Explosion in a school in Rovigo, broken glass and smoke filling the corridors: two students injured

ROVIGO – A bang and a lot of smoke, which invaded a small room and a corridor, while all the students were forced out of the school. It happened this morning, March 23, shortly after 9, at the Ipsia in via Alfieri, which is part of the Rovigo Technological Pole, or the Viola-Marchesini IIS, which … Read more

Missing radioactive capsule found in Thailand, possibly broken | Abroad

20 mrt 2023 om 12:14Update: 2 dagen geleden After a 10-day search, a capsule containing radioactive material was found at a Thai metal foundry. According to local authorities in Prachinburi province, the capsule is likely broken. This news causes unrest and concern among the population. The cylinder of 25 kilos and 30 centimeters long contains … Read more

Orlando Bloom tries to mend the broken pots with Katy Perry

In a recent interview, Orlando Bloom said that his relationship with Katy Perry can sometimes be very demanding. After the publication of these confidences, the actor would have tried to repair the broken pots by posting a magnificent photo of the couple on Instagram. • Read also: Orlando Bloom reflects on the accident that almost … Read more

World record broken by 50 meters? The expert has spoken

Getty Images / Andrej Tarfila / SOPA Images / LightRocket / In the photo: Kamil Stoch Simon Lozynski 18 Mark 2023, 08:00 For several years, jumpers have often approached the limit of 250 meters on flying objects. Will the competitors soon take the next step and fly over 300 meters? It will be difficult for … Read more

We have broken up a Russian spy group, Poland announced

“Counterintelligence has arrested nine people suspected of working for the Russian secret service,” the interior minister said. Six suspects have been preliminarily charged with espionage and participation in an organized crime group. The other three are still being questioned. “The suspects were carrying out espionage against Poland and preparing sabotage for Russian intelligence services,” he … Read more

Over $400,000 For A Counter-Strike Skin: This Is The Weapon That Has Broken A New Valve In-Game Record – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A CS:GO skin is for sale, and at the very least, you have to offer $385,000 for the seller to listen to your offer. March 15, 2023, 22:02 – Updated March 16, 2023, 09:10 Some players from Counter-Strike are willing to pay more than 400,000 dollars for the skin of a weapon. That’s the amount … Read more

Comments are broken! Tata also announced good news in the middle of IG unexpectedly.

Is currently being watched in love relationships for Tata Young, because she had previously posted a picture with Book Sikaphat Setthapongphat and many people guessed that she was ambushing a new love tree. Friends and fans came to congratulate her new love. But Tata himself has not come out to talk about the relationship this … Read more

Nintendo discloses the 13 reasons why the Switch is most often broken: not charging for too long, pet peeing, poking the slot with a cotton swab | 4Gamers

Is your Switch often life-threatening? Nintendo has released the most vulnerable maintenance cases for Nintendo Switch, a total of 13, to see if you are a high-risk group. Among the 13 reasons that are likely to cause Switch repairs, many are caused by daily habits or hand slippage. It should be noted that Nintendo reminded … Read more

16-year-old girl found severely beaten in the forest near Panevėžys in the case – mass arrest: broken during drinking

At the request of the Panevėžys district prosecutor’s office, the court imposed the strictest preventive measure on the 3 suspects during the pre-trial investigation into the rape of a minor found in a forest in the Panevėžys district over the weekend – arrest. On the evening of March 10, around 10 p.m., police officers found … Read more