit Negotiation Ordeal Just Begun | WORLD

The free trade agreement between the UK and the European Union, announced last week after months of acrimonious talks, and days before the post-Brexit transition agreements were concluded, is certainly better than the alternative. Parting without any agreement would have poisoned the relationship and would have been worse than is coming for both parties. However, … Read more

Bloomberg: Apple began developing its first cellular modem chip for future devices

Rumors about Apple working on its own cellular modem aren’t exactly new, but they became more prevalent after the company acquired Intel’s modem business in 2019. However, according to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple has finally started developing. your first cellular modem chip. Bloomberg heard from sources that Johny Srouji, Apple’s vice president of … Read more

Bloomberg: Apple’s autonomous car leadership moves to AI executive when Bob Mansfield retires ‘entirely’

A new report from Bloomberg details today that Apple has transferred leadership of its autonomous car project to John Giannandrea, its senior vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence strategy. According to the report, “hundreds of engineers” from Project Titan have switched to the artificial intelligence and machine learning group. The report explains that … Read more

Mexico, the worst country to live in during the Covid-19 pandemic: Bloomberg

Mexico it is the worst country to live in during the pandemic of Covid-19 in Latin America, according to an analysis published on Tuesday Bloomberg. According to him Covid-19 Resilience Ranking, the country occupies the last place in the region if eleven elements linked to deaths and infections by coronavirus, as well as the opportunities … Read more

Mexico, the worst country to be during the Covid-19 pandemic, reveals study

New Zealand is the best country to be during the pandemic from coronavirus and the worst is … Mexico, according to an analysis he did Bloomberg. The international news agency cross-checked the figures to verify in which countries the virus has been handled more effectively, with less disruption to society and business. New Zealand it … Read more

Apple TV + will integrate augmented reality content in its series and movies on the iPhone and iPad, according to Bloomberg

Not so long since content streaming it was not so important in our free time but now we have enough active platforms not to know which one to subscribe to, and not being able to subscribe to all of them. Hence, the competition between them has become even more bloody, focusing more than ever on the production of their own content without neglecting exclusive functionalities.

In one of the latter, Apple works for its Apple TV + service. Bloomberg account that the company plans to go a step further in integrating its service with its iPhone and iPad and provide them with an extra. It looks like, Apple wants to add augmented reality content that can integrate our environment with the series and thus elevate the viewing experience.

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Democrats advance in Trump zone with Biden visit to Georgia, Bloomberg finances Texas campaign

Donuts with the message ‘I voted’ at the Voodoo Donut store in Universal City, California, USA on October 26, 2020. REUTERS / Mario AnzuoniBy James Oliphant WASHINGTON, Oct 27 (Reuters) – With just one week left before the Nov. 3 election, President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden will tour the country on … Read more

According to a Bloomberg report, Tether’s market capitalization could surpass that of Ethereum in 2021

A new report predicts that Tether could outperform Ether’s market capitalization by the end of next year, clearing the way for the mass adoption of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). According to Bloomberg’s “Crypto Outlook” report for the fourth quarter of 2020, written by Senior Commodity Strategist Mike McGlone, it is possible that Tether (USDT) … Read more

Biden’s Win May Benefit Bitcoin Price: Bloomberg

The crypto specialists of Bloomberg, pointed out in their last bulletin that the victory of the Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the next elections of the United States could benefit Bitcoin (BTC). In addition to a possible approval of exchange-traded funds Bloomberg also touched on the policies of the president’s administration. Donald Trump Regarding cryptocurrencies … Read more