This is Jungkook’s Angry Reaction When Jimin Breaks Things That Are Very Valuable To BTS and ARMY

EDITORNEWS- As we all know that BTS members are already adults, and some are even approaching their 30s. But their behavior is still the same as that of teenagers who have a hobby of playing and joking with each other. Many adorable moments that invite laughter from their fans, can even make the members shake … Read more

[Actualizado] BTS and Coldplay’s Chris Martin reunite in preview for their next collaboration song

Updated September 14 KST: ¡Coldplay y BTS have revealed a preview of their upcoming collaboration! Their joint single “My Universe” is composed and written by Coldplay and BTS and produced by hitmaker Max Martin. The song includes lyrics in both English and Korean. Shared exclusively on TikTok, the preview videos show BTS members and Coldplay’s … Read more

Jungkook BTS billboard was taken down, considered to promote homosexuality

Jakarta – Jungkook BTS just turned 24 a few days ago. The Army (as BTS fans) from all over the world also celebrated the age of the youngest member. One of them is by posting a large photo in a public place and writing congratulations. But unfortunately recently a billboard celebrating its anniversary was taken … Read more

[영상] IZ*ONE’s Sakura enters the country with the express security of the BTS special security team

(Incheon Airport = News 1) Reporter Hye-seong Park, Reporter Jeong-hoo Lee = Miyawaki Sakura (23) from the girl group IZ*ONE arrived through Incheon International Airport on the afternoon of the 27th. On that day, Sakura wore a black hat on a short-sleeved T-shirt that revealed her belly button. Every time the photographer’s strobe went off, … Read more

BTS and Megan Thee Stallion – ‘Butter’ REMIX: lyrics, LYRICS, SPANISH translation and video

After a long wait, Megan Thee Stallion celebration its first collaboration with BTS with his “Butter” REMIX. The release was not easy for the rapper because her label refused to publish the single, since they did not believe it would be successful, but thanks to the order of a judge, as of August 27 it … Read more

BTS’s Namjoon talks about chart manipulation and defends ARMY on Billboard

Protecting his fans. BTS it is the most famous musical group of the moment; but among his critics there are those who approach his success on the charts in disbelief. In an interview with Billboard, the leader RM responded to this controversy and defended his fanbase ARMY of the accusations of “manipulating the charts”. Since … Read more

“Butter” Remix con BTS y Megan Thee Stallion supera expectativas de ARMY

UPGRADE. In just 10 hours the remix de “Butter” exceeded 10 million views on YouTube. Views de “Butter” remix. Foto: captura YouTube Ver el Official Visualizer de “Butter” Remix “Butter” Remix Spanish translation Next, we will share the translation to Spanish of the lines that Megan Thee Stallion has in “Butter” Remix. At the beginning: … Read more

BTS: V threatened Jimin to post his most SHAMEFUL photos for this reason

Written in SHOWS the 2021/8/4 · 16:02 hs The betrayal brother! The members of BTS They have forged a great friendship throughout their 8-year career and have had memorable moments with each other. Jimin y V They are the same age, so they are very close, but there was a time when one threatened the … Read more

BTS reunion Zoom, one amazing summer day with ARMY: how to participate and be one of 200

On July 28, the Weverse page announced that BTS will have a meeting via Zoom with ARMY and provided details of how 200 fans will be chosen for this special event. It will be a unique moment for idols and fans to celebrate having stayed. nine weeks # 1 on Billboard. BTS, SBS 8 News … Read more

A famous channel reporter infected with Covid-19 opens a timeline to make news Don Mueang Airport – BTS – Bang Sue Central Station : PPTVHD36

On July 29, 2021, it was reported that a famous television reporter Reported to be infected with COVID-19 By revealing a timeline to various places in the past 9 days, one of them found that traveled to make news at Don Mueang Airport Mo Chit BTS Station – Victory Monument​ including going to Bang Sue … Read more