SBK, VIDEO – Bassani Vs the Marquez brothers: it happens in Portimao

If you are not a MotoGP rider, it is not every day that you go to the track and find yourself by your side Marc Marquez and his brother Alex, both riding Honda RCV 213 Vs. Yet this is exactly what happened to Axel Bassani, rider of the Motocorsa Team in SBK and great revelation … Read more

Genesis Tapia Instagram reveals that she takes care of her sick father alone: ​​”All my brothers disappeared” VIDEO | SHOWS

IT HAS BAD. Genesis Tapia He reappeared on Instagram to say that he left social networks because he is taking care of his father, who was operated on last year for a malignant tumor. As detailed by the ex-reality girl, she was affected by a stress crisis because she has taken care of her father … Read more

Did the Bogdanoff brothers rip off a millionaire? We have the answer !

The two brothers are accused of having defrauded a bipolar millionaire in order to pay off their debts and possibly revive their program Temps X. The man committed suicide on August 31, 2018, recalls Le Point, in the middle of the investigation involving the Bogdanoff brothers. In his letter, which serves as a testament, he … Read more

Ireland: over 20% priests and religious brothers died within three years

– We are aware of the aging of the priest population, but only when you look at the statistics do you realize how big these numbers are. This is a truly shocking illustration of the scale of the problem facing the Church, the priest remarked. He added that the number of dying priests and religious … Read more

Klay Thompson is back! The Splash Brothers reunite again, is the NBA championship imminent? – NBA – Basketball

When the Golden State Warriors home announcer shouted, “He is back…” Klay Thompson sat quietly with a complicated expression, then looked up at the top, then got up to accept the cheers of the audience, and stepped into the Chase Center The pitch…he really came back. Golden State Warriors star guard Klay Thompson is finally … Read more

Galagapan Becomes AUKUS & Japan’s Target, China Responds to Indonesia’s Old Brother’s Plan for War Exercises China seems to be starting a beard fire when sibling your Indonesia, Japan embrace one of the members AUKUS, Australia. Not only work together, Japan a country also nicknamed sibling your Indonesia openly invite members AUKUS, Australia to roll out exercise war with the main target China. It is as quoted from Asia … Read more

Fatal coincidence! One of the brothers died of a cerebral hemorrhage, the other two survived after the doctor’s suspicions.

Aneurysms, which are defined as swelling or bubbles in the vessels caused by the weakness of the blood vessel walls, where the vessels are concentrated in the brain, have a high lethality rate when they burst. 3 of 3 sisters living in Balıkesir also became victims of brain aneurysm. Ayşe, 59, and Gülizar Dagestan, 55, … Read more

The Bogdanoff brothers not vaccinated? Didier Raoult very cash on the subject! – news

Tweeter Share on Facebook Died six days apart from the coronavirus, Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff were not vaccinated. Asked this Thursday on this subject, Professor Didier Raoult was cash. With the end of the year celebrations, the coronavirus has gained ground considerably in France. On Christmas Eve, contaminations skyrocketed. This week, the record was reached … Read more

Brothers from Wondelgem are already collecting 40,000 euros for UZ Gent, after the death of their mom

Jurre and Ties Devos, two brothers aged 16 and 14 from Wondelgem near Ghent, have collected 40,000 euros for stem cell research at UZ Gent. “We organized a screen benefit with the idea that no one should undergo the same as our mom,” Jurre Devos tells Radio 2 East Flanders. Stem cell therapy was unable … Read more