Finland builds a fence on Russia’s borders next year

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The first phase of the fence, with a length of 3 kilometers, is scheduled to be completed from a crossing point in the eastern town of Imatra by the summer of 2023, knowing that the fence is scheduled to eventually extend to a maximum length of 200 kilometers. border fence … Read more

protests against the borders extended by Gualtieri

The green belt of Rome widens towards the north. In the latest resolution for the prevention and containment of atmospheric pollution, the Capitoline Council, in addition to the regulation for the circulation of the most polluting vehicles with the stop to euro 3 dieselsalso redefined the perimeter of the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) Green Band. … Read more

“Who doesn’t know Listenbourg?” There is an imaginary country that borders Portugal

It’s called Listenbourg and it was born on Twitter, about three days ago, after a publication by a French internet user, known as Gaspardo. On October 30th, he posted on his social media page a map showing a new territory in the Iberian Peninsula and which reads: “I’m sure Americans don’t know the name of … Read more

Professor Solovey: if Russia uses a nuclear weapon, the war will take place at the borders of Lithuania

In one possible scenario, this Russian exclave would be wiped off the face of the earth NATO countries’ missiles, and the consequences would be equivalent to the use of a nuclear weapon. Kremlin propaganda is already publicizing nuclear conflict scenarios The Kremlin’s propaganda channels are increasingly announcing the alleged treachery of Ukrainian soldiers – preparations … Read more

The Czech Republic has completely closed its borders to Russian tourists

“Russian from 25 October citizens cannot enter the Czech Republic on the basis of Schengen tourist visas issued by any EU country “ Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavsky told Novinky newspaper. The fundamental decision to ban the influx of Russian tourists became known during a briefing with journalists. “We are introducing measures for citizens of … Read more

defense of borders, flat tax, fiscal peace and Quota 41

Salvini’s first initiatives – During a meeting with the party’s top experts, including the new Economy Minister Giorgetti, Salvini makes a plastic desire to make his strong and clear voice heard immediately within the executive. Even from his first actions as Minister of Infrastructures, the desire to affect every aspect emerges, not only on that … Read more

Salvini on the Meloni government, already borders on migrants and pensions

ROMA – A deputy premier who moves like a premier. It is not that they had not foreseen his activism over the top, in via della Scrofa and surroundings, but the speed with which Matteo Salvini he went from intention to action and surprised even the most disenchanted Melonians. “You will see, it is only … Read more

Estonia will not open borders to Russians. “We don’t know how many of them are spies or saboteurs”

Hanno Pevkur assures that the Estonian authorities will not change their position and will not open the borders, even when the Russians escalate to prevent mobilization into the army. – Those who flee were not against the war. Now, suddenly, when war hits them alone, they leave their homes. We watch footage from the Russian-Georgian … Read more

Talks about Maritime Borders at the Edge of the Horn, Israeli Military is on Alert

loading… The Israeli military was on alert after the defense minister warned of a possible escalation with Lebanon. Photo/Illustration TEL AVIV – The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has been put on alert in the north of the country after Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned of a possible escalation with Lebanon as talks over a maritime … Read more

Banks reduce the limit for cash withdrawals in dollars and foreign currencies outside the borders .. Why?

reduced number of Banks Egyptian Cash Withdrawal Limits For customers outside the country, in a measure aimed at limiting the manipulations that were noticed during the last period of exploitation Withdrawing in dollars Abroad from the local currency accounts to speculate on dollar price On the black market for currency. Cash withdrawal limits in dollars … Read more