Our Bronze Age ancestors already knew about aspirin, archaeologists say

In the Bronze Age, our ancestors calmed their pain thanks to science. Remains of preparations, similar to our modern painkillers, were found at an archaeological site. How did our distant ancestors cope with a severe migraine or the pain of an injury? Like us, they turned to science and took painkillers. So no, they weren’t … Read more

Nothing can be done about it. He is not planning to defend his bronze medal from Tokyo with his partner Dostál

A very wild year, what do you say? If you list it like that, then yes, but I rather took it as partial phases of the season, and each had to be dealt with at the given moment. And it was great that after four years I managed to win the title of world champion. … Read more

The Germans who won the bronze at home: “It’s an indescribable feeling”

Already the favorites of many, the Germans suffered a painful failure in the semi-finals, where they lost to Spain, but managed to recover and grab the consolation prize. In the defensive style of the game, the German basketball players took a powerful lead in the second quarter, when they went on a 15-1 run and … Read more

Lewandowski “Golden” leads the bronze generation in the World Cup in Qatar

But this player, who is famous for his positioning, technical prowess and a good finish, does not have the same auxiliary elements as the rest of his competitors in the World Cup in Qatar. After a golden generation known to Polish football, no other model of those historical heroes such as Zbigniew Boniek, who was … Read more

Wrestling World Championships: Chinese player Torbatu picks bronze and two women’s team enter the resurrection match

Original title: Wrestling World Championships: Chinese player Torbatu picks bronze women’s team and two people enter the resurrection match At the 2022 Belgrade Wrestling World Championships, local time on the evening of the 12th, the four levels of men’s classical wrestling medals were announced. Chinese player Torbatu won the bronze medal in the 63kg category. … Read more

Argentina triumphed at the American Championship, the USA won the bronze

The American Championship ended in Recife, where the new champions of the two continents were revealed at once. Argentina was recognized as the best national team of North and South America, after defeating the hosts Brazil in the final – 75:73 (26:14, 22:24, 19:22, 8:13). Argentinians escaped early and forced their opponents to chase them … Read more

Victorious stories of Lithuanian basketball: the “blinded” Š. Jasikevičius and the 2007 bronze medal

On the occasion of the European Basketball Championship, the portal Krepsinis.net continues to invite you to remember the most important victories of our country’s basketball players. This time, let’s go to the 2007 championships in Spain, where the Lithuanian basketball team coached by Ramūnas Butauts managed to get on the winner’s podium. Composition of the … Read more

In the finals of the Diamond League – Gudžia’s bronze

The 31-year-old man from Kaunas threw the discus 65.28 meters in his best attempt and lost to only two opponents. The Slovenian won Christian Czechs (67.10 m), and Austrian Lukas Weisshaidinger (65.70 m) was second. US-trained European Champion Mykolas Alekna did not come to Switzerland. He tried his hand at only one round of the … Read more

The former coach of women’s hockey players about his tears, his mysterious departure and why the Czechs are now the best in the world

How happy are you about the bronze medal of the former wards? Unreal, which can hardly be expressed in words. The biggest one came when the girls beat the Finns on Thursday because it was a step that we haven’t been able to cross and handle in the past. It was the biggest emotion there, … Read more

Euphoria in the cabin of bronze hockey players! Lásková also sacrificed her vocal cords for the medal

Striker Natálie Mlýnková held the team plaque for third place, the same type that the Czech men won in Tampere at the end of May at the WC, almost like a baby. “I feel absolutely fantastic. We wanted to experience something like this for a long time, here in Denmark we went for it, so … Read more