Jukir Medan Like Ninja, Came Not There, Came Home Appeared

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution said all this time the parking attendant or technician at Medan when quoting public roadside parking fees often act like a ninja. “What we have felt so far is that we think we are like ninjas. We come and go invisible, we can see,” he said … Read more

When Sedah Mirah sang, all Jokowi’s tiredness and sadness immediately disappeared

Jakarta – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) uploaded a video of him being together with his grandson, Sedah Mirah Nasution. Jokowi said that all tiredness and sadness will immediately disappear when Sedah Mirah sings. Moment of togetherness Jokowi with Sedah Mirah, it was uploaded on President Joko Widodo’s YouTube channel with the title ‘BILA SEDAH MIRAH … Read more

Viral Tiger at Medan Zoo Thin-Eating Grass, North Sumatra BKSDA intervenes

Medan – Video show skinny looking tiger and eating grass at the viral Medan Zoo. The leadership of the Medan DPRD also poked fun at the Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution. View detik.com, Friday (9/24/2021), the video shows a tiger in a cage. The tiger looks thin and is eating grass in the cage. The … Read more

Medan PPKM Level 4, Bobby Says There Was Wrong Data Input to North Sumatra

Medan, CNN Indonesia — Mayor of Medan, Bobby Nasution said the category of Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) in Medan is still at Level 4, aka not officially down to Level 3. “Yesterday, the Coordinating Minister (Airlangga) said that we had entered Level 3. But officially the status of Medan is still level … Read more

Bobby Nasution Removes Acting Head of Medan City Health Office

Medan, CNN Indonesia — Mayor of Medan Bobby Nasution Removing Syamsul Arifin Nasution from the position of Acting (Plt) Head of the Health Service Medan city. Syamsul’s position was replaced by Mardohar Tambunan, a spokesman for the Covid-19 Task Force who is also the Head of the Public Health (Kesmas) Division of the Medan Health … Read more