Prince Harry, crowned as the world’s sexiest ‘royal’: he wins the battle against his brother William

Good news for him prince harry (36). A major American magazine has crowned him the sexiest royal in the world. Last year he also topped the ranking of sexiest parents in the world. The Duke of Sussex has received the news with the little Archie 1 year and Meghan Markle (39) in California, where they … Read more

Prince Harry is sexier than his brother, so says a list that highlighted the “hottest” of royalty | News from El Salvador

People magazine has already launched its list of names of the most beautiful around the world, and royals were not left out. With his red hair and seductive smile, Prince Harry has many reasons to celebrate, especially that he got a new title: The Sexiest Royal. People magazine reached this conclusion through a survey conducted … Read more

“Mom, why can’t my brother go?”

He watches when the neighborhood children play outside in the park. He watches when his siblings romp around the apartment. When boys of the same age play soccer, 14-year-old Bujamin is also just a silent spectator. He has no other choice. The young man from Linz suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy, an incurable disease that … Read more

Javier, Ana Obregón’s brother, tells how the actress is really

Ana Obregón cheerfully announced her imminent reappearance on television after the death of his son Álex Lequio last May. A step forward in what has been the worst year of his life, a return to work in style to lead the Campanadas de TVE in the company of Anne Igartiburu: “I am excited to say … Read more

Prince Harry actually owned Princess Diana’s iconic engagement ring, but gave it ‘selflessly’ to his brother

Although seeing the Duchess of Cambridge in Princess Diana’s signature sapphire and diamond engagement ring is an iconic image for most Britons, the combination was almost nonexistent. In the new documentary The Diana Story that if broadcast on Amazon Prime, Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell confirmed that the ring did not originally belong to Prince … Read more

Carmen Salinas mourning the death of her brother Jorge: “Also a victim of COVID”

Carmen Salinas shared with her followers the news of her brother’s death (Photo: Instagram @ sarmensalinas_56)The actress Carmen Salinas shared her sadness for the death of her brother, Mr. Jorge Salinas Dávila, who lost his life in Torreón Coahuila due to complications derived from his COVID-19 infection. It was through his official account Instagram where … Read more

“The rivals hit me with everything because I am Hazard’s brother”

Eden Hazard may not be the only member of the soccer family who is having a really hard time right now. At least that can be seen from the statements of his younger brother, Kylian Hazard, who plays in the Belgium Witch Circle (not to be confused with the Witches Club) and suffers brutality from … Read more

Geraldine Bazán’s brother is Eleazar Gómez’s lawyer

On the afternoon of this Thursday, November 5, it transpired that Angel Claude Bazán, brother of the actress Geraldine Bazán, who works as attorney, will take the case of the actor Eleazar Gómez, who has been detained since yesterday morning for having violated and tried to suffocate his girlfriend, the model and singer of Peruvian … Read more

Kevin Boseman, brother of actor Chadwick Boseman, admits he also has cancer

Two months ago, the Hollywood film industry mourned the death of actor Chadwick Boseman, known for his performances in the Marvel movie saga giving life to Black Panther. Boseman, at 43 years old, could not overcome a pancreatic cancer that accompanied him during the last years of his life and that he decided to keep … Read more

What Happened to My Poor Little Angel’s Brother: Buzz McCallister, Unrecognizable at 43

He is one of the characters of the ’90s that a generation will not forget. It was even named as “One of the most beloved thugs” in cinema. Buzz McCallister, unfriendly, gluttonous, selfish teenager, owner of a tarantula, fan of the Chicago Bulls and rival of his little brother Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) was one of … Read more