Risma Opens Voice about Stopping PPKM Cash Social Assistance of Rp. 300 thousand

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini open voice about termination cash social assistance (BST) Covid-19 during the emergency period of the Implementation of Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM). Risma explained that there are two types of social assistance programs managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs. First, regular social assistance designed … Read more

BST Rp 300,000 officially removed! The Ministry of Social Affairs will only distribute these 2 aids

Source: Kompas.com | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The Rp 300,000 Cash Social Assistance (BST) aimed at residents affected by the Covid-19 pandemic was officially removed as of September 2021. According to the Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini, his party only planned the BST program for four months from the beginning, namely … Read more

A Precious Opportunity Special for Women Can Get IDR 25 Million Without Guarantee from PNM Mekaar Plus, Here’s How

SHARE NEWS – During this pandemic, many entrepreneurs have gone out of business because their income has decreased. In addition, limitations modal be one business small is difficult to develop and compete. However, for women, don’t worry, because there is a loan scheme from PNM Each other and PNM Each other Plus. PNM offer unsecured … Read more

Take BST DKI Rp600 thousand at ATMs, Schedule for Phase 7 and 8 Disbursement is Here!

Media Magelang – BST DKI Jakarta as big as Rp600 thousand will be liquid soon for levels 7 and 8 through ATM. Jakartans must have been waiting for when BST DKI levels 7 and 8 can enter ATM. BST DKI indeed one of the social assistance programs from the Jakarta Provincial Government of Rp600 thousand … Read more

BST DKI Phases 7 and 8 Will it Disburse This Month? Update on corona.jakarta.go.id

Media Magelang – Jakarta residents are waiting for news of the disbursement of social assistance BST DKI levels 7 and 8. The question arises, will the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government distribute social assistance of Rp. 600 thousand this month? As remember that in August 2021 social assistance BST DKI re-transferred to the beneficiary’s account via … Read more

CLICK Cekbansos.kemensos.go.id, Here’s How to Disburse BST Rp 600 thousand, PKH & 10 Kg Rice for the Period of July 2021

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Here’s how to check the recipients of social assistance (bansos) online. The government distributes various aids through the Social Protection program during the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM). The social assistance provided to the community consists of BST (Cash Social Assistance), PKH (Family Hope Program), Basic Food Card Program, and Rice … Read more

LIST OF Social Assistance when PPKM Level 4 is Extended, This is the Amount and Schedule of Distribution, BST to BLT UMKM

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The following is the amount and schedule for distribution of social assistance (bansos) after the Level 4 Policy for Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) is extended. The government decided to extend PPKM Level 4 from 26 July to 2 August 2021. This was conveyed by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the Merdeka Palace, … Read more

HOW TO Register DTKS Ministry of Social Affairs to Become a Recipient of PKH KPM, Cash Social Assistance (BST) and BPNT

Here’s how to register for the Ministry of Social Affairs DTKS and the conditions that must be met to be eligible to become a recipient of PKH, BST and BPNT? Check out the following information. TRIBUN-MEDAN.COM – An easy way to check Cash Social Assistance (BST), Family Hope Program (PKH), and Non-Cash Food Assistance (BPNT) … Read more