“We didn’t want a big book, but we made a big book”, said João Gouveia Monteiro – Notícias de Coimbra

One of the coordinators of the work “Five Jewels”, which this Wednesday was presented at the University of Coimbra, said that the choice of the five sites classified as World Heritage by Unesco was easy and that, at no time, “we hesitated in the choices”. For João Gouveia Monteiro, the Joanina Library, the Chapel of … Read more

Review of The Five Chinese Hanged in Idaho by Jenny Tinghui Zhang

Abandoned by her parents, trafficked by others, she lived as a man. Writer Jenny Tinghui Zhang has written a western novel about a heroine who experiences the dark side of American history. The book called Five Chinese Hanged in Idaho was published by the Prostor publishing house in a translation by Zuzana Li. It speaks … Read more

Tata Young speaks for the first time! Open the status of Book Sikaphat, is it a new fan?

Tata also opened his mind and spoke for the first time, revealing the status of Book Sikaphat. Now they are the closest Move and do anything, it’s always being watched. For the beloved singer of the 90s, Amita Tata Young, who previously made many people wonder about her relationship with a close man. Book Sikaphat … Read more

Podcast: Old age can be liberating. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone anymore

The guest of Petra Viziny’s podcast is writer Petra Hůlová. Author of the book The Highest Card, which is published today, on Big Book Thursday. Sylvia Novak will soon be fifty and she is finding it hard to bear. Two teenage children remind her that she shone as a literary discovery in her youth. It … Read more

Poste Italiane, new offer on savings book until 8 May 2023: rate never so high

It comes from Poste Italiane una new offer for anyone with a savings account. Activation until8 maggio 2023 it will give the opportunity to enjoy a higher interest rate at maturity than the traditional one. The savings book, otherwise known as a deposit account, is part of the list of payment instruments most used to maintain … Read more

Marcelo Ebrard promises to continue with the 4T if he wins the presidency in 2024 Grupo Milenio

Marcelo Ebrard va for the middle classes. He winks at them: “they have always been important”. And besides, you already have a key concept for your campaign for Morena’s presidential candidacy: he wants to be recognized for deepening the legacy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador by a fourth reloaded transformation. At “4T 2.0”within the framework … Read more

When out of five attempts, one comes out. Russian aggression in the shoes of Czech Television reporters

Russian aggression against Ukraine enabled Czech Television to take advantage of all the advantages and positives of public broadcasting. A wide team of quality reporters and cameramen. Great human, technical and financial background. The editorial office was thus able to send reporters to Ukraine continuously throughout the year. They captured the very beginning of the … Read more

“The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”, the bonus of the used book market is decided to be an original card case!

Furuhon Ichiba has released bonus information for the Nintendo Switch action adventure “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom” scheduled to be released on May 12th. The selling price on the mail order site “Furuichi Online” is 7,018 yen. Bonus information for each store of “The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom”, which … Read more

On sale, 23 of 46 Issuer Bank Shares are under Book Value, Most of the Big Banks

ILLUSTRATION. Customers make transactions through ATMs in South Tangerang, Sunday (29/1/2023). The correction makes the valuation of banking issuer shares cheaper. Half of the IDX’s resident bank shares are now under book value. KONTAN/Carolus Agus Waluyo <!– –> Reporter: Maizal Walfajri, So Gumilar | Editor: I mean Gumilar KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The pressure experienced by … Read more

A “comic and silly” novel

The novel is based on real events and people. Writer Saul Bellow (pictured) wanted to fictionalize his relationship with poet Delmore Schwartz. SAUL BELLOW Humboldt’s gifttranslated by Margarita Zachariadouintroduction: Jeffrey EugenidesGutenberg ed., 2023, p.815 1976 was a landmark year for Saul Bellow. Within a few months he received two prizes that every writer dreams of … Read more