Was Honda Built for Marquez?

Jakarta – So far, Honda has been accused of building its motorcycles only for Mark Marquez. Marquez teammate, Pol Espargaro, dismissed that notion. After plunging into the premier class in 2013, Marquez immediately gained great success. The Spanish rider dominates the premier class by winning six world titles MotoGP of the eight seasons that followed. … Read more

What the “Arab Cup” built in 20 days .. “Mohamed Salah” destroyed it in 5 minutes!

The Arab Cup tournament that was held recently in Qatar awakened the feelings of Arab unity among the Arab people from the ocean to the Gulf, whether they are interested in football or even those who are not. The tournament started with the slogan of my country and opened with the Arab national anthem, which … Read more

This is a list of IKN infrastructure that was built using the state budget

The Minister of National Development Planning/Head of Bappenas together with the Special Committee on the IKN Bill visited Kota Mandiri BSD (16/1/2022) to study the concept of developing the area, to be applied to the State Capital (IKN). (Source: Antara) JAKARTA, COMPASS.TV – The Fiscal Policy Agency of the Ministry of Finance (BKF of the … Read more

China has built an ‘artificial moon’ that can make gravity ‘disappear’

China has created an artificial low-gravity research facility. The gravity of this place can be controlled using powerful magnets by scientists to levels so low that it could successfully simulate the gravity of the moon, according to the South China Morning Post. The research facility can control gravity inside a 60 centimeter diameter vacuum chamber … Read more

Shougang Ski Jumping Platform has been built, and the shape of the track is basically completed_Ongoing_Work_Running

Original title: Shougang Ski Jumping Platform is completed, the shape of the track is basically completed On January 15, the construction of the take-off platform of the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform was completed, and the shaping of the track was basically completed.Photo courtesy of the operation team of the Shougang Ski Jumping Stadium China News … Read more

Scientists have built the smallest antenna in the world, and it’s made of DNA

Scientists have built the smallest antenna ever – just five nanometers long. Unlike its much larger counterparts that we all know, this tiny thing is not made to carry radio waves, but rather to solve the mysteries of ever-changing proteins. The nano antenna consists of DNA, Molecules that carry genetic instructions that are about 20,000 … Read more

the enthusiast built a PC in the Fallout style

© Reddit user 1YardLoss published a true work of art that will impress any PC gamer. The enthusiast showed pictures of his desktop computer with a unique design, which he himself invented and brought to reality. 1YardLoss has put together a Fallout-style PC, which has managed to organically accommodate recognizable items from the popular game … Read more

A house built on debt could collapse… BOK Watch by Kim Ik-hwan, warning of a direct hit by the young clans

Enter 2022.01.02 11:06 Edit 2022.01.02 14:05 50 million more than last year Household total interest expense is 70 trillion won, ‘highest in history’The 2030 generation, who bought their own house due to excessive debt Concerns about direct hits such as vulnerable borrowersWill the ‘house built on debt’ collapse? This year, household interest expenses are expected … Read more

Waymo’s self-driving taxi fleet will introduce electric vehicles specially built by Geely

Waymo Earlier Waymo Announced a cooperation with the Chinese car manufacturer Geely. In the future, Waymo’s self-driving taxi fleet in the United States will introduce Geely’s customized electric vehicles. It is reported that the car is built on the basis of a pure electric car recently launched by Geely’s brand Zeekr in China. In order … Read more

The Hungarian superbank is built on stable foundations

According to the plans, the merger of Budapest Bank, MKB Bank and Takarék Group will be completed in 2023 and the new Hungarian superbank will be established. On December 15, the first step of the merger schedule was approved, the merger of Budapest Bank and MKB Bank on March 31, 2022. In connection with the … Read more