‘Barbie Princess Adventures’ Releases Final Trailer for ‘Brave to Be Yourself’

On January 20, Barbie’s new animation masterpiece “The Adventures of Princess Barbie” released the final trailer of “Be Brave to Be Yourself”, and it will be launched in national theaters on January 21. The Barbie in the preview is fashionable, beautiful, sunny and confident, and activates the positive energy of youth for the fans as … Read more

New milestone: The privacy-focused browser Brave is experiencing extreme growth

The Brave browser markets itself as a browser that focuses specifically on protecting the privacy of users, and generally gets good shots in this field in surveys and tests. It has experienced massive growth since its inception, and its popularity does not appear to be declining. On their websites Brave states that the browser has … Read more

Brave Against Moscow, Russia Can Turn Germany Into a Nuclear Desert

loading… Tsar Bomba, the world’s largest nuclear bomb detonated by the Soviet Union or Russia on October 30, 1961. Russian military experts warned that Moscow could turn Europe, especially Germany, into a nuclear desert. Photo/National Interest MOSCOW – Moscow military experts warn that Russia able to change the European region, especially German , became a … Read more

“Kelly” replied, still single. Not closed but not ready New love, brave, afraid, must choose

“Kelly” Clearly Single There are people who talk, but still can only be friends, they say they do not close their hearts, but they are still brave and afraid that they are not ready to be friends with anyone as a girlfriend. The new love has to choose. Ask for a wall because I have … Read more

So brave! Woman Pours Drinks to Food Delivery Because of Trivial Things

Jakarta – This viral video shows the customer’s insolent treatment of a food delivery person and building security guard. He doused them with drinks for trivial reasons. Food delivery services are now increasingly being used by people who want practicality in buying food, but unfortunately not everyone can be good at food delivery. Just saying … Read more

The joint event of “FFBE” x “FFX” launches daily free 10 consecutive summons and other events “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS”

gumi Inc. announced that the RPG mobile game “FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS“International Edition (hereinafter referred to as “FFBE” International Edition) and “FINAL FANTASY X“(Hereinafter referred to as “FFX” joint event starts today, and a variety of Black Friday value packs and promotions will be launched simultaneously to kick off the year-end festival. During the event, … Read more

Cubillos reminds Kast that to win in the second round “you need to summon 50%, your brave bar is not enough”

Less than a week before the general elections scheduled for next Sunday, November 21, the former Minister of Education Marcela Cubillos reflected on the scenarios that could arise after the elections and the project of the Republican standard-bearer, José Antonio Kast. The current conventional constituent denounced that he has received attacks by followers of Kast … Read more

Sacchi: “Milan brave and“ European ”. Inter smart and patient, but now they have to … “

The former Rossoneri coach and national team coach analyzes the Milan derby played last night: “The 1-1 can fit.” Arrigo Sacchi, consulted by The Gazette of Sport, analyzed last night’s derby: “Milan and Inter honored the importance of the match, and this is a fact to underline. The public, who finally returned to see a … Read more

Dare to break through, brave to compete, and prepare for battle in Erqi Base

Dare to break through, brave to compete, and prepare for battle in Erqi Base 2021-11-03 11:34:40Source: China Sports News The athletes are training.Image source: China Sports News The pace of the Beijing Winter Olympics is getting closer and closer. The CRRC Erqi National Ice and Snow Sports Training Base, located in the western suburbs of … Read more

President Jokowi is very brave to ride the Alfa Romeo Stelvio at the G20 Summit, the specifications of this luxury SUV are awesome too

Presidential Secretariat YouTube screenshot President Jokowi comes to the 2021 G20 Summit in Rome, Italy using Alfa Romeo Stelvio, here are the specifications Otomania.com – President Joko Widodo is very dashing Alfa Romeo Stelvio at the G20 summit, specs SUV mewah This is terrible too. President Joko Widodo or familiarly called Jokowi, became one of … Read more