Ukraine sends hundreds of bodies of Russian soldiers by train, order for Moscow?, Kiev – Soldiers’ bodies Russia those killed in Ukraine were taken to a field near the railroad tracks outside the capital Kiev and gathered together with hundreds of other bodies in refrigerated train cars, waiting to be returned to their families. “Most of them were brought from the Kiev region, some from the Chernihiv … Read more

Wagons with the bodies of Russian soldiers still standing in Ukraine – why does Russia not want to accept them?

Al Jazeera English reports on YouTube. “The real damage of this war for Russia is the bags with unremoved bodies stacked in refrigerated trains,” the report said. It is noted that in one bag carrying the body of an elite Russian military, jewelry was found – stolen from Ukrainian civilians in the Kiev area. “Ukraine … Read more

[POPULER GLOBAL] Bodies Turn Up As US Lakes Dry | Cares Protect Readability in 27 Countries All – Articles revealing the discovery of human corpses suddenly appeared after Lake Mead in United States of America (USA) dries to the top of the list of articles Global Popular this time. Beneath it was an incident report about a passenger with no flying experience who managed to land a plane in Florida after … Read more

TRENDING: How to pray the bodies of ‘Ma’ruf Amin’ and Puan Maharani is rumored to ask for Islamic religious education to be removed

SEPUTARTANGSEL.COM – Circulating a viral video using the name of the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, KH Ma’ruf Amin on social media. The viral video that was circulating contained a narration entitled ‘How to pray the body of the vice president Ma’ruf Amin, use bowing and prostration’. Telematics expert Roy Suryo also responded … Read more

NASA, for the first time, will send artificial bodies of women to the Moon to check the levels of radiation in astronauts | Technology

NASA is putting the batteries in regards to the inclusion of female astronauts with a shipment of several artificial bodies of women to check how you will be subjected to radiation from the Moon. Two mannequins, with names Helga and Zohar, They will be sent to the Moon to be able to check the radiation … Read more

NASA will send two artificial female bodies to the Moon to measure space radiation

Throughout history, and recent space history, twelve people have walked on the moon. all of them men. However, NASA’s Artemis program, along with the collaboration of other space agencies, is planning the arrival of the first woman on the Moon. For this, the MARE experiment, carried out by the German Aerospace Center, DLR, has provided … Read more

Zelensky: A mass grave with 900 bodies was found in the Kiev region

Ukrainian law enforcement has found a new mass grave with 900 corpses in the Kiev region, which was occupied by Russian troops in March, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told the Polish media. SUMMER “Investigators are looking for people. Imagine: there were so many killed that, despite the fact that they (Russian troops) burned [daļu līķu … Read more