Porsche built a 911 inspired by the Cars cartoon. A single piece is headed for auction

Porsche joined forces with Pixar Animation Studios and created a unique Porsche 911 inspired by the “heroine” named Sally Carrera from the popular animated film Cars. According to Porsche, the project of the 911 Sally Special car started already in November 2021. People from Pixar Animation Studios, specialists from Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur from Stuttgart and … Read more

Ice Apisada opens a 40 million house built for parents. before moving to live with her husband along the waterfront

Thairath Online 14 Aug. 2022 12:10 Be the coolest mom Ice Apisada Kruekongka who is now 4 months pregnant with a French husband Recently, he has revealed a clip via the YouTube channel ApitsaDay with the episode. Apisada is building a new house. Or will this be a dormitory!? | ApitsaDay EP13 By taking a … Read more

dozens of canals built by Martians

Representation of the canal of Mars (1894) and comparison with images from the Hubble Space Telescope. Tom Ruen, Eugene Antoniadi, Lowell Hess, Roy A. Gallant, HST, NASA ABOUT DOLDER SCIENCE (6/6) – Life on Mars? Yes, and even very advanced civilizations, astronomers thought long ago, after seeing the rectilinear structures on the red planet’s surface. … Read more

Nature Today | Water quality check provides insight into health risks of water in the built environment

Clean and microbiologically safe fountains, wading pools and other water in the living environment. That is the purpose of the Water quality check from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). This one is orecently became available for municipalities, citizens’ initiatives or others involved with the construction of water in a city … Read more

A “nano-robot” built entirely from DNA to explore cellular processes

Building a tiny robot out of DNA and using it to study cellular processes invisible to the naked eye… We’d be forgiven for thinking it’s science fiction, but it’s actually being researched serious by scientists from Inserm, CNRS and the University of Montpellier at the Center de Biologie Structurale de Montpellier[1]. This highly innovative “nano-robot” … Read more

Russia has probably built a floating bridge in Kherson – VG

IMPORTANT BRIDGES: The photo from May shows Russian forces patrolling the Dnipro River. The bridges over the river to Kherson are strategically important and a supply line for Russian forces that have occupied the city since March. Photo: AP The strategically important bridges to the port city of Kherson have been partially destroyed by Ukrainian … Read more

The new Croatian bridge that redesigns the Adriatic, built by China and financed by the EU

In Croatia, celebrations took place for the opening of a long-awaited bridge, which bypasses a narrow strip of Bosnian coast to connect the southern Adriatic region with the rest of the country. Co-funded by the European Union, the Pelješac Bridge, officially inaugurated on Tuesday, stretches between Komarna on the mainland and Brijesta on the Pelješac … Read more

An Indian built a plane with his own hands during the lockdown. Then he flew to the Czech Republic with his family

“Airplanes have fascinated me since childhood. After I moved to Britain I was convinced I had to buy one. I got my pilot’s license and started looking for one,” Thamarakshan, who works as an automotive engineer, told The New Indian Express. “That’s when I realized that it would cost me around fifty to sixty million … Read more