“I can’t take it anymore”: Thiago exploded very hard against Daniela and hinted at Nacho in Big Brother

In many of the editions of Big Brother Argentina, couples were formed among the participants, some of them transferred the reality show and continued outside the house, as was the case of Santiago Almeyda and Natalia Fava or Gustavo Conti and Ximena Capristo. In the current edition of Big Brother, there are a couple of … Read more

The reaction of the public at the Harry Styles concert when seeing Juliana from Big Brother

The young woman was dressed and coiffed in her characteristic style and ready to jump to the music in the VIP area of ​​the River Plate Stadium, when some fans began to shout her name and applaud her. “Queen Juliana left GH and went to Harry’s show, the rest will never be able to. they … Read more

Alfa asked to leave the Big Brother house: “Tomorrow I will see my daughter”

The current edition of Big Brother It is undoubtedly one of the most commented on social networks, where followers continually arise who start to debate the attitudes of the participants inside the house. And if we talk about the participants del reality, Walter or better known as Alpha, within Big BrotherHe is one of the … Read more

Big Brother 2022: they assure that Daniela had a relationship with Romina’s ex-husband

Written in SHOWS the 4/12/2022 · 14:28 hs Yesterday explosive information was leaked linking Daniela Already Romina of Big Brother. As it emerged on Twitter, the young woman from Moreno would have been a partner of the former deputy. After they dropped the bomb on the account of El Ejército de LAM, the users of … Read more

The participants of Big Brother 2022 enjoyed a new party after the scandals and fights

A few hours before a new elimination gala takes place, the participants of Big Brother 2022 They had their usual urban-themed party on Fridays and enjoyed a night full of music and fun. Each little brother wore a particular garment specially designed for the occasion and then they went to the sector of the house … Read more

The odd jobs that Marcos did before joining Big Brother came to light: “A humble monkey”

The author of the group “The cousins” in Big BrotherAlthough none of the “members” of it are aware that such a name exists, he surprised with his past in which he did different odd jobs to be able to pay for a law degree at a university in Salta. Marcos Ginocchio became one of the … Read more

Why Romina from Big Brother does not want to see Argentina’s matches in the World Cup

In a country as passionate about soccer as Argentina, the world It becomes a matter of state and to see it, Argentines do the impossible to see it, even breaking some rules. The game with Poland, for example, was played at 4:00 p.m., that is, during working hours, and yet it measured more than 60 … Read more

Maxi did the spontaneous thing, it went wrong and he regretted the move in Big Brother: “Less strategy”

Juliana’s removal from Big Brother destabilized Maxi and left him in deep solitude. To start taking revenge on his companions and play for everything, the Cordovan participant made the spontaneous nomination against Romina and Alfa. Unfortunately, everything went very wrong. The spontaneous nomination was quite fought among the participants. And after several hours in line, … Read more

Henrik Lundqvist’s nice words to his brother Joel – celebrated after breaking the most powerful record in the SHL

Joel Lundqvist broke the most powerful record.Then he was praised by his brother Henrik.“Well done, brother”‚ writes the icon on Twitter. Frölunda took a deserved and important victory in the tough away match against Luleå on Tuesday evening. Frölunda has really found form, lined up three points in the last period, and to keep a … Read more

The Blank Paper Revolution is driven away! Brother Wit “Becomes Legal in a Second” Online praise: IQ 200

▲ The picture was taken from the Wall Country Frog Clam Twitter China / Lin Yanting comprehensive report China’s “blank paper revolution” has blossomed everywhere. The Chinese people took to the streets holding up blank papers, demanding that the blockade be lifted. However, the Beijing authorities used tough measures to suppress and arrest people. In … Read more